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Bio-Control Agents & Bio Pesticides


A Quality Product from
Margao - India

Description :
Insect pests have a host of natural enemies that have evolved to feed specifically on certain species. These natural enemies whether predator or parasite, also called beneficials, keep their insect prey populations in check. However, the indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides also kills the beneficials who are relatively slow as compared to their prey, in regaining substantial populations capable of controlling the pests.

Biological control involves the release of large quantities of lab-reared beneficials so that the ratio of pest to predator is favourable to the latter, thus preventing serious crop damage. An added advantage is that bio-control has no side effects; beneficials, after controlling the pest population, move on or simply die out due to lack of food.

a) Predators : Green Lacewing and Ladybird Beetle.

Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) adults are delicate and beautiful light green insects with net like wings. They lay characteristic stalked eggs in small groups on leaves and other parts of plants. The larvae (also called Aphid Lions) are voracious predators and roam about in search of soft-bodied insects such as thrips, aphids, immature white flies, mealybugs and soft scales, which they grab with their sickle-shaped mouth-parts. They also feed on freshly hatched larvae of H. armigera and other caterpillar pests.

Eggs of the green lacewing mixed with inert medium are packed in special containers which are shaken gently over infested plants to release the eggs or hatched larvae.

Ladybird Beetles are natural predators of mealybugs, scale insects and aphids. Both adults and larvae feed actively and often wipe out entire colonies of the pests.

Both grubs and adults of the Australian Ladybird beetle (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) are available in specially packed containers.

b) Parasitoids :

Egg, Larval and Pupal : Several species of wasp parastise eggs, larvae or pupae of pests. The females have a special organ at the tip of their abdomens called the ovipositor, which enables them to pierce the covering and lay their eggs inside the egg, larvae or pupae of their hosts. Some species of wasps paralyze their hosts and lay their eggs on their body surface. The wasp larvae hatch out, consume their hosts, pupate and emerge as adults to continue their life cycle.

Egg parasitoids : Trichogramma Wasp. These tiny wasps search for and parasitise eggs of over 200 species of moth and butterfly pests. A single Trichogramma while multiplyig itself can destroy over 100 eggs of the pest thus providing excellent control - Trichogramma chilonis against the cotton bollworm, tomato fruit borer, brinjal fruit and shoot borer and T. japonicum against sugarcane top borer and paddy stem borer (which cover their egg masses with tufts of body scales). Available as Tricho-Cards? which contain eggs parasitised by Trichogramma. The adult wasps hatch and fly out in search of host eggs.

Larval parasitoids:
Two species available are Bracon brevicornis and Goniozus nephantidis. These wasps search for caterpillar larvae, sting and paralyse them and then lay eggs on the larvae. About 10-15 wasps can develop on a single caterpillar. The wasp larvae feed and develop on the paralysed host, pupate and produce further adults in 12-15 days, thus repeating the cycle. Both wasp species are used against the coconut black headed caterpillar which constructs protective galleries of silk. While G. nephantidis enters the galleries to seek out host larvae, B.brevicornis parasitises larvae through the silken gallery by inserting its ovipositor.

Pupal parasitoids : Spalangia wasp. These wasps search for pupae of various flies, laying their eggs inside the puparia. The wasp larvae feed on the fly larvae and emerge as adults after 15-18 days. A single wasp can lay eggs in over 100 fly puparia, thus offering excellent control over housefly and filth fly populations in poultries, dairies, piggeries, garbage dumps etc.

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We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products & Equipment. We provide Termiseal ServiceT, Pied Piper ServiceT, GoldSeal ServiceT : Household Pest Mgnt, Fumigation, Vector Management, SIM ServiceT, Sterifumer, Custom Sterilisation, Museum/Fabric Pest Management, Heritage, Conservation, Bird Proofing, Wood/Timber Pest Management, Weed Management, Marine Pest Management, Consultancy. Products dealt in are Household Products, Robanr, PestSealr , PestSealr Aerosol, Termisealr, Trubble Gumr, Pest-O-Flashr, SpiderTM, Industrial Products, Bio-Control Agents & Bio Pesticides.

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