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Yantra for Wealth - Sri Yantra


A Quality Product from
GodsMantra [View Profile]
Delhi - India

Description :
Sri Yantra is an important, powerful and auspicious yantra. It is beneficial for everybody. It helps its worshipper attain all his worldly desires and fulfill all his wishes through mental strength and cosmic power. Sri Yantra is an instrument for attaining wealth, both spiritual and material. This Yantra has the secret power to help fulfill one's wishes and change his or her life for better. People who use Sri Yantra achieve peace, harmony and prosperity. Moreover, it helps break away all hindrances in one's life, and stimulate spiritual and material growth.

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Puja Items, Yantra, Gemstone, Rudraksha, Mala Rosaries, God Statues, Puja Services, Cow Products, Herbal Medicines

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