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Capra International Inc


Capra International Inc

Human Resourse Developement


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Ontario - Canada

Description :
To be effective, a training program must respond to your training needs specifications. You will know what those needs are, when you analyse the productive processes of your firm or organization, who carries them out, and what those people must know or be able to do in order to carry them out to your satisfaction.

Some of the knowledge or skills that are needed are generic or basic, and some are specific to your firm and its productive processes. Generic and basic skills are usually best obtained before employment begins through education and training institutions. Knowledge and skills that are specific to your productive processes may best be obtained at your place of work or at a training institution under sponsorship by your firm. In either case, you must specify precisely what you need. If your training department or training specialist is not skilled in precise training needs identification, consulting services are available, and CAPRA is able to provide them.

Precise training needs identification saves money. It saves your money, if the training obtained is tailored precisely to your needs and the employees miss work no longer than necessary to acquire the skills which you have specified. It also saves the trainee money, in terms of opportunity costs, if the trainee knows exactly what you expect and he or she devotes time and energy solely to satisfy that expectation.

In determining training needs, you should specify what your immediate requirements are in accordance with current processes, and you should also indicate what future enhancements you expect as a result of process or technological change.

In summary, good training must be demand-driven (i.e. the employer?s demand); it must not be pushed by supply-capacity (i.e. the capacity of a training institution). In an ideal situation, the employer, employer associations or industrial associations define their demand, while educational and training institutions respond to that demand in a flexible competency-based rather than time-based environment.

In a competency-based environment, a student?s capability upon entrance is assessed by means of a Prior Learning Assessment process. At that point a student will be given credit for what he or she already knows or is able to do. Training is only provided to the extent that the trainee is not yet able to demonstrate the degree of competency required by the employer. Once the trainee can demonstrate the degree of competency that is required, he or she receives a portable certificate attesting to the attainment of the specified level of competency. Thus, in competency-based training, the level of competency is constant, while the elapsed time is variable. On the other hand, in time-based systems, trainees are obliged to spend a given length of time in a training course, whereupon they are tested and pass or fail depending on their attainment. Thus in time-based training, time is constant and educational attainment is variable.

Competency-based education and training systems should be presented in a lifelong learning environment, favouring the growth of a learning culture and designed to enhance career- and succession planning.

Progress in acquiring increasingly complex skills might be tracked by means of skill passports which are issued to learners and which the latter may produce when applying for higher level positions or when changing employment. Thus the use of skill passports can also enhance labour mobility.

To make competency-based systems effective, they require the prior definition of standards at the industry or employer level and appropriate testing by independent agents. To define standards, prior job analysis and micro-level human resource planning may be required.

CAPRA recommends the use of such tools as "DACUM" (Designing/developing a curriculum) to help analyse jobs and define training needs, as well as competency-based training approaches wherever feasible.

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Capra International Inc

We Provide services of consulting in policy and program development, as well as in evaluation and assessment, using the services of its Core Professional Team, its Consultant Network and its Partner Network. Servicres :- 1)Poverty Reduction :- The key overall objective of international development is poverty reduction. Capra is committed to focusing on that objective when delivering its socio-economic international consulting services. For the benefit of its consultants, other planners, as well as program authorities, who are engaged in poverty reduction, two documents have been published in this site :- (1) an overview of worldwide key issues relating to poverty [Poverty: An Overview of Key Issues], and (2) labour market aspects regarding poverty reduction [Labour Market Policies and Programs for Poverty Reduction]. The first document asks questions about the nature and incidence of poverty, the identity of the poor, the causes of poverty, extended problems which poverty can cause, as well as potential approaches to reducing poverty. It is also designed to serve as a decision tool for strategy and program design. To serve that purpose, it also contains three checklists: (1) to characterize the poverty in the area where poverty reduction is under consideration; (2) to assess broadly whether poverty reduction initiatives, that are contemplated, will likely succeed in given regions, or, if uncertain, what positive preparatory steps might have to be taken to enhance the potential for success; and (3) which strategies should be favoured. 2)Human Resources :- HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING, HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: TRAINING, HUMAN RESOURCE ADJUSTMENT, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (In Association with bluepoint.), UP-COMING COURSES. 3)Software Development :- Doing it right (No "monkeying" around.), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (Who does what?), Languages (What's in a name?), Best Practices.

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