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Capra International Inc


Capra International Inc

Human Resourse Planning


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Ontario - Canada

Description :
Firms that do human resource planning firmly believe that it increases the profitability of their business. In a Canadian Chamber of Commerce survey, 72% of firms doing human resource planning said so. The same survey said that too many employees can be very costly to the bottom line: a 300-employee firm with six surplus staff suffers an unnecessary labour cost of some 2%. The bottom line cost is dramatically higher in smaller firms: a company with fifteen employees with two employees more than needed will carry a 15% labour cost disadvantage.

Human Resource Planning helps employers and organizations increase their profitability and competitiveness by identifying skill shortages as well as skills that are no longer required. It also helps them to identify abnormal turnover and to improve staff morale and motivation. Human Resource Planning can also stabilize an employer's workforce, by facilitating sucession planning.

At the micro level, Human Resource Planning is a highly focused activity, undertaken at the level of individual companies, groups of companies, industrial associations, or other private or public organizations that involves three steps: (1) a determination of an organization's human resource requirements in terms of current operational, technological and strategic needs (i.e. demand); (2) a determination and characterization of the existing human resource stock (i.e. supply); and (3) an identification of the difference, or the gap. The difference can either signify a shortage or a surplus. Usually both are found and vary from one occupation to another.

Careful micro level Human Resource Planning should be conducted not only at broad occupational levels, but also at the levels of production technologies and processes and by critical skills. Such planning then becomes meaningful input for the identification of training needs and the effective and efficient satisfaction of those needs.

Human Resource Planning may also be required at the macro level, usually for policy development and medium-term planning by training institutions. Macro level Human Resource Planning must be undertaken with extreme care by using both quantitative and qualitative measures. If only quantitative measures are used, the results are often suspect, since the measures are normally based on assumptions that are fed into macro-econometric models, and these can frequently be misleading due to rapidly occurring changes and a variety of socio-economic, political and technological considerations. Faulty conclusions can be avoided to some extent by asking subject experts to validate the econometric results, using a blended quantitative and qualitative approach.

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Capra International Inc

We Provide services of consulting in policy and program development, as well as in evaluation and assessment, using the services of its Core Professional Team, its Consultant Network and its Partner Network. Servicres :- 1)Poverty Reduction :- The key overall objective of international development is poverty reduction. Capra is committed to focusing on that objective when delivering its socio-economic international consulting services. For the benefit of its consultants, other planners, as well as program authorities, who are engaged in poverty reduction, two documents have been published in this site :- (1) an overview of worldwide key issues relating to poverty [Poverty: An Overview of Key Issues], and (2) labour market aspects regarding poverty reduction [Labour Market Policies and Programs for Poverty Reduction]. The first document asks questions about the nature and incidence of poverty, the identity of the poor, the causes of poverty, extended problems which poverty can cause, as well as potential approaches to reducing poverty. It is also designed to serve as a decision tool for strategy and program design. To serve that purpose, it also contains three checklists: (1) to characterize the poverty in the area where poverty reduction is under consideration; (2) to assess broadly whether poverty reduction initiatives, that are contemplated, will likely succeed in given regions, or, if uncertain, what positive preparatory steps might have to be taken to enhance the potential for success; and (3) which strategies should be favoured. 2)Human Resources :- HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING, HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: TRAINING, HUMAN RESOURCE ADJUSTMENT, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (In Association with bluepoint.), UP-COMING COURSES. 3)Software Development :- Doing it right (No "monkeying" around.), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (Who does what?), Languages (What's in a name?), Best Practices.

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