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services Member Directory(Investigations)


[Rawalpindi, Pakistan]
Corporate & Economic Crime Investigations. White Collar Crime Investigations. Background Investigations KYC Inquiries. Fraud Investigations. Intellectual Property Infringement/Fraud Investigations. Identity theft Investigations. Business Intelligence & Integrity Due Diligence. Competitive Business Investigations. Corporate Security Investigations. Pre & Post Employment Screening. Wo.....

Advanced Surveillance Group

[Mount Clemens, United States]
We provide services of Private Investigator Services providing surveillance, background checks and information gathering near you. Within this expertise, we provide a vast number of investigative services and specialize in the following areas :- Spousal Surveillance :- When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of you life, you need answers. We realize that contacting a private investigator .....

United Risk Partners, LLC

[Elk Grove Village, United States]
We provide sophisticated investigations into intellectual property matters, intelligence on companies and individuals, reporting on their history, market position, technical capabilities, strategic direction and the industries and countries in which they operate. INTELLIGENCE & INVESTIGATIONS SERVICES :- United Risk Partners business intelligence and investigation capabilities are unparalleled.....

Satyam Detective Agency Private Limited

[Cochin, India]
Services of Pre Matrimonial Investigations Post Matrimonial Investigations Pre Employment Investigations Post Employment Investigations Tracing Absconders Tracing Missing People Undercover Operations Industrial Espionage Asset Verification for Banks Asset Verification for Institutions Asset Verification for Individuals Insurance Fraud Investigations Market Intelligence.....

Fireball Detective Network Pvt Ltd

[New Delhi, India]
Pre & post employment verification, database, sarpanch, driving license verification, passport verification, tenant screening, drug testing and medical examination, employee update reports, business background investigation, professional license verification, proprietary database check, vendor verification / screening, sales partner screening, channel partner / re-seller screening, bpo - services .....


[Delhi, India]
We are a licensed private detective agency in india for private investigations conducted by experienced detectives and investigators in india and globally for corporate, personal, legal and special detective services. we also have expertise in intelligence, risk analysis, bank fraud investigative services, matrimonial, kidnapping, theft and burglaries investigations and also legal litigation inves.....

TAMA Investigations, Inc.

[Snellville, United States]
We Provide services of Service Investigation Agency covering the entire State of Georgia. T.A.M.A Investigations, Inc. Conduct a wide range of services and offer professional investigation in the following areas :- Domestic Cases Criminal Cases Child Custody Child Support Recovery Missing Persons Workers' Compensation Background Checks Surveillance Insurance Fraud Service of Summons/.....

Corporate Bridge of Risk Management (Pvt.) Limited.

[Rawalpindi, Pakistan]
Protecting Todays Building TomorrowsCorporate Bridge of Risk Management (Pvt.) Ltd. Is the leader in the background screening and investigation in the Pakistan South Asia. We have the professional team of high calibre services provider of investigative, Forensic Accounting, business Due diligence and Employee/vendor Background Screening (Pre and Post Employment Screening services), CBRM provid.....

Himadari Geotech Solutions India

[Dehradun, India]
Geotechnical Hydropower, Alternate Energy � Wind, Solar PFR, FR & DPR Stage Investigations Construction Stage and Post Construction Stage Remediation Base Line Geological-Geotechnical Reports Road Alignment, Rail Alignment, Ropeway Alignment Transmission Lines Alignment and Foundation Treatment Bridge Siting and Foundation Infrastructure Site Investigations Drinking Water Reservoirs and.....

INDUS Consultancy Kolkata

[kolkata, India]
OUR SERVICES -Mystery Shopping -Anti counterfeiting investigations -Insurance Claims investigations -Secret verification -Surveillance -Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigations -Locating Missing Person -Background and Asset inquiries -Court Record Search -Proof & Evidence Gathering.....


