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Clinical Aesthetics and Investigative management services pvt. ltd.


Clinical Aesthetics and Investigative management services pvt. ltd.

SPF Testing


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Clinical Aesthetics and Investigative management services pvt. ltd. [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
Why Test Our Products?
The incidence of sunlight –induced skin aging and skin cancers has been increasing in many parts of the world. Many authorities are recommending primary prevention programs to reduce this incidence of cutaneous photodamage.

The integral component of these programs is the use of effective Sunscreens.

To determine the protective power of sunscreens, various authorities in different countries have stipulated standard methods to quantify their effectiveness.

We at C.L.A.I.M.S provide you with comprehensive services for Safety, Sensory, Consumer testing and In-vitro / In-vivo testing of your sunscreen formulations.

C.L.A.I.M.S Pvt Ltd has entered into strategic alliance with Australian Photobiology Testing Facility (APTF) wherein all In-vitro / In-vivo testing to be carried out at APTF can be submitted to C.L.A.I.M.S Pvt Ltd, India.

In-vitro Sun Protection Factor testing
Sun Protection factor (SPF) is the definitive measurement of the effectiveness of any sunscreen product.

In recent years considerable efforts have been expended in attempt to provide in-vitro SPF test that provides rapid and reliable prediction of in-vivo results.

Australian Photobiology Testing Facility (APTF Pty ltd), Sydney, Australia has developed in-vitro methodology using Mimskin which provides reliable and reproducible data to screen prototype formulations before they can be further tested using in-vivo methodology.

In-vitro testing conducted at APTF can also provide you useful information w.r.t.

“ Boot Star Rating (UVA ratio)”and photo stability in addition to in-vitro SPF values.

APTF can also provide in-vitro testing as per EU COLIPA method.

In-vivo Sun Protection factor testing
While in-vitro testing can be done to short list prototype formulations, the final testing results acceptable to most authorities globally are in-vivo test results (This may vary in few countries). In-vivo testing methodology has to be precise and standardized to get accurate and reproducible results.

C.L.A.I.M.S can provide in-vivo SPF testing either as per USFDA, P.F.A (Japanese) or Australian standards.

More specific and advanced testing for ‘water immersion’ can also be undertaken.

In-vivo testing will be carried out at APTF, University of Sydney, Australia.

C.L.A.I.M.S‘s offers Safety, Sensory and Consumer testing for your products, at its well equipped facility in Mumbai, India.

Consumer testing of SPF formulations
SPF formulations by virtue of ingredients present therein can be sticky and heavy on the skin. This can be a major deterrent for consumer acceptability. Finally, the success of the product in the market place would depend on consumer liking and preference for various sensory attributes; the ‘feel good’ factor….

We at C.L.A.I.M.S can help you to methodically evaluate your SPF formulation for various sensory attributes, this will done using ASTM methodology for sensory evaluation and will be done by our experts.

We can also carry out a dip-stick consumer research using well –defined set of questionnaire to understand likes and dislikes for various product attributes.

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Clinical Aesthetics and Investigative management services pvt. ltd.

Clinical research services

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