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Gramya Research Analysis Institute


Gramya Research Analysis Institute

Software Support & Marketing


A Quality Product from
Gramya Research Analysis Institute [View Profile]
Vadodara - India

Description :
We have developed our Hardware and Software Infrastructure keeping in mind our clients’ requirements and the demands of the times. Today, it is possible for us to provide instant service to the customer sitting in any part of the world.
We also have access to the latest software in various areas like Pressure Vessel Design, Heat Exchanger Design, Process Equipment Design, Piping and Stress Analysis and Pneumatic Conveying. These help us in generating accurate and relevant solutions.

And keeping the requirements of the Customer in Mind we started to provide sales and after sale support for the software useful for the Indian Industrial Scenario.

We are selling / using following software:
Compress: It’s a completely interactive vessel design system, unique in that vessels are drawn to scale in 3-dimension rendered graphics on the screen as you design them. COMPRESS graphically illustrates how components are linked or connected. COMPRESS looks at the complete vessel at all times. The graphic presentation allows you to easily recognize dimensional input errors as they occur.

AUTOPipe: AUTOPipe is used for the calculation of Piping Stresses, Flange Analysis, Pipe Support Design, and Equipment Nozzle loading analysis under Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions.
PLANTFlow: Software helps to design Plant Pipeline, sizing and stress analysis, Flow Rate according to Temperature and Pressure.
WinNOZL: It determines whether the Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger Wall can stand to the pressure or piping loads on the nozzle or at clip or lug connections.
PULS: PULS is an interactive simulation program for dynamic response analysis of fluid flow under steady state pulsating flow conditions in piping networks. It is based on one-dimensional plane wave theory, and employs an efficient transfer matrix approach.
Strait: Strait is designed to Intelligently import Geometry, Physical Properties and restrain data from the PDS Model Neutral File into Bentley AUTOPipe.
Vessel Coster: Vessel Coster is a program for estimating the fabrication cost of Pressure Vessel with Bill of Material and Tailored Summary Report.
FEPipe: It is a template driven finite element analysis program specifically for Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank, and Piping.
FEA – Nozzles: This module is excellent for Finite element analysis which includes Stress, Stress Intensification Factors, Code Compliance and many more.
BOS Fluid: BOS Fluids is an interactive computer simulation package that models steady state and transient flow in liquid or gas carrying piping systems. The procedure is easy to use and is interactive with pipe stress programs.
Splash: This software helps to check the stress conditions if the Fluid is moving or having some moment in the storage vessel / Tank.
AxiPro: AxiPro calculates the stress distribution over the entire bolted joint and on the gasket surface. It considers Axial loads, moments, and torsion.
NozzleProz: NozzlePRO was designed to find the stress around nozzle or structural discontinuities in cylinders or heads. It also includes optional module for lug analysis.
Tube Layout Program
It optimizes tubesheet design by finding the largest number of tubes that can be placed in a given tubesheet or finding the smallest tube diameter.
TEMA Heat Exchanger: Designing of Heat Exchanger as per 7th and 8th Editions of TEMA Standards.
ASME Heat Exchanger

Designing of Heat Exchanger as per ASME Sec. VIII Codes.
MS Project: Project is a long-term project management tool that can be used to manage time and control the workflow of any project or task. Using Gantt charts, and other tables Project can help make large tasks manageable and increase the manager’s ability to tack and change timetables and sub-projects.
ANSYS: ANSYS is a finite-element analysis package used to simulate the response of a physical system to structural loading, and thermal and electromagnetic effects. It uses the finite-element method to solve the underlying governing equations and the associated problem-specific boundary conditions.
MSC.Nastran: As part of your Virtual Product Development (VPD) process, you can use MSC.Nastran to assess many functional aspects of your product's design, such as the structural response (displacement, strain, stress, vibration, temperature) due to its material properties and the loads and boundary conditions that are applied to it during operation.
LMS Virtual Lab: It is the world's first engineering desktop for multidisciplinary attribute engineering. It enables to analyze dynamic loads and motion, to model vibro-acoustic performance, to predict fatigue lifetime, and to trade-off conflicting attributes, such as structural integrity and weight.
CATIA: CATIA Version 5 is an integrated suite of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) applications for digital product definition and simulation.
Pro/Engineering: Pro/ENGINEER details the form, fit, and function of products. It gives full Parametic feature based associative 3D modeling means that product changes made anywhere update deliverables everywhere. And Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire is fully interoperable across all major CAD data formats.
GTStrudl: GT STRUDL is one of the most widely used Structural Design & Analysis software programs for Architectural - Engineering - Construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works.
PCSchematic ELAutomation:
It is CAD program, specially designed for Documentation of Electro-Technical Projects.
You can design your own parts-and components lists, terminals lists, PLC lists, cables lists, labels, connections lists and tables of contents. These lists are updated automatically by the program.
ArchiCAD: ArchiCAD is the complete building design software solution for improved quality and productivity. It offers a different approach to your workflow process, which gives you more control over your design, while maintaining accuracy and efficiency in documentation.
CADian: CADian provides a high degree of compatibility with the AutoCAD command set, as well as AutoLISP and ADS. That means you can get to work immediately using the AutoCAD files, commands and applications you rely on.
PNEUCALC: Sizing of Pneumatic Conveying system components, pipe sizing, pressure drop calculations, total software for system design.

Selection of most efficient pneumatic conveying system.

An expert system to help in evaluation of operating system, corrective actions for poor performing systems, identifying cause of upsets

Feeder selection including vacuum nozzles, screw, vibratory, rotary, ventury feeders & diaphragm pump.
Selection & design of cyclones, prediction of performance, optimal sizing.

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Gramya Research Analysis Institute

We provide Technical Service. Our services: - Technical Consultancy - Design of Process Equipment and Piping Systems - Software Support & Marketing - Seminars and In-House Training Programs - Inspection, Expediting and Quality Control Services - Safety and Energy Audit, Environment and Pollution Control Services - Technical Troubleshooting - Correspondence Courses.

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