[Chennai, India]
We provide Services of Security Guarding, Support Services, Personal Body Guarding, Investigations & Consultancy, Survey & Audit, Cash Transportation, Dogs Squad
SECURITY GUARDS:- Guards, Lady Guards, Supervisors, Inspectors, Assignment Managers, Armed Guards. SUPPORT SERVICES:- House Keepers, Caretakers, Support Staff, Repairers .PERSONAL BODY GUARDING:-We undertake V.I.P......

Manchester Building and Testing Laboratories Ltd.

[Manchester, United Kingdom]
We are provided the following type of services -Investigations, Surveys & Reports: We carry out investigations into the causes of a variety of problems within the construction industry:- Defects within construction materials Defects due to bad workmanship Defects due to specification errors Contamination & chemical attack Durability assessment Recommendations for remedial repair Spec.....

Minton, Treharne & Davies (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

[Singapore, Singapore]
We are Cunsultant we Provide Following Services. Our Services Such as : 1. Oil and Chemicals Consultancy :- Minton, Treharne & Davies have a wide ranging and thorough experience providing investigation services and advice to the industry, underwriters and P & I Clubs etc. Our consultants travel worldwide to attend both marine and land based incidents. Consultancy services provided include :.....

The Johnson Group

[San Francisco, United States]
We are a professional investigations company specializing in Workers' Compensation, F.E.L.A. And civil litigation/liability surveillance. Our Services Such as : 1. Surveillance :- False insurance and legal claims can be devastating to both businesses as well as to private parties. Marital infidelity is another insidious form of fraud, which often results in consequences that can last a life.....

Council for Geoscience

[PRETORIA, South Africa]
We Provide Services of provides excellent geoscience information and services for the benefit of the people of South Africa. Services :- Required by and funded through the Central Government. Supply of basic geological information to the Government and the public. Supply of specialised geotechnical and engineering geological consultants to conduct investigations of ground conditions prior t.....


[JAIPUR, India]
Our range of services A. . Private Investigation Services: 1. Tenant Screening 2. Teen Surveillance 3. Spousal Surveillance 4. Shadowing B. Domestic Investigation Services 1. Background Check of Domestic Employees 2. pre/post matrimonial investigations 3. Spousal Surveillance 4. Shadowing C. Crime Investigation Services: 1. Insider Theft Investigat.....


[Jamshedpur, India]
We Provides following services to Our Clients:- • Verification of Office & Residence. • Pre & Post Employment Screening. • Background Investigation. • Fraud Investigations/ Insurance Fraud Investigations. • Verification & Investigation of Claims. Life Insurance Non-Life Insurance Health Insurance • RCU Activities. • Asset Searching & Skip Tracing. • Contractors &.....




[Indore, India]
We, at Kaartikey provides other following services:

- Security Services
- Head Hunting
- Investigations
- Software Solutions
- Total Office Solution
- Advertising Solution
- Property Solutions
- Event Solutions

In Man Power Placements we have persons with strong professionals and academic background and we at our end have a stringent pre-screening process befor.....

Services Members Directory(Investigations)

Detective Network (India) Pvt. Ltd.

[NEW DELHI, India]
Providing quality investigative services. Our services: corporate services, personal and individual services, legal and insurance services, specialized services. Corporate services - Pre-Employment Verifications, Post-Employment Verifications, Asset Verifications, Due Diligence & Credit Worthiness, Patent, Trademark and Copyright Infringement, Frauds, Cheating and Embezzlements, Under-Cover .....


[Calcatta [Kolkata], India]
We are Indias first practicing Criminologist and consultant to National and International Police of various countries, the Hawk Group today boasts of an unparalleled class of service to each of our clients. We provide services like Armoured & Unarmoured Escort Services, Armed & Unarmed Bodyguard Services, Vehicle Patrol, Debt Control, Tracking and Investigations, Labour Intelligence, Matrimonial .....

