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Godrej Storage Solutions


Godrej Storage Solutions

Frame Based Mezzanine System

New delhi

A Quality Product from
Godrej Storage Solutions [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
Frame based Mezzanine floors, also known as “rack supported mezzanines” are versatile systems which serve dual purpose of shelving space on ground and flooring space on top.

Besides in a frame based mezzanine floor, you have the flexibility of defining your storage and aisle spaces.

Frame based mezzanine floor system could be configured to suit the layout of the room, taking into account pillar positions, door positions etc. This system can be offered for various tiers and up to load bearing capacities of 1000 Kgs /Sqm UDL.

Frame based mezzanines can be offered with following flooring options:
Profile planks

features :
Space Utilization - Godrej mezzanine floor helps you effectively utilize the height of the building, to meet your needs of increased space.
Ease of Assembly - Being a bolted structure, the system offers excellent interchangeability in tens of relocating it in future. Also it saves the hassle of obtaining legal permission from various Municipal Authorities unlike civil structure.
Modularity & Upgradeability - The modular construction enables easy expansion in future, by just adding on components, without the need for any welding at site.
Aesthetics - All the components are powder coated which make the system aesthetically appealing. Also pre-fabricated staircase and tubular railing suits the decor of the work/office area.
System can be integrated with suitable material handling equipment for carrying material to various tiers and accessory components:
Chutes: Inclined plane having guided passage where materials can be moved uni-directionally under gravity.
Freight Lifts/Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC): cost effective, safe, and easy way to move materials from one elevation to another.
Conveyors to move material in vertical or horizontal planes.
Pick to Light & Put to Light Digital Systems

Product Applications :
Warehouses, other industrial and commercial establishments where the useful area of the premises can be multiplied for use as:
Office space
Storage or work area
Supervision area etc.
Creating earmarked storage areas with either similar or dissimilar storage systems above and below the Mezzanine, for storage of items that needs to be segregated as fast moving/slow moving, finished goods/packing materials, palletized/non-palletized etc.

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Godrej Storage Solutions

Some of the areas of expertise in which Godrej is serving are: -Multi-flex Racking -Light Duty Shelving -Heavy Duty Pallet Racking -Heavy-duty Decking Panel Racking -Mobile (compact storage) Systems -Mezzanine Floor

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