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Soil and Water Ltd.


Soil and Water Ltd.

Spatial Planning and Architecture


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Soil and Water Ltd. [View Profile]
VANTAA - Finland

Description :
The nature of spatial planning is holistic and cross sectoral. Therefore successful implementation of projects requires a wide range of expertise. Participatory planning and environmental impact assessment in the planning processes demand high-level methodological competence and cultural understanding.
The range of our services covers most areas of spatial planning.

Regional and strategic planning
Urban and master planning
Training and methodological development
Impact assessments

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Soil and Water Ltd.

We Provide Products and Services of Relying on our project-oriented approach, we can offer our clients a comprehensive range of services - locally and globally. Strategies and policies, Feasibility studies, Financing, Planning, design, engineering, Institutional development, Construction supervision, Operation and maintenance. Products and Services :- Spatial Planning and Architecture, Waste Management, GIS and Mapping, Water Supply, Environmental Consulting, Financial Consulting. 1)Spatial Planning and Architecture :- Spatial Planning and Architecture, Contact persons, References. The range of our services covers most areas of spatial planning. -Regional and strategic planning. -Urban and master planning. -Training and methodological development. -Landscaping. -Architecture. -Impact assessments. 2)Waste Management :- Contact persons, References. Soil and Water Ltd offers its clients an extensive range of consulting and engineering services in the waste management sector, including e.G. The following:- Solid waste treatment and final disposal solutions, Landfills, Waste-to-energy applications, Waste minimisation, Waste recycling, Hazardous waste management, Waste treatment plants. 3)GIS and Mapping :- Contact persons, References. Our GIS-related products and services:- Remote Sensing, Digital mapping and 3D modelling, Development of geographic information systems (GIS), Internet GIS, GIS consulting. 4)Water Supply :- Contact persons, References. Soil and Water has multiple experience in water supply and sanitation projects, such as the following:- Management of water resources, Ground water studies and modelling, Water supply and sanitation studies and engineering, Modelling and development of water supply and sanitation processes: network models, process modelling for water purification plants, financial models for water supply and sanitation plants, Engineering of water supply and sanitation plants, including new plants and renovations, Organisational and IT development of water supply plants and sewerage systems, Plant operation management services, Water supply and sanitation projects for industrial plants. 5)Environmental Consulting :- Contact persons, References. Soil and Water Ltd is highly specialised in environmental consulting services:-Environmental legislation and permitting, Environmental management, Investigation and remediation of contaminated soil, Analysis of health and environmental risks caused by contaminated soil, Environmental Due Diligence services, Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Environmental management systems, Identification of environmental liabilities and risks, International environmental projects. 6)Financial Consulting :- Contact persons, References. -Financial Management Consulting :- Soil and Water brings expertise to financial and financing planning in infrastructure projects:- Financial Modelling and Cash Flow Analysis, Long-term Financial Planning, Financing Plans and Arrangements, Tariff Analysis, Billing and Accounting. -Business Planning, Commercialisation :- For commercialised or non-commercialised utilities, Soil and Water provides assistance in:- Defining Strategic Vision and Mission, Commercialisation Options, Business Planning, Assets Valuation, Equity Structuring, Legal Documentation Fulfilment. -Economic Appraisal and Consulting :- Investment, particularly in infrastructure, should not be assessed as stand-alone. Costs and benefits external to the investment should also be considered when appraising viability or feasibility. Soil and Water provides economic appraisal services as follows:- Benefit/Cost Analysis, Economic Rates of Return (ERR) and Net Present Value (NPV) Calculation, Socio-economic Studies. -Public-private Partnerships - Models and Financing :- Assessment of the Optimal Degree of Private Partner Participation, Supervision of Tenders and Negotiation Support, Regulatory Support of Implementation and Operations.

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