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Wipaq Multitrade Pvt. Ltd.


Wipaq Multitrade Pvt. Ltd.

Fingerprint Time Attedance and Access Control Terminal


A Quality Product from
Wipaq Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
TCP/IP interface
Keypad, Clock
LCD Color Display
Mifare Reader OR/AND Fingerprint
Options are Fingerprint only, Mifare
card only, Fingerprint + Mifare card etc.
ID + password option also available.

features :
Professional Design: Elegant workmanship, Multi-identification methods, can meet user’s individual requirement: Proximity card, fingerprint, password, of which functions can be chosen freely combined for identification.

Multi-group network communication: RJ45 Ethernet, RS232, RS485.

Standalone function: it is suitable the application of inconvenient remote network, adopt U disk to download and upload time attendance record& photos conveniently.

Build in embedded TCP/IP protocol, 100M high-speed network to transmit the data. Support the real-time transfer of the time & attendance data, using steady internet platform which has improved the reliability of the time & attendance data.

Multi-item auxiliary functions: Meeting Notice, Birthday Prompt, sharp Hour ring prompt, power on and off at schedule time, advertisement broadcast.

Huge capacity memory: The maximum storage is 1,500 fingerprints, store 30,000 records; EMS memory can be distributed and extended dynamically.

Incorporated the advanced LINUX Embedded operation system, 24 hours continuous operation; the terminals are steady and credible.

Adopt the worlds most advanced fingerprint sensing technology and algorithms, fast identification speed, the FAR rate is 0.0001%.

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Wipaq Multitrade Pvt. Ltd.

Plastic PVC ID Card Printers / Time Attendance, Access Control, Turnstiles / ID card issuance includes Corporates Employee cards / Student Identification Cards / Security Cards / Customer Loyalty Cards / Hotel Key Cards / Plastic Health Card, Driving License Cards / Pre printed Membership Cards / Game Cards / Employee PVC ID Cards. Time and attendance systems include Attendance for Small Scale Companies – Magnetic / Barcode (swipe card)/ proximity based. For Medium Scale Companies – Networked, Large Companies – Networked & Modem / GSM based Time Attendance. Our Attendance software "Timepaq" is a comprehensive one with various time reporting and yeilding exhaustive time card reports. Access Control Solutions for Buildings includes Door Entry System, Remote Keyless entry, Normal Access Control such as Keypads & Swipe Card readers. Proximity card access system / card entry system / access card system / card lock system / door security system / magnetic electronic locking system / building entry systems / fingerprint / finger print access / access badge system/ entrance locking system / door admission / door protection / biometric access/ Turnstile based access control/ tripod turnstlye/ full height / waist height/ electronic/ portable turnstile swing gate, etc are the common phrases used for access control solutions all over India.

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