Global Business Solutions

[Chennai, India]
Consultants for Intellectual Property, Attorneys Intellectual Property Services:- Protection Services [Drafting ? Application ? Registration - Renewal] Patent & Designs Trade & Service marks, Brand & Company Names Copyright Utility Models Geographical Indicators Advisory Services:- IP - Strategy IP - Purchase & Acquisitions IP - Post Merger & Acquisition Compliance IP - Mark.....

Serviceman Detective Agency

[Hosur, India]
Serviceman Intelligence Bureau Introduction We would like to introduce ourselves as an organization, which has scaled heights in precision investigation work and has made its presence felt throughout India in the last fifteen years. We are real life private eyes with experience and Expertise Which can make the big difference to your line of business. Our staff a.....


[New Delhi, India]
Personal Investigations 1) Pre-Matrimonial Investigation 2) Extra Marital & Love Affairs 3) Evidence of Divorce Cases 4) Any kind of doubts to be Investigated for clarification 5) Handwritting & Finger Print Verifications 6) Domestic Theft Cases Corporate Investigations 1) Pre-Post Employment Screening 2) Undercover Operations 3) Infringement of Tradema.....

Juhu Griha Swapana C.H.S. Ltd.,

[Mumbai, India]
We Provided Security services, international detectives, investigations, guards Our Servies * Confidential, honest investigations. * Infringement of Trade Mark / Patents. * Handling Divorce matters with utmost care. * Pre & Post Employment Verification. * Investigation of fraud & cheating cases. * Video Photography & Recording permissible under the law. * Locating Absconding .....

Ask Online Solutions Pvt.Ltd

[Mumbai, India]
Services:- Accounting Services:- Day to day data entry Voucher creation Month end processing Reporting on MIS Monthly, annual reconciliation of various accounts Payroll processing Issuing and filing of TDS related forms and returns Annual finalization of accounts Auditing Services:- Stock Verification Cost Control Audits System Designing Management Audit Due Diligenge.....


[SURAT, India]
We provide On-line Services - Professional Services, Consulting for Trade Marks, Patents, Business, Finance, Arbitration, Placement, Management, Investment, Insurance, Investigations, Documentation, Labour, Consumer, Civil, Criminal & Legal Matters relating to Customs, Excise, Sales Tax, Income Tax and other Government Departments. INTRODUCTION FOR PROVIDING SERVICES / BUSINESS .....


[Surat, India]
Online consulting for business, finance, management, insurance, investigation, investment, documentation & legal matters,
1. Do you have any legal problems ?
2. Do you want to invest? Or do you want finance ?
3. Do you want to purchase a house / bunglow / flat ?
4. Do you have any labour / management problems ?
5. Is any of your money grabbed by cheating by someone ? <.....

First Indian Detective Agency

[Delhi, India]
First Indian detective agency is one of the trusted private detective agencies in Delhi. We the Largest Detective Agency in India. Personal Investigation Services:- Pre Matrimonial Investigation Post Matrimonial Investigations Love Affair Investigation Divorce Case Investigation Person Investigation Physical Surveillance Information On Missing Persons Information On Property .....


[Hubli, India]

H.P. Gauff Ingenieure Gmbh and Co.

[Frankfurt am Main, Germany]
We Provide Service of Consultancy & studies, Design, Supervision, Information Systems, Technical Services, Project & Programme Management, Project Monitoring, Operation & Maintenance. Services :- 1)Consultancy & Studies :- Technical and economic advices for public and private clients investment projects as well as their operation and maintenance, Investment Studies, Feasibility-Studies / socio.....

Anderson Dredging Consulting Ltd.

[Louisiana, United States]
We are providing expert dredging and hydraulic land reclamation advice. - Equipment financing - Equipment evaluation - Project financing - Site investigations - Project management - Hydrographic Surveying - Insurance, including Risk Management .....


