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First Fu Ching Enterprise Corp.


First Fu Ching Enterprise Corp.

Cage Traps (Model: C034)


A Quality Product from
First Fu Ching Enterprise Corp. [View Profile]
Chunghua - Taiwan

Description :
Model: C034
Name: Wire Mesh Ferret Cage Trap with Metal Handle
Desc: 12.25" x 7.25" x 6.625"

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First Fu Ching Enterprise Corp.

Manufacturers of Rodents, Live Catch Mouse Trap, Cage Traps, Electronic Pest Control, Mole & Gopher Trap, Fly Trap, Cockroach Sticky Trap. Pest control product & supply- supprodent control trap, pest control, live-catch, live catch mouse trap, snap wood mouse traps, rat trap, fly inlies & equipment, casting hardware, sect control, fly swatters, post box, live animal cage trap, detention hardwares products.

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Cage Traps (Model: C034)

Model: C034 Name: Wire Mesh Ferret Cage Trap with Metal Handle Desc: 12.25" x 7.25" x 6.625" ....

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