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Disinfestations Solution


A Quality Product from
Pune - India

Description :
Treatment against crawling insects pests such as German cockroaches (Blatella germanica) American cockroaches (Blatella americana), Silver fish, Red and Black ants. (For Domestic, Hospitals, Offices and Industrial with options of Conventional, totally odorless pesticides and Customer Friendly gel based baits).

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Disinfestations: treatment against crawling insects pests such as german cockroaches [blatella germanica] american cockroaches [blatella americana], silver fish, red and black ants.[totally odorless pesticides and ombinations of maxforce [usa regd] gel
rodent control: treatment against rats, mice and bandicoots. epa designed rbs used.
fly control: under ipm approach for houseflies, flesh flies, stable flies.
mosquito control: for mosquitoes in the factory and townships and municipal areas including anti larval and anti adult by space spray and fogging.
termite control: pre and post construction anti termite treatment.
fumigation :fumigation of export containers with methyl bromide and aluminium phosphide
specialized treatment
powder post beetle treatment
spider control treatment
lizard [gecko] control
weed control
bird, reptiles and other non insect pest management
pest management and hygiene consultancy services from ipm view

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