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Vector Management


A Quality Product from
Margao - India

Description :
The mosquito brings disease and death, creating havoc among unsuspecting victims by spreading malaria, cerebral malaria, brain fever, filariasis and dengue. Malaria is spread by Anopheles mosquitoes. The parasite destroys red blood corpuscles, causes high fever, rigor, weakness and possible death in cerebral malaria cases. Filariasis is spread by Culex and Mansonioides mosquitoes. The parasite affects blood and skin tissues, causes fever, swelling and elephantiasis. Brain Fever or Encephalitis is spread by Culex mosquitoes and affects brain tissue resulting in high fever, unconsciousness and possible death, particularly in the case of children. The Dengue (Haemorrhagic Fever) virus spread by Aedes mosquitoes attacks blood vessels resulting in bleeding and severe pain all over the body, high fever and possible death.

The general feeling prevalent is not that the mosquito is harmless or not such a great risk but that nothing can control this universal problem. This attitude together with unhygienic conditions only compound the problem.

PCI has time and again accepted the challenge and succeeded in providing a mosquito-free environment through its scientific and integrated approach. After a thorough inspection, PCI implements chemical and non-chemical methods including biological control and sanitation to overcome the mosquito menace. An integral aspect of all operations is the initiative and co-operation of local residents through awareness programmes. Mosquito control operations are undertaken in small industrial towns, townships, housing colonies, villages and major cities in different parts of the country.

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We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products & Equipment. We provide Termiseal ServiceT, Pied Piper ServiceT, GoldSeal ServiceT : Household Pest Mgnt, Fumigation, Vector Management, SIM ServiceT, Sterifumer, Custom Sterilisation, Museum/Fabric Pest Management, Heritage, Conservation, Bird Proofing, Wood/Timber Pest Management, Weed Management, Marine Pest Management, Consultancy. Products dealt in are Household Products, Robanr, PestSealr , PestSealr Aerosol, Termisealr, Trubble Gumr, Pest-O-Flashr, SpiderTM, Industrial Products, Bio-Control Agents & Bio Pesticides.

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