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Calicut - India

Description :
The key insight that led to the founding of Herbz India was the fact that farmers in India confined their farming options to a few limited crops which gave them limited options to hedge their risks. Herbz India came into existence to provide all farmers with an access to new opportunities. All of Herbz India’s other services are essentially conceived to supplement this primary objective.

The variety of crop options made available to our farmers is something we at Herbz India never compromise upon. Though during our inception we started out with just one crop, in the 8 months that followed, we were able to come forward with close to 20 different viable crop options for our farmers’ cultivation.

The services we offer in the cultivation of each crop differs according to the life of the plant, yielding period, acreage cultivated, marketing channels etc. For example, Agarwood (Oodh) takes a couple of years to start providing returns which does not require intensely technical cultivation practices, therefore we offer only the planting material and not our consultancy or marketing services for this crop. On the other hand, for relatively short term plants like Safed Musli and Stevia, which require highly technical cultivation and are too new for the presence of established marketing channels, we offer all our services from land suitability checks to buy back agreements.

A brief write up on all the crops we presently deal in can be viewed at the ‘Crops’ link in this website. We are also on the constant look out for more interesting options and have also incorporated in this website an option to ‘Ask Herbz India’ for a free research on any new crop option.

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Free Land Suitability Tests*

The first stumbling block, which renders a farmer incapable of looking at alternate crop options in his property is normally his ignorance about how suitable his land is, to cultivate other new age crops. Over the years, several areas in South India has been accepted to be appropriate for certain specific crops (munnar and niligris for tea, chikmaglur and coorg for Coffee, parts of kerala for rubber and so on). This badging to a great extent has subconsciously drawn a line with regard to the crop options a farmer in each of these areas have. Even progressive farmers who have started looking a new crop options are kept at bay with apprehensions with regard to crop suitability in their fields.

Herbz India offers to visit sites, analyze soil, topography and other climatic conditions to determine suitability of the cultivation of various crops in the specified land. This suitability test is absolutely free for all who join in as a contract farmer of Herbz India.

For its clients, Herbz India avails the service of state of the art research facilities which do in-depth analysis on several factors determining soil suitability like NPK content, ph, conductivity, micro-nutrient content etc.

To find out more about the different crops you can successfully cultivate in your land, Please contact Herbz India office at Calicut.

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Herbz India

Traders & Exporters of Agriculture & By-product Agents , Agriculture Products Processing , Herb Medicine , Agricultural products, medicinal herbs and essential oils Services:- Varied Crop Options, Free Land Suitability Tests, Finance facilitation, Insurance, Subsidy Support, Expert Consultancy, Marketing Support, Complete Farm Development & Management.

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