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Total Rodent Management Solutions


A Quality Product from
Margao - India

Description :
Rodents (commonly clubbed together as rats) comprise mice, rats and bandicoots. They are among the most successful and abundant mammals on our planet and their intelligence, agility and adaptability has enabled them to thrive in almost all kinds of habitat.

They are expert acrobats and swimmers and can easily climb through open drainage pipes and rough surfaces of walls and tree branches near buildings. Their hard, sharp incisors can exert incredible pressure; strong enough to gnaw through wood, chipboard, plastic and even lead pipes. They frequently gnaw electric cables and the exposed wires create short circuits and serious fire hazards.

They are prolific breeders; the young attain sexual maturity within 12 weeks and in ideal conditions, a single pair can multiply rapidly to 800 in a year. Rodents consume and damage large amounts of produce in fields, plantations, poultry farms and godowns etc.

They can damage building foundations and destroy thermal insulation, disrupt communication, and also have been known to attack newborn babies in hospitals and even corpses in morgues! Their droppings, urine and hair contaminate food grains and also pose a serious health threat.

Rodents are carriers of more than 40 dreaded disease-causing organisms such as plague, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, murine typhus, leishmaniasis and rat-bite fever.

Rodent Management has therefore become a necessity. The Pied Piper Service? includes inspection, baiting, trapping, monitoring, proofing and sanitation.

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We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products & Equipment. We provide Termiseal ServiceT, Pied Piper ServiceT, GoldSeal ServiceT : Household Pest Mgnt, Fumigation, Vector Management, SIM ServiceT, Sterifumer, Custom Sterilisation, Museum/Fabric Pest Management, Heritage, Conservation, Bird Proofing, Wood/Timber Pest Management, Weed Management, Marine Pest Management, Consultancy. Products dealt in are Household Products, Robanr, PestSealr , PestSealr Aerosol, Termisealr, Trubble Gumr, Pest-O-Flashr, SpiderTM, Industrial Products, Bio-Control Agents & Bio Pesticides.

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Total Rodent Management Solutions

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