[Lahore, Pakistan]
Procon offers a turnkey solution, encompassing the following services : Our Services Such as : 1. Project Identification 2. Concept Development and Promotion 3. Feasibility Studies 4. Business Plan 5. Project Negotiations 6. Tender Preparation 7. Coordinate with concerned authorities. 8. Site Investigations 9. Contractual Structuring 10. Project Financing 11. Investment .....

Steele Rose Communications

[White Plains, United States]
We provide services of a small, highly creative marketing and public relations agency with a solid reputation for producing industry recognized, award-winning programs. We service marketing communications and public relations agency founded. Services :- Brand Building, Energizing & Repositioning, Booklets & Brochures, B-roll, Celebrity Endorsements, Consumer Products Marketing, Crisis Manageme.....

CI Intellect Ltd.

[Sofia, Bulgaria]
We deal with business consulting, business management, economic mediation, investments & privatisation consulting. Our Product Range : * Business Consulting : - Consulting, marketing and information services - Inquiries, studies and peruses, including such on reliability for partnership, mutual activity and/or commercial and/or economic activity - Corporate inquiries and investigations - exam.....

Consumer Victim Advocates Inc.

[Greenwood Village, United States]
We are dedicated to providing Criminal Identity Theft Protection from stolen identity. We want to provide you with the resources to get id theft help and regain control of your life. Family Plan :- Victim Assistance Legal Assistance Fraudulent Debt Protection Free Identity Theft Insurance Am I protected from identity theft on the Internet :- The Internet can be a fast and convenient wa.....

Healthcare Extranets, LLC

[Albuquerque, United States]
We are service provider and our Services include workers compensation administration, unemployment compensation claims management, various insurance and employee benefit programs, physician credentialing, education services, background investigations, fingerprinting services, etc. .....

Marine Technical Services Ltd

[Cairo, Egypt]
Our ervices Include : - Marine and Non Marine Surveys. - Loss Adjusters. - Claims Settling Agents. - Cargo Superintendents & Cargo Outturn Surveys. - Inspection Services. - Investigations. - Loss Prevention Surveys. - Pre-Shipment Inspections. - Consulting Engineers. - Hull and Machinery Surveys. Professional Service Our aim is to continuously maintain the hig.....

Authentic Investigation

[New Delhi, India]
Our Services included : - Pre Employment Investigation - Asset Investigation Undercover Operations - Litigation Support - Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation - IPR Investigation Other Services : - Tracing Absconders - Tracing Missing People - Industrial Espionage - Insurance Fraud Investigations - Corporate Intelligence - Post-Employment - Surveillance - De-Bugging - Securi.....

HAP Consultants

[Greve, Denmark]
HAP Consultants is specialized in providing services to bilateral and multilateral aid organisations and the private sector. Ranging from project identification, project and program design, feasibility studies, to appraisal, review and evaluation of larger projects, our services aim especially at short-term assignments, although the firm also offers general project management on a mid-term basis......

Applied Consumer Services, Inc.

[Hialeah Gardens, United States]
Our serviceses are as follows -Air Quality Analysis Including sick building syndrome (microbes/Andersen sampling, organic vapors, mycotoxins, particulates, pesticides, etc.) -Analysis of Contaminates Quality control for products such as cosmetics, drugs, pharmaceuticals, water, food, beverages, concrete, and many others -Beverage Analysis -Consumer Product Testing Deformation of .....

MATCO Associates, Inc.

[Pittsburgh, United States]
We Provider of the following type of services -Independent testing -Consulting Engineering firm specializing in: -Failure analysis -Corrosion investigations -Materials testing -Cathodic protection -Paint -Protective coatings. .....

The Viet Nhan Agriculture Industry Marine Inspection Corporation (AIM)

[Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam]
We provide services of Survey, Inspection, Testing, Analysis, Control, Certify and Valuation scopes. Marine Fields, Agricultural Products, Foodstuff, Industrial Products, Consumer Goods. MARINE INSPECTION SERVICES: - Liquid Cargo & Gas Cargo CARGO TANK INSPECTION DRAFT / DEADWEIGHT SURVEYS DEADWEIGHT CALCULATION SURVEY & ISSUES OF ULLAGE & WEIGHT CARGO CONTAMINATION INVESTIGATIONS M.....

