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Capra International Inc


Capra International Inc

The Leadership Challenge Service


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Capra International Inc [View Profile]
Ontario - Canada

Description :
?The Leadership Challenge? deals with developing individual team leader project skills.

The Leadership Challenge? Workshop, developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner and offered by Bluepoint Leadership Development, is the gold standard for leadership development training and offers a stellar track record in practice. T he Leadership Challenge? Work shop reveal s how leaders get extraordinary things done in their organizations. This point of view grew from more than 20 years of research by Kouzes and Posner on the real-world leadership practices of more than 250,000 leaders. This research revealed The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership?, and The Leadership Challenge? Workshop delves deeply into these practices: Model the Way - find your voice by clarifying your personal values and aligning actions with shared values. Inspire a Shared Vision - envision the future and enlist others by appealing to shared aspirations. Challenge the Process - take risks and seek innovative ways to change, grow, and improve by generating small wins and learning from mistakes.

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Capra International Inc

We Provide services of consulting in policy and program development, as well as in evaluation and assessment, using the services of its Core Professional Team, its Consultant Network and its Partner Network. Servicres :- 1)Poverty Reduction :- The key overall objective of international development is poverty reduction. Capra is committed to focusing on that objective when delivering its socio-economic international consulting services. For the benefit of its consultants, other planners, as well as program authorities, who are engaged in poverty reduction, two documents have been published in this site :- (1) an overview of worldwide key issues relating to poverty [Poverty: An Overview of Key Issues], and (2) labour market aspects regarding poverty reduction [Labour Market Policies and Programs for Poverty Reduction]. The first document asks questions about the nature and incidence of poverty, the identity of the poor, the causes of poverty, extended problems which poverty can cause, as well as potential approaches to reducing poverty. It is also designed to serve as a decision tool for strategy and program design. To serve that purpose, it also contains three checklists: (1) to characterize the poverty in the area where poverty reduction is under consideration; (2) to assess broadly whether poverty reduction initiatives, that are contemplated, will likely succeed in given regions, or, if uncertain, what positive preparatory steps might have to be taken to enhance the potential for success; and (3) which strategies should be favoured. 2)Human Resources :- HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING, HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: TRAINING, HUMAN RESOURCE ADJUSTMENT, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (In Association with bluepoint.), UP-COMING COURSES. 3)Software Development :- Doing it right (No "monkeying" around.), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (Who does what?), Languages (What's in a name?), Best Practices.

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The Leadership Challenge Service

?The Leadership Challenge? deals with developing individual team leader project skills. The Leadership Challenge? Workshop, developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner and offered ....

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