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services Member Directory(Iso 14001)

MetroCal, Inc.

[Kentwood, United States]
Our Services are as follows -Calibration Services: Our Calibration facilities are state of the art, utilizing the latest technology for ultimate accuracy and efficiency. We are accredited by the A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) to the ISO 17025, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, and all relevant requirements of the ISO 9000 series of standards. Complete calibration services take pl.....

Source India

[Ahmedabad, India]
We Provide specialises in assisting companies to reduce their product cost by outsourcing / farming out Finished Cast components / Assemblies from all over India with savings of at least 30% of their existing cost of product and that too without any compromising on Quality. Our products :- 1)Castings :- Sourceindia is single source for many European buyers for their requirement of All types o.....

Hazel Mecantile Limited

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters/Importers of CHEMICALS Alcohols :ISO Propanol, N-Butanol, Iso Butanol, Methanol, Ethanol-96 / 99.9%, 2-Ethyl Hexanol, Mossatanol L, 120. Chlorinated Solvents :Methylene Chloride, Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene. Ethanolamines : Monoethanolamine, Diethanolamine, Triethanolamine-85% / 99.9%. Esters : Ethyl Acetate, Butly Acetate. Gl.....

Shanghai Suitai Trading Co.,Ltd.

[Shanghai, China]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Importers/Exporters of Raw material for polyurethane : TDI(80/20) TDI(100) Pure MDI crude MDI 1, 4butidiene Neopentyl glycol Adipic Acid(AA) VT-06 PPG Raw material for paints : Toluene Xylene mixed aromatics solvent oil Cyclohexanone methyl iso- Butyl ketone iso-propyl alcohol MMB-AC n-butyl acetate ethyl actate Fast Curing Agents Standard Type o.....


We are manufacturer, trader and exporters of Agro Products such as - Pulses : Peas-Kabuli, Desi Chicks, Green, Yellow Beans-Red Kidney, Black-eyed, Fabba, Green Moong Lentils-Red Split Grain : Rice -Non Basmati Wheat -Milling variety Barley Corn Rice -Non Basmati Wheat -Milling variety Barley Corn Sugar Wheat : Milling Wheat Oil Meals & Deoiled Cakes : Oil Seed .....

Master Surgical LTD.

[sialkt, Pakistan]
Master Surgical, Total HOSPITAL FURNITURE, HOLLOW WARES AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Manufacturing Co. ISO 9001: 2008: We are ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Co. And we also approved and authorize to mark CE on all ordered Instruments.....

Nagreeka Foils Ltd

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of- Cotton Yarn:- Nagreeka Exports Ltd. Has a meticuosly planned manufacturing plant located at Kolhapur (400kms from Mumbai). It's ideal location & proximity allows for easy accessibility abundant power supply and low transportation costs. The plant has a capacity of 26208 spindles and produces 12000 kgs of worldclass, high grade 100% cotton yarn in the count rang.....

Zhejiang Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Co., Ltd.

[Zhejiang, China]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters/Importers of pharmaceutical raw materials and the pharmaceutical intermediates. Parmaceuticals & Intermediates : PHOSPHORIC ACID 2-ETHYL ANILINE SODIUM BROMATE USED-TRIS-TRIPHENYLPHOSPHAN-RHODIUM(I) CHLORIDE MSM 99.9% BY GC BENZATHINE DIACETATE 99% MIN. TRITYL CHLORIDE 99% MIN. AMANTADINE HCL LANOLINE CP95 DIMENHYDRIANTE DIFLUNISAL BP98 USP24 MAN.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of PETROCHEMICALS: AROMATICS: Benzene / Xylene / Toluene, Linear Alkyl Benzene, Dodecyl Benzene, Styrene Monomer. FIBRE INTERMEDIATES: Acrylonitrile, Dimethyl Terephthalate ( DMT), Terephthalic Acid (PTA). GLYCOLS: Di-Ethylene Glycol, Mono-Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol. INORGANIC INTERMEDIATES: Diacyndiamide, Soda Ash (Light / Dense), Sodium Hydro Su.....

Star Impex

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Ladies Wear : Indo Western Short, Top, Pant, Salwar Kameez, Choli, Suits, Kaftans, Sharara, Ladies top, Sarees etc. Body Tatoos & Decoration : Body tattoo, Imitation Jewelry, Cosmetics & Herbal toiletries. Home Furnishings : Bed linen, Cushion covers, Pillow covers, Table linen, Kitchen linen, Curtains etc. Fashion Accessories : Scarves/Stoles, Shawls, Beachwear - S.....

Creative Enclave

[Chennai, India]
Our product range provides excellence in communication systems testing such as : ATTEST Environment, ATTEST TEST SUITES, IP Suites, IP Multicast Suites, and IPv6 Suites. ATTEST Environment : Test Framework and Test Progress Manager. ATTEST TEST SUITES : Layer 2 Bridging Suites : 802.1X, IGMP Snooping, LACP, PPP, MSTP / RSTP / STP, VLAN. IP Suites : IP, OSPF, RIP. IP Multicast Suites : IGMPv3.....


[Petaling Jaya, Malaysia]
We are manufacturer of consultant Products. Food Comodities : -Cocoa Products Pulses -Cocoa Powder Spices -Coconut Products Pepper -Tea Fresh Fruits -Soya Products Peanut -Rice Dry Chilli -Sugar Palm Oil -Yellow Maize Poultry -Sesame Seed Petrochemical : -Crude Oil Jet A-1 -Gas Oil LPG -Gasoline Sulfur -Naphta Asphalt -Petroleum Coke Chemical Products : -Acetic A.....

