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Business Logo Design Services


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Description :
It is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. That means to represent companies’ brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition.

Good logo design is one of the key ways you establish yourself as unique in the marketplace. Logo designs should therefore be powerful, but not overly complex, and make an almost instantaneous and memorable impact. Our custom logo design packages give you a choice of unique and genuinely original logo ideas from multiple designers with five initial variants, unlimited revisions and a full suite of high resolution and low resolution EPS, PNG, Web and JPG files for use in print and online applications.

Important Factor About LOGO Design ( MUST KNOW ):

There are a few things your logo should never include and yet, we get requests from business owners almost every day to add these things anyway. So in the interest of helping you get the best logo for your business, Here’s a simple list of things to leave out of your logo.
Professional Logo Design, Business Logo Design, Company Logo Design

The legal phrases Inc., Corp, LLP or LLC.

We understand why some customers want to put these legal abbreviations in their logos. They just incorporated their business or formed their partnership. They are excited. Their business is now “for real”. And they want everyone to know it. Before you do it, think about the familiar logos of successful companies you see every day. We would bet that none of them include these legal terms. Coca-cola or Pepsi? Nope. Ford or Mercedes? Again, no. Delta Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Avis Car Rentals? No, no, and no. Legal abbreviations are for legal documents and disclaimers in small print. They just mess up logos and confuse your customers. It’s best to leave them off.

Tag lines

This one is a little tricky because so many people are used to seeing tag lines used with logos that they assume their logo must have one. The right tag line can help with your marketing if it’s used correctly. But it doesn’t belong in your logo. Tag lines change. And if you’ve included your tag line in your logo, you’ll need to update signs, business cards, and anything else you’ve printed with your logo, any time you change your tagline. And, adding elements like tag lines to a logo make them more complex and thus more difficult for your customers to remember. Again, think of the logos you see every day.

Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Websites

You might have just signed to ten-year lease on your location, and you have no plans to change your cell phone provider, but trust us, these things change more than you think. If your logo includes your phone number, you’ll have to update it some day. But more importantly, these elements just add clutter to your logo – and remember, the best logos represent a simple idea associated with your product or business.

Avoid using too many colors in your logo

When it comes to helping your customers remember your company and visual identity, simplicity is the key. The best brands choose a single color (in some cases two) to represent their business. Coke uses red – and only red. It’s not likely you’ll ever see a blue Coca-cola logo (but Pepsi uses blue). Prudential Financial uses blue. Starbucks uses green. And all of these brands have a version of their logo in black and white that is just as recognizable as the color version.

Avoid using too many fonts in your logo

How many is too many? In most cases, two fonts would be too many. Once again, it’s all about creating a simple mark and avoiding anything that can make reading it more confusing or complex. Unless you have a very compelling reason to do otherwise, one font should be enough for your logo. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, make your mark as simple as possible. Choose fonts that are easily readable and represent what your company stands for.

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