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Turning Point Manabement Consultants Private Limited


Turning Point Manabement Consultants Private Limited

Building Dynamic Leadership Teams - Inbound and outbound Workshop:

New delhi

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Turning Point Manabement Consultants Private Limited [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
Successful and effective organizations are led by high performing and cohesive leadership teams. Current business environment make its necessary for combining several key leaders to deal with challenges. How effectively the Leadership team works together is essential to navigating in these increasingly complex and challenging times can positively affect the bottom line. The Leadership team must combine the strengths and collaboratively work together to significantly contribute to the organizational purpose for which they mutually hold themselves accountable. This workshop aims to build and enhance effectiveness of leadership teams.


1. Understand the Big-Picture; create shared vision, shared direction, shared goals, and shared values with agreed upon shared measure of success and shared action plan.

2. Understand the specific roles and decision making authority of each leadership team member; Value personality and style differences. Clarify how one leader’s work - style and function - affects the others in leadership team and the organization as a whole.

3. Work collaboratively as a team with high degree of trust, respect and appreciation for one another. Celebrate diversity and individuality. Create synergistic & dynamic teams that will achieve more collectively than individually.

4. Create synergy, cohesiveness, and camaraderie among the leadership team members; Facilitate effective communication that enables leadership team members to learn to work collaboratively to solve problems, make decisions and resolve conflicts.

5. Avoid and overcome group-think – encourage constructive thinking among leadership team members; Use disagreements constructively and creatively to generate useful and workable solutions.

Contact TPMC for detailed presentation to explore how our Leadership Effectiveness / Leadership Development Workshops develop leaders at all levels and achieve desired results in your organization.

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Turning Point Manabement Consultants Private Limited

Turning Point Management Consultants offer 89 specialized consulting, technology, and outsourcing servicess under seven core areas to serve our clients better. If you would like to optain more information or our business Development Manager/Executive to give you a detailed presentation, kindly contact business development manager near you or send in your enquiries and our executives will get back to you as soon as possible. Business and Strategy Solutions Competition is likely to get intense than to get milder as things progress. Business that thrived long is being challenged are under pressure to gain its competitiveness in cutthroat competition. New businesses are being created and others are getting perished. Turning Point Management consultants offer various strategic solutions to retain competitiveness and market advantage to emerge as winners in your field. List of Business and strategy solutions offered by Turning Point Manbagemment Consultants ? Vision & Mission ? Sustainability and risk ? Institutional strengthening and International Development ? Global Resilience ? Mergers and restructuring ? Program management ? Transformation Life Cycle ? Corporate strategy ? Business unit/ product line strategy ? Strategic planning ? Competitive dynamics ? Portfolio strategy ? Shareholder value ? Growth strategies (core growth, growth through adjacencies) Organizational Development Solutions Change is essential and inevitable for organizations that ambitioned to be competitive in the midst of cutthroat competition. Turning Point management consultants offer variety of organization solutions to enable its clients to manage organization, people, and performance to achieve success. Various servicess Turning Point Management Consultants offers to strengthen organizations ? Change management ? People and Performance ? Corporate governance ? Motivation ? Talent management ? Institutional system design ? Corporate transformation ? Leadership & Management ? Decision roles & structure ? High performance culture ? Performance improvement ? Business process redesign ? Capability sourcing ? Complexity management ? Revenue enhancement ? Turnaround strategy ? Workforce performance ? Communication Operation Solutions Businesses those carry on with long established process are under pressure to reengineer its operational process to maintain its competitiveness. Turning Point Management Consultants offer various solutions that are client tailored and industry specific position its clients high above their competitors. Various operations solutions offered by Turning Point Management Consultants ? manufacturing ? purchasing and supply management ? product development ? Product cycle management ? Product and service Innovation ? Capital management ? service operations Marketting and Sales Solutions Practical solutions to achieve real growth is the essence of Turning Point management Consultants marketing and sales solutions. Turning Point management consultants offer variety of marketing and sales solutions to its clients. Various Marketting and Sales Solutions offered by Turning Point Management Consultsnts ? Branding ? Consumer research ? Customer loyalty ? Marketing strategy ? Pricing ? Marketing spend efficiency and effectiveness ? Sales and Channel management ? Customer relationship management ? Marketing organizations and capability building ? Customer segmentation ? Product management ? Sales and channel management ? Sales effectiveness Finance Solutions Finances and financial concerns are an integral part of organizational excellence. Turning Point Management Consultants offer variety of corporate financial solutions for its clients. Various Finance Solutions offered by Turning Point Management Consultants ? Corporate finance ? Economic Business Analysis ? Capital market strategy ? Value based Planning ? Mergers& Acquisitions & Divestitures ? Alliance and Joint ventures ? IPOs and spin offs ? Integration planning ? Private equity (due diligence, value creation, exit planning) ? Insurance and financial services ? Investment consulting Information Technology Solutions Information technology has revolutionized the way corporations conduct is business. Turning Point Management Consultants offer variety of IT solutions to revolutionize the way its clients go about doing their business. Varuiys Information Technology Solutions offered by Turning Point Management Consultants ? IT strategy and system ? IT architecture ? IT Cost ? IT Governance and organization ? IT Infrastructure ? IT In operations (ERP, SCM) ? IT in sales and marketing (CRM) ? IT post merger management ? IT Outsourcing/offsouring/ BPO ? IT full potential ? business alignment ? IT complexity management ? Technology and innovation management ? Value delivery ? Application renewal ? Enterprise architecture ? Enterprise solutions ? Global delivery and sourcing ? Information management ? Infrastructure solutions ? IT strategy and transformation ? System integration ? Technology consulting Outsourcing Solutions Great organizations are realizing that it needs to outsource its no-core competence areas to outsource in order to maintain its efficiency. Turning Point management consultants offers outsource and offshore solutions to its clients. Various Outsourcing Solutions offered by Turning Point Management Consultsnts ? Application outsourcing ? business process outsourcing ? infrastructure outsourcing

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