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Pest Control (Chemical control with the use of rodenticides)


A Quality Product from
Chennai - India

Description :

We place our baits in areas where there is evidence of mouse activity. Rats will readily consume bait pellets, rats most often prefer bait blocks. The shape of bait blocks being used by us is more attractive to rats and encourages them to consume more bait in a single feeding.

We try to intercept the rats, placing baits between their possible harborage and food source. Rat baits should be placed 15 feet apart. We place baits in rat harborage such as burrows and ground voids.

Rats (especially Roof Rats) could be living above or below their food source. We use this knowledge to properly place baits between the rats and his food source. To encourage rats to eat more of our bait, we place rodenticides in tamper resistant bait stations. Not only will this give the rat a cozy place to "pig-out" on our bait, it also keeps our bait fresh and attractive to rats. We never under-feed the population.

Rats are not attracted to old, insect infested or moldy bait. We inspect often and replace or move undesirable baits and also see that it is not accidentally moved out of position. Once we have placed our rodenticides in their proper stations and locations, we insist avoid moving any objects in the baited area. The rats need time to adjust to anything new in their environment, so do not "rearrange the furniture.

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The Company was established in the year 1995. we offer specialised pest control services, products and equipment with a dedicated workforce.
- Termites [ White Ants ]
* Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment
* Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment
- Cockroaches
- Mosquitoes
- Rodent [ Rats ]
- Flies
- Powderpost Beetle [ Wood Borer ]

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