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Accounting Services


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Nagpur - India

Description :
We SRIGAURI BPO are a associate concern of a practicing Chartered Accountants firm having experience of Fifteen years in the field of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing and Taxation.

We have been in the BPO (Business Process Outsourced) industry for over a year now, we feel that Online Bookkeeping services is a great opportunity and is also a logical extension of business activity of our parent Chartered Accountancy firm hence we formed a team of Indian Chartered Accountants and experienced accountants to undergo the whole gamut of nature of business of online Accounting especially for SME.

We have hired highly qualified professionals and are being constantly and actively supported by our senior associates from our parent Chartered Accountancy firm, who have considerable experience in US GAAP, UK GAAP, IAS And SCC regulations to train our co-team of Bookkeepers and Accountants. Our co-team of Bookkeeping and Accountants has undergone extensive training in QuickBooks and Peachtree and also a special training in various provisions in US GAAP, IAS and SEC.

Our core team has kept special focus on QuickBooks while undergoing training since the QuickBooks is widely used software in US and most of the SME?S use this software. Each member of our core team is QuickBooks certified. In addition to acquire certificate from QuickBooks, the objective while undergoing training for QuickBooks was that the bookkeeper should achieve expertise in basic data entry, US business practices and better understanding of various compliances to rules and regulations in terms of US GAAP, IAS and SEC. The objective of our organization was to create well-informed expert professional who can undertake bookkeeping by applying his acquired expert knowledge by ?ascertaining and improving? business processes.

We also have expertise in Peachtree Accounting Software in use by small business in US. Peachtree combines comprehensive business management tools with basic accounting in flexible and user friendly products to help make better decisions.

Presently we have connection with ASP service providers who host QuickBooks and other applications as virtual Desktop and have service facility in the US. We may also undertake other modes of receiving accounting data from our clients. We have state of the art facility and infrastructures both in equipments and HR to handle fairly large assignment. Our infrastructures consist of state of the art technology hardware including servers, high speed internet lease line connectivity with redundant back up on V-sat.

We at SRIGAURI BPO are also being evolving a model of financial and accounting outsourcing solutions through advanced applications of e-accounting software. We may provide accounting services listed below by integrating and acquiring through knowledge of the e-accounting software?s being implemented by our clients. Our core team is well versed and well accomplished of various business practice processes and procedures which are required to be adopted in use by medium and fairly large organizations and corporations.

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Services in E-business and Business process Our organization will be providing services in the field of Accounting Services, Document Conversion, Digitization, Medical Transcription and Insurance Claims. Accounting Services :- Accounts Receivable :- -Bank Advice Clearance -Client Billing -Suspense Clearance -Encoding Errors Accounts Payable :- -Cash Application / Allocation -Credit Balance Refunds -Payment Research Book Keeping :- -Journal Entries -Cash and Bank Payment Entries -Credit Card Accounting Entries -Statutory Dues Reporting and Analysis :- -Statutory Reporting -Financial Statement Analysis Accounts Reconciliation :- -Bank -General Ledger -Assets and Liabilities -Branch Accounting Payroll Processing :- -General Ledger Posting Report -Quarterly Local Tax Return -Quarterly State Unemployment Tax Return -Next Day Processing -Form 941 Federal Tax Return -W-2 forms for all employees -W-2 State Withholding Recap -W-3 Federal Withholding Recap -Year-End Local Tax Reconciliation -Form 940 Federal Unemployment Tax Return E-TAXATION Our Organization's philosophy is based on trust, care and responsibility. It functions independently, impartially and professionally. Document Conversion & Digitization :- We are experts in processing large volumes of data required by major Corporate and Government organizations. Text Processing: - The data maybe in the form of textbooks, journals, periodicals in hardcopies or their images. The data is key punched into a computer in a word processing software. Character level verification is done of the keyed data. An ASCII file or formatted document is generated as specified. Accuracy achieved up to 99.995%. Database Creation: - The data may be handwritten/typed/printed forms, directories in hardcopies or as image. The data is key punched into a computer in an in house software, in the client specified format. The key punched data is verified. Verification is done on character level. This is known as 'double keying process'. Program level checks of the data are done with quality parameters as per specifications. Accuracy up to 99.99% is achieved. Scanning/OCR/OCR Cleanup. The data maybe in hardcopies or images. Scanning a document, conversion to ASCII Text or Word doc through OCR. The data is converted to text format either by manual keypunching or scanning/ocr as the case may be. The text file is converted to html document after coding with standard html codes. HTML/SGML Coding:- The data is in the form of Scientific Journals, Books in hardcopies or images. The data is key punched and verified following the double entry process to generate an ASCII file. The coded file is compiled to edit for errors. A final proof reading is done. Medical Transcription Insurance Claims :- 1) File your claim electronically through our Clearinghouse. 2) Provide unlimited claims follow-up on the claims that we file. 3) Verify that each of your Diagnosis & Procedure codes are valid. 4) Check if a Diagnosis code requires 3, 4 or 5 digits. 5) Verify that each of your Diagnosis & Procedure code pairs match, prior to submitting your claim. 6) Check your procedure codes prices on every claim, against the current maximum allowable by Medicare in your area, to insure that you are getting the maximum reimbursement possible. Basic Insurance Claims Processing Includes :- 1) Enter details of patient visit 2) File insurance claim electronically 3) Insurance claims follow-up 4) Re-file claims rejected due to processor error Basic Claims Processing. Application Of All Payments Includes :- 1) Enter details of patient visit 2) File insurance claim electronically 3) Insurance claims follow-up 4) Re-file claims rejected due to processor error 5) Post all payments 6) Practice management reports 7) Option of patient statements Basic Claims Processing, Application. All Payments & Patient Statements Includes :- 1) Enter details of patient visit 2) File insurance claim electronically 3) Insurance claims follow-up 4) Re-file claims rejected due to processor error 5) Post all payments 6) Practice management reports 7) Includes up to 3 patient statements We understand that the right people make all the difference. Our team comprises of highly dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds, driven by a common goal - to constantly test our abilities and deliver value to our clients. We encourage teamwork, innovation, knowledge sharing and continuous learning. We take extreme caution to recruit the best available talent for our services whether it is E-solutions or business process management.

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