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Types Of Services
Professional Services
Any type of services that may be rendered by a member of a profession within the purview of his professio including the services that by their nature can be performed only by persons or firms with specialized skills and knowledge. Although a product may or may not result from the transaction, the primary reason for the purchase is the service provided.

Personal Services
Personal Services includes, but not limited to, accounting, architecture, medical or dental services, legal services, and engineering and surveying services

Health Services
Services that are performed by health care professionals, or by others under their direction, for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, or restoring health. Health services include Public health services, mental healthcare services, Essential public health services, Behavioral health services, Home health services, School health services, Magellen health services, Preventive health services .

Ecosystem Services
The conditions and processes through which natural ecosystems, and the species that make them up, sustain and fulfil human life. Examples include provision of clean water, maintenance of liveable climates (carbon sequestration), pollination of crops and native vegetation, and fulfilment of people's cultural, spiritual, intellectual needs

Ancillary Services
Interconnected operations services for operating reserve, voltage control, regulation and frequency response, scheduling and system control and dispatch and other power supply necessary to effect a reliable transfer of electrical energy at specified contract terms between a buyer and a seller.

Directory Service
A directory service organizes computerized content and runs on a directory server computer. It is not to be confused with the directory itself, which is the database that holds the information about objects that are to be managed by the directory service. The directory service is the interface to the directory and provides access to the data that is contained in that directory

Senior or Elder Service

Senior or elder service is targeted to those who are beyond their employment and family raising years. A senior may be defined from as early as age 50, depending on the policy and program definition, which in turn is significantly influenced by a society's culture and life expectancy. Participants may receive some type of support to enable them to serve.

Youth Service

Youth service is targeted to young people. Most often this is teens or young adults, ages 16 to 24, but can also include younger children. Youth service programs are often structured as intensive and extended experiences, say full-time for six months or a year, and participants often receive some type of support to enable them to serve.

Corporate Service
Corporate service refers to service supported by an employer, typically in the private for-profit sector. The form of support can range from sponsorship and financial resources for the service to just allowing an employee the time off to serve.

Judicial Community Service
Judicial community service refers to service performed as a form of restitution for a crime. Judicial community service is used as a form of alternative sentencing, to avoid incarceration.

Community Service
Community service is a very general term that refers to service that is local and typically organized by a non-profit organization.
Faith-based service is organized by religious organizations, to provide opportunities for service as an expression of faith. For GSI, this does not include missionary and other evangelical activities, but rather service that contributes to social and economic development, environmental protection, and other non-religious goals.

Transnational Service
Transnational service has a slightly different meaning; it refers to a service project that is organized and carried out by two or more nations working in cooperation. Transnational service may be led by either governmental or non-governmental organizations.

International Service
International service refers to a service project or experience that takes place in a country that is not the home country of the server. International service may be led by either governmental or non-governmental organizations.

National Service
National service is a policy or program initiated by government for citizens and residents to serve the nation. The government may run the program, but more often non-governmental organizations receive public funding to implement and administer the service program. Higher education is a form of service that is sponsored by post-secondary colleges or universities, in partnership with local organizations, to provide a supportive and active environment for civic engagement and community development. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate. Programs vary in purpose and design. Some are purely voluntary; in other cases, faculty and staff job performance is evaluated based on level of participation. Students may or may not receive academic credit for participation.

Service Learning
Service learning is a pedagogical method wherein students learn through active engagement and participation in service. Service learning may be sponsored by any organization, but occurs most often in primary or secondary schools, trade and professional schools, colleges and universities, and continuing education programs. Service learning is a planned and structured service experience, with time for systematic reflection.

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