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121 Agencies


121 Agencies

121 Agencies

Dubai media, , United States

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121?s sales, marketing and technology professionals use the best in IT solutions to optimize the value of your online marketing campaigns.

121?s powerful marketing solutions create long-term, one-to-one customer relationships, realize significant cost savings and maximize your Return on Investment.

Products :

We Provide services of sales, marketing and technology professionals use the best in IT solutions to optimize the value of your online marketing campaigns. 121 offers relationship-marketing services that include :- strategy, online media planning and buying (E-Arm), creative and web development, customized back end solutions, database building, results analysis, full campaign management using our in-house measurement and reporting platform, 121Metrics. Product :- With our technical team?s experience extending back to the earliest days of the Web, 121 is firmly committed to both keeping up with, and expanding the technological basis of our medium. 1)121Metrics :- 121Metrics provides you with all the functions you need to develop, execute and measure complete, online marketing campaigns, including online reporting of campaign results and customer response and behaviour data. 121Metrics serves online advertisements to media properties, and creates and sends email broadcasts and SMS text messages, to your own database or to a rented list. When these activities send the audience to Web pages, you can track responses and activities across all four communications assets. The resulting data are automatically integrated into one, central