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Delhi - India

Description :
Permanent Account Number
We offer clients services for getting Pan (Permanent Account Number). It is required as per the latest requirement of Income Tax Act. PAN is a number that is used by Income Tax Department for identifying a person as well as through this number get complete information about the assessed person. As a 10 digit alphanumeric number, it comes printed on laminated card and features information like PAN number, name of applicant, father's name, date of birth and also carries passport size photo for identification purposes.

PAN number has replaced General Index Registrar (GIR) Number which is provided by assessing officer to assessed and contains details of assessing officer. Based on the section 139A of Income Tax Act, 1961, PAN is required for the following:

For filing income tax returns
For undertaking any correspondence with income tax department
For submitting challans for payment of tax levied to the department
For conducting verification of identity of assessed in income tax department

TAN number is used for deduction of taxes and is required if you are – Paying salary Making payments in form of consultancy fees, rent, contractual payments With the tax deducted at source and paid to Income Tax Department, it is mandatory to deducting taxes and is quoted in TDS/TCS return including in –

e-TDS/TCS return
TDS/TCS payment challan
TDS/TCS certificates

TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) is 10 digit alpha numeric number that is needed by all persons responsible for deducting/collecting tax and as per Income Tax Act, 1961 is required by persons making payment/crediting income of specified type to another person. Here the payee deducts a specified amount payable/creditable at time of making payment/giving credit (whichever is earlier) and deposit sum deducted (TDS). Prior to making deductions, persons need to apply to assessing Officer for allotment of tax deduction account number (TAN) under section 203A of the Income Tax Act. TAN in quoted in following documents:

Challans while depositing deducted tax
Certificates issued against tax deducted
Returns furnished in respect of tax deducted at source
Other documents that pertain to transactions as may be prescribed

We offer clients competent service support for filing of eTDS. It is submitting TDS through electronics means and has emerged as convenient modes of collection of tax affected at the source from assessed in India. Here, in events where specified income is generated as per the Income-tax Act, the payer of such income needs to deduct stipulated percentage of such income through Income-tax and pay balance amount to the recipient. This dedicated tax is deducted at source by payer and is deposited in Government treasury through the means of eTDS. eTDS is deducted from income of recipient as payment of Income-tax by recipient at time of assessment. There are several listed income sources that are subjected to tax deduction at source and is presently also used as instrument to enlarge tax base like –

Interest on securities
Winnings from lottery
Commission & brokerage
Fees for professional & technical services

As a form of Advance tax paid to government, E-TDS returns are prepared in form No. 24, 26 or 27 as per Govt. of India Income Tax Act. Under this act, all Government & Corporate deductors/collectors need to file TDS (Income Tax Deducted at Source) returns on electronic media. Here, our expertise lies in providing services in preparation of e-TDS through –

Quarterly returns
Annual filings

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Mukesh Raj & Co.

Providing consultancy in account income tax, company formation, VAT, Service Tax and Auditing PAN Card, TAN number, eTDS Return, Tax Return etc.

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