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Pest Control 9911191551


Pest Control 9911191551



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delhi - India

Description :
Stage A :- Treat the bottom surface and sides of the excavation made for column pits. Wall trenches per square feet area.

Stage B :- Treat the refill earth on both sides of all build-up walls (approximate width 30cm ) and depth 45cm of vertical surface of substructure.

Stage C :- Treat the entire leveled surface (before laying the floor) .in case of RCC framed struture with columns and plinth beams and RCC basement, the treatment can starts at a depth of 50cm below ground level.

Stage D :-The treatment along the external & internal walls of entire building below concrete and masonry apron & soil under existing floor using chemical emulsion at per square feet including drilling & plugging hole as per standard norms.

Stage E:- Treatment inside the building by chemical emulsion (in oil/kerosene base solution) on all wodden work all the wooden work in twice time as per standard norms& all walls spray by chemical emulsions. We close the holes by white cement.

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Pest Control 9911191551

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