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3Tier Environmental Forest Group


3Tier Environmental Forest Group

3Tier Environmental Forest Group

Washington, , United States

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3TIER Environmental Forecast Group, Inc. Provides project-scale, scientifically-based renewable energy forecast and assessment products and services to companies worldwide. The company is uniquely adept at providing advanced forecasting services for all three weather-driven renewable energy resources - wind, hydro and solar. 3TIER Group develops, integrates and operates sophisticated environmental prediction systems that incorporate advanced computing technologies and proprietary methodologies to provide clients with relevant and accurate forecast solutions.
These advanced solutions provide the critical information that clients need to effectively develop and operate their renewable enegy projects, both for social benefit and economic gain. 3TIER Group is a privately-held disabled-veteran owned equal opportunity employer.

The combination of dwindling fossil fuels, global climate change, energy security concerns and a rapidly-increasing global demand for energy will continue to force a transition to cleaner, renewable energy generation sources. When considering electricity generation, over 90 percent of the renewable energy sources are driven by weather, which are intermittent at a variety of time scales. One of the major operational and economic challenges to continuing the integration of renewable energy is understanding and building operational strategies that account for this intermittency. 3TIER Group's mission as renewable energy forecast experts is to deliver advanced and relevant energy generation forecast solutions that allow clients to make critical operational, strategic power marketing and future development decisions using the most accurate scitentific methods available.

Products :

We provides project-scale, scientifically-based renewable energy forecast and assessment products and services to companies worldwide. The company is uniquely adept at providing advanced forecasting services for all three weather-driven renewable energy resources - wind, hydro and solar. SERVICES :- 3TIER Group's products and services fall under two categories: resource forecasting and resource assessment. Forecasting is the operational component of 3TIER Group's services and includes short (hours), medium (days) and long (months) range forecasts of energy production at the single and multiple-project scale. On the assessment side, 3TIER Group offers the R? (R-cubed) Analysis, which is a comprehensive product that provides quantitative estimates regarding the availability, variability and long-term reliability of a weather-driven renewable resource. 1)wind energy forecasting :- Advantage: Wind energy forecasts for every hour, from the next hour to one week in the future, updated as frequently as every ten minutes, Forecasts integrate on site observations of wind and power production with off-site observations and guidance from a numerical weather model configured to wind project, Product delivery via a secure web site thus allowing our clients to have access to both their energy forecasts and current plant output characteristics, no matter where they may be. 2)wind resource assessment :- One of the greatest challenges with any weather-driven renewable resource is the accurate assessment of how much power can be expected to be generated over the lifetime of the project. Equally important, but often not fully considered, is when is that power most likely to be generated, especially when considered within the context of existing generation. While great strides have been made forward in improved resource mapping, the identification of ideal regions does not provide in itself all the information necessary when deciding on whether to build a renewable energy project. For example, in the case of a wind energy project, the temporal characteristics of the wind - such as does the wind blow when there is demand - is a major question for developers. When considering when to build one has to consider much more than "it's windy here". The same analogy applies to any of the weather-driven renewable energies. 3)hydrology short-term :- Streamflow forecasting in regions of complex terrain is complicated by three main factors: First, observational networks, including weather radar, are inadequate for describing the past and current conditions that are critical for initializing the forecast process; second, weather forecasts for mountainous regions lack the detail required for the creation of accurate streamflow forecasts; and lastly, most land surface models presently used to translate weather forecasts into streamflow forecasts are lacking in their representation of key processes, such as snow melt, and operate at too coarse of a spatial resolution to provide guidance beyond a few points within the watershed. 4)hydrology Long-term :- Effective water resource management requires the best possible estimate of streamflow at lead times from several months to several years in the future. Unfortunately, streamflow forecasting at these lead times is complicated by uncertainty in three areas: 1) the uncertainty of future weather, 2) the uncertainty in the current state of the watershed, and 3) uncertainty in the model used to generate streamflow hydrographs. Most strategies to incorporate these three sources of uncertainty rely on statistical methods and have a tendency to overestimate the final uncertainty in the streamflow forecast. 5)weather :- In many cases accurate weather forecasts translate directly to load forecasts by knowing how much heading or cooling load to expect. Load is on the other side of the energy equation. Knowing how much renewable electricity can be generated in the coming hours or days from wind or stream flows is only half of the picture. Knowing how much will be required completes the picture. Solutions :- The 3TIER advantage is grounded in the latest weather and hydrological forecast technologies and strategies. These include :- High-resolution numerical weather prediction models that capture the relevant physical processes at the scale required to accurately forecast the weather, Ensemble forecast techniques to control forecast uncertainty, Real-time data assimilation to provide the most accurate initial conditions for forecast models, Dynamic and statistical post-processing algorithms to improve forecast accuracy, Physically-based distributed hydrological models to provide streamflow, snow, and land-surface condition forecasts at any location in a watershed, Internet-based products provide easy access to forecast information when and where your team needs it.

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3Tier Environmental Forest Group

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