Reliable Guards And Allied Services Private Limited

[Ambala Cantt, India]
Services of:- Security Services We provide the most reliable and efficient security services and solutions, especially for Corporate, Private Companies, Government Bodies and Banks. Our proven track record testifies the trust you can repose in us for your security needs. We are providing following types of services: Security Guards Our company has been providing Armed & Unarmed Security p.....

Plancenter Ltd.

[HELSINKI, Finland]
We Provide Services of Environmental Management and Research :- Water Resources, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Water Quality in Distribution System, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Monitoring, Environmental Management Systems, Water and Wastewater Research, Air Pollution Control and Research, Soil Protection and Remediation. Water and Environmental Engineering :- Water.....


[Mumbai, India]
We Provide Design of Market Research for new / existing products, Field Investigations, Analysis & Report Submission, Competition Analysis, Projection of Demand & Supply, Marketing Analysis, Marketing Potential Assessment, Marketing Strategy Development, etc......

Kailtech Test & Research Centre Pvt Ltd

[Indore, India]

shakun & company pvt ltd

[new delhi, India]
-|- Foreign Trade Policy -|- FEMA -|- Customs Duties -|-Excise Duties -|- Service Tax -|- Industrial Policy -|- Anti-Dumping & Safeguard Investigations -|- Income Tax -|- Companies Act & Rules -|- Environment -|- SEBI Regulations -|- Motor Vehicles Act & Rules -|- Banking & Non-Banking Regulations -|- Drugs & Cosmetics -|- Prevention of Food Adulteration -|- Petroleum .....

ATC Solutions Limited

[London, United Kingdom]
Annual Accounts Preparation Audit And Assurance Management Accounts And Information Bookkeeping VAT Returns Payroll And End Of Year Returns Company Formation And Secretarial Services Self Assessment Tax Planning Contentious Tax Dispute Work Tax Investigation Fees Insurance Tax Enquiries And Investigations Corporation Tax Self Assessment Trusts Inheritance Tax Planning .....


[Delhi, India]
With Head Quarters in India, we manage risk of our Global clients in India, South Asia, Middle East and Americas. Premier Shield facilitates your business At all levels. VISION AND MISSION: Premier Shield is in the business of providing multidisciplinary risk management services of The highest standard .We ensure protection and Loss prevention with latest technology. OUR .....

Greves Group

[New Delhi, India]
Private Investigations Services Provider.....

Updater Services (P) Ltd

[Bangalore, India]
PRODUCTION SUPPORT  Line Operations  Assembly Activities  Material handling & Packing  Data Entry Operations  Welding,  Painting  Packing & Packaging PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  Accounts and Administration  Building Maintenance  Occupants Management  Common Area Maintenance  Liasioning and PR wit.....


[NEW DELHI, India]
-|- Foreign Trade Policy -|- FEMA -|- Customs Duties -|-Excise Duties -|- Service Tax -|- Industrial Policy -|- Anti-Dumping & Safeguard Investigations -|- Income Tax -|- Companies Act & Rules -|- Environment -|- SEBI Regulations -|- Motor Vehicles Act & Rules -|- Banking & Non-Banking Regulations -|- Drugs & Cosmetics -|- Prevention of Food Adulteration -|- Petroleum -|- Fertilizers -|- Texti.....

Venture Security Services

[Colombo, Sri Lanka]
Nature of services provided: Private Investigations VIP Drivers Personal Security Officers Residential Security Commercial & Industrial Security Security for Sports/Musical Events Protection of Persons and Property with or without Weapons Security Consultancy and Surveys Threat Evaluation Debt Collections & Recovery of Valuables Security for Cash in Transit with Armed Guard.....

