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Semler Research Centre


Semler Research Centre

Semler Research - Formulation Development


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Semler Research Centre [View Profile]
Bangalore - India

Description :
Preclinical Formulation Development

- Analytical Development: Assay and relative substance method development based on already existing drug substance methods with partial validation to perform the preformulation studies.
- Physico chemical evaluation, solubility studies: pH dependent aqueous solubility, solubility studies in alcohols and polyols solvents, solubility in co-solvents and surfactant assisted solubility
- Inherent dissolution study in various pH conditions
- Salt design/screening and selection
- Dissociation constant redetermination
Partition coefficient and log P determination
- Polymorphism study
- Particle size, surface area, bulk/tapped density determination
- Stability study: Solution stability, pH depended solubility, process equipment compatibility study, filter compatibility study, solid state stability, stress stability, photo stability, accelerated stability study as per ICH guidelines
- Dynamic moisture absorption study
- Drug excipients interaction study in solution form
- Preclinical formulation
- Stability study of preclinical formulation
- Closure container compatibility study

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Semler Research Centre

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Semler Research - Formulation Development

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