Tangshan Shijie Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd.

[Shandong, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Product List : Chondroitin sulfate---ex Bovine Chondroitin sulfate---ex Shark Cartilage Glucosamine HCL Glucosamine Hydrochloride (Granulated) D-Glucosamine Sulfate-2KCL D-Glucosamine Sulfate-2NaCL Aloe extract Andrographolide Asiaticoside&Asiatic acid Astragali extract Baicalin Black bean colour Black cohosh P.E. Camptothecin Citrus a.....

Scientifix, LLC.

[Plainfield, United States]
We Provide Services of meet the most complex needs of our customers with unsurpassed service, on-time delivery of materials, professional installation of painted steel laboratory casework, fume hoods, epoxy resin counter tops, phenolic resin counter tops, accessories and lab furniture. Us Steel Casework :- As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Mott has designed and manufactured the Sigma Syst.....

Atlasvim Industrial Co.,ltd.

[Shenyang, China]
We Provide specialized in ATV&other Vehicles manufacturing, computer parts & materials manufacturing, and Chemicals manufacturing. We own a professional and efficient R&D team, they are striving for developing more products with high quality and new styles. Our products have passed ISO 9001:2000 system, EEC, CE. All products are sold well in EU, U. S. A&UK market and we will supply more high .....

Alps Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

[Ahmedabad, India]
ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of dyestuff from Ahmedabad, India. The company produces 3000 Mts of Acid, Direct & Solvent Dyes annually for applications in textile, leather, paper, plastic and ink. We have set up a plant with state-of-the-art machinery and equipements to produce 400 Mts of Liquid Dyes (Direct Dyes) for paper and ink application. The company is part of the supply chain to m.....

Kao Shing Zipper Co., Ltd.

[Taichung, Taiwan]
Manufacturer and exporter of zippers such as nylon zipper, plastic zipper, invisible zipper, garment accessories, brass, antique brass, silver and nickel zippers supplied worldwide. The custom designs and OEM/ODM are welcome. Certification of ISO 9001: 2000. Textile & trimming, garment accessory (accessories)- metal zippers, nylon zippers (in various colors and sizes), plastic zippers (for garm.....


[Zhengzhou, China]
Zhengzhou yellow river abrasives company came into operation in 1976 and its mainly products are black and green silicon carbide,white ,brown and black aluminium oxide.
with the laboratory certificated by ciq and the technicians of our own ,we can offer you many types of grain and micropowder at different standard such as jis,gb,iso,fepa,ansi etc.Also,we can offer you qualified products for yo.....


[Elk River, United States]
We are a quality assurance and international trade training firm that specializes in CE Marking and ISO 9000/QS 9000. .....

Services Manufacturers Directory(Iso 14001)

Tata International Limited

[Mumbai, India]
We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporter of Information Technology services and sources consumer products. - Automobiles :- Automotive Components Automotive Components Finished Automotive Components / Assemblies Machined Components Castings Forgings Original parts for Tata vehicles Alternative parts for Japanese, European & American Vehicles Garage & Service Equipments Construct.....

Kong Yue

We are Manufacturers, Services & Exporter of value through our innovative complete supply chain management solution. Our Services are - Assembly Services :- KongYue integrates quality ISO certified systems and innovative assembly and packaging technologies to deliver market-leading IT & electronic products. From product assembly through to testing and packaging, KongYue world class SMT line.....

P. K. Chemicals & Scientific Co.

[Karnal, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Diagnostics, Chemical, Instruments and Glassware like: Instrument Division: Diagnostic equipment:- - BioChemistry Analyser - Cardiac Reader - Urinalysis(Urine Analysis) - Pulse Oximeters - Spirometer - Oxygen Concentrators - Multiparameter monitor - Digital Thermometers - Probes / Sensors - Disposable Sensors - Y Sensors - Finger Sensor - .....

Trostel, Ltd.

[WI (United States), United States]
We provide Services of a QS 9000 and ISO 9001 certified company, is an Internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of custom seals, precision rubber molded products, and custom mixed compounds. World headquarters is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Trostel operates three, modern production facilities; * Lake Geneva Molding, located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin * Whitewater Molding,.....

Bhragudev Associates & Consultants

[Noida, India]
Bhragudev Associates & Consultants ? Implementation of Environmental & Quality Management Systems; Company Standardization ? Product Development., Plant, Test Lab. Setup, Technology Transfer ? Implementation and Consultation of Certification of ISO : 9001, 14000 & 18000; CSA ;UL;ISI;DIN;VDE;IEC; CE Marking ? Placements; Corporate Trainings ? Energy Auditing; Energy Efficiency Labeling ?.....

Aster Graphic Systems

[Ahmedabad, India]
Safety signs as per ISO, CE and ANSI formats. Industrial Specialty Labels, Warning signs, Danger signs, Caution Labels, Safety labels and Safety decals for machinery and equipments. Floor safety signs, Glow in Dark, Photoluminiscent signs, Safety signs for worksplace......


[CHENNAI, India]
We provide supply, calibration and servicing for all types of measuring instruments.(Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, Electronics and Miscellaneous ).We are also engaged in providing various services pertaining to the machines. Our dedication to customer satisfaction includes emphasis on customer service, our commitment to the highest standards of our company assure you of unsurpa.....


[Nasik, India]
As a leading manufacturer and supplier of spot welding accessories we, Autoweld provide our clients with full range of technically upgraded range of products like cold formed caps, spot welding electrodes, laminated shunts, welding guns, seam welding wheels, kickless cable, stud welding collets, flexible jumpers, spot welding fixtures, copper bars, welding gun accessories, spot welding guns. Sinc.....


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