DNL Network

[Delhi, India]
We provide investigation and legal services. DNL Network is a corporate law firm providing comprehensive legal services to large corporate houses, medium/small scale enterprises, institutions, entrepreneurs, businessmen and individuals in different types of matters in various courts. We have a team of competent and efficient lawyers who are experienced in their areas of practice. Legal Servic.....

Crown Facility

[Bengaluru, India]
Security, House keeping, Plumbing, Electrician Gamut of Services Security Services: 1. Main gate guards 2. Time office/Reception guard 3. Patrolling guards 4. Corporate security for MNCs and Software Companies. 5. Armed Guards 6. Exhibition / Events Security 7. Holiday Guards 8. Executive Protection 9. Mobile Squad 10. Cash / Bullion-in-transit 11. Emergency Deployment 12.....

Sahara Care Network Marketing Business

[Gurgaon, India]
Concierge Services: - This membership entitles the purchaser to avail any of our 100+ services offered at a minimum facilitation fee. These services make the life simpler by offering a helping hand in their daily errand. Also this entitles him to purchase a host of products online on our portal which products will be discounted for our members. This membership will be valid for one year. Our m.....

Allied Infoline (P) Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Data Entry & Conversion • Scanning Editing OCR/Key entry/Word processing • Form Processing • Imaging and indexing for archival systems. • Form Processing and Data Capture • Double Key Boarding, SGML, HTML and XML, conversion. • e-Publication • E-Book, POD (Book Marking and Linking) • PDF Conversion • Database Creation Business Transcription: • Conf.....

Serviceman Securiy Services -Hosur

[Hosur, India]
Serviceman Ref: Date: SUB :- AN INTRODUCTION TO SERVICEMAN SECURITY Dear Madam / Sir, With the advent of an increasing crime rate and never ending requirement for good Security Services. We at serviceman security have identified the need for an exceptionally systematic and quality oriented services. The management comprises of Defence, BSF and Civilian Officers w.....

Hydro Geosurvery Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

[Jodhpur, India]
Environmental Consultant, Consultant, Geo eletrical resistivity surveys, Rain water harvesting, Remote Sensing Comprehensive Hydro geological investigations comprising remote sensing detailed Geo eletrical resistivity surveys, pump test , rainwater harvesting & hydrological assessment studies of Ground water .....

Parakletos Worldwide Intelligence Network

[New Delhi, India]
We provide services of Corporate Intelligence, Counterfeiting Products, Copy right, Trademark infringement, Corporate & Business Investigations Division Employer division services, Due Diligence Analysis, Risk & Litigation, Intellectual Property (Brand Protection) Act. Pre & Post Matrimonial Industrial Disputes, Labour Cases Surveillance......


[NEW DELHI, India]
Greetings from Shakun & Company (Services) Private Limited. We introduce ourselves as a company providing day-to-day amendments to: -|- Foreign Trade Policy -|- FEMA -|- Customs Duties -|-Excise Duties -|- Service Tax -|- Industrial Policy -|- Anti-Dumping & Safeguard Investigations -|- Income Tax -|- Companies Act & Rules -|- Environment -|- SEBI Regulations -|- Motor Vehicles Act & Rules -.....

Setex Consulting International SRL

[Bucharest, Romania]
The provided services in this field are the following: Investigations regarding the honesty and capabilities of your potential business partners; Identification of the export market that are suitable for the product / services provided by your company; Identification of business partners from the target market (commercial agencies, representatives and sales); Assistance in negotiation for.....


[NewDelhi, India]
Ascon Detectives Network Pvt Ltd, is a no1 Detective Agency in India; It is having a strong detective’s network in all over world and having a great team of professional detectives in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Banglore, Cochin, Agra, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Madyapradesh, Bhubneshwar and all over India. The Services include private & confidential investigations / detective service.....


[Hyderabad, India]
Industrial, Domestic Security, Investigations & Security Systems......


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