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Global Management Consulting Group


Global Management Consulting Group

Global Management Consulting Group

Palestine, , United States

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Organization Firm Since 1998

Global Management Consulting Group is a leading Palestinian consulting firm, established in Ramallah in 1998 by Nael Shabaro as a private shareholding company. Global provides specialized services to local and international client organizations including governmental organizations, international donor organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private businesses to encourage economic, social and environmental development in the Middle East with a focus on Palestine.
The foundations of all Global's work are: world-class, comprehensive service, a highly qualified team of professional staff, innovative strategies employed at the grass-roots level and cutting-edge technology. We abide by the strictest quality standards and by a strong code of ethics and professionalism. Our values are a cornerstone of all our wide range of services.

Products :

We Provide services of specialized services to local and international client organizations including governmental organizations, international donor organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private businesses to encourage economic, social and environmental development in the Middle East with a focus on Palestine. Services :- Global's Services are delivered to your organization from each of our four service units, tailored to meet the needs of local and international clients including international agencies, non-governmental organizations, Governmental Organizations and Private Businesses. 1)Capacity Building :- Global's Capacity Building Unit is designed to serve our local and international partners' diverse and specialized needs for success. We use cutting-edge strategies and techniques for optimal performance and sensitivity to the diverse forces at work in our society. This Unit has six key components, to meet our clients' individual requirements. 2)SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF NEEDS :- Global helps clients identify their current situation through applying a set of analytical tools including strategic mapping, face to face interviews, field visits, files review and data analysis. These assessments of needs are reported to decision-makers to help guide and influence future development plans and strategies. 3)ORGANIZATIONAL RESTRUCTURING :- Global assists organizations in becoming more effective through applying Business Process Reengineering methodologies. Identifying and designing channels of communication, designing clear-cut chains of command, and identifying responsibilities are key issues in the development of new processes and defining or creating organizational structures. Global has gained tremendous experience in this field through its work with diverse manufacturing and service organizations. 4)MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND PROCEDURES DEVELOPMENT :-Global enables organizations to develop and improve systems that include :- Human Resources, Purchasing, Business Development, Customers? Complaints, Personnel Services, Management Review Meeting, Operations Control, Statistical Techniques, Quality Control. 5)STRATEGIC AND BUSINESS PLANNING :- Strategic planning lies at the crux of most successful businesses and organizations. Global helps clients develop strategic plans through the development of a strategic vision, strategic plan implementation, and performance evaluation. 6)ISO 9001:2000 SYSTEMS :- Global applies a process approach to develop quality management systems for both manufacturing and service organizations. We are the link to the most well-known certification bodies in the world. Lloyd?s Register and SGS Yarsley are among the top certification bodies with which Global is associated. Global helps develop :- Quality Policy, Organization Structure and Job Descriptions, Standard Operating Procedures, Forms, Quality Manuals. 7)MANAGEMENT TRAINING :- Global has access to more than 100 professional regional and international trainers, skilled in more than 100 different fields. In the design and development of training materials, Global uses Adult Learning Techniques to develop a training curriculum. In the delivery of quality training courses, Global?s advantage can be summarized best by our ?three phase? philosophy :- 1. Preparation of the Training Course. 2. Conducting the Training Course. 3. After-Training Follow-up. PROPOSAL AND PROJECT DOCUMENT PREPARATION :- Global can help your organization develop relevant project ideas and work with you to design the right project documents to be submitted for funding. MARKET & HOUSEHOLD SURVEYS :- Global?s Survey Research Unit provides statistically based consultancies and services. It is capable of conducting surveys related to public opinion, health, social services, market analysis, customer satisfaction, media, and economics. SOCIO-ECONOMIC STUDIES :- Global works with organizations to conduct surveys and economic studies. Some of the techniques used are Participatory Rapid Assessment, Logical Framework, SWOT Analysis, Double SWOT Analysis and Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP). Monitoring & Evaluation :- Global conducts monitoring, evaluation and impact studies of development related projects. We have developed project-specific impact indicators and measure performance against these indicators using diverse techniques such as surveys and participatory rapid assessment strategies. Our focus is on the design of Key Performance Indicators, design of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems and External Evaluation, including baseline, midterm and post completion evaluations. DESIGN OF KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS :- Global works with your organization to develop key performance indicators tailored to your project-specific needs. Our expertise in this area has recently been utilized by an educational project funded by the World Bank. DESIGN OF MONITORING AND EVALUATION SYSTEMS :- Global conducts monitoring, evaluation and impacts assessment of development related projects for local and international partners. We are especially equipped to develop project-specific impact indicators and measure performance using techniques such as surveys and participatory rapid assessment techniques. EXTERNAL EVALUATION: BASELINE, MIDTERM AND POST COMPLETION :- Global is a leader in performing external evaluations for development projects both large and small. Our clients in this area include such organizations as USAID and the European Community, and our evaluations have covered topics of utmost importance to the development of this region, such as human rights, democracy. Environment :- Global's Environmental Services Include Environment Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Review and the design of Environmental Management Systems. We help clients to audit their practices against local and international laws, as well conduct cost/benefit analyses to streamline their systems and meet regulatory requirements. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTS (EIA) :- Global helps clients prepare either a simple or a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessments. In preparing a comprehensive EIA, Global carries out Scoping, Reviewing and Impact Management (Monitoring and Mitigation). ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITING & REVIEW :- Global helps clients to better understand their environmental status by auditing their practices against Palestinian Laws, International Laws and International Standards (ISO 14001). Findings are reported and recommendations are made to improve clients? environmental status and to develop sound environmental management practices. ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (EMS):- Global helps clients conduct :- Cost/benefit analysis for ISO 14001 implementation; Strategic guidance and selection of effective implementation tools; Use analyses of existing systems and resources to build streamlined, effective EMSs; and Registrar selection or self-declaration without certification, to meet legal and regulatory requirements of ISO 14001 with minimum risks.

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Global Management Consulting Group

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Palestine - 000000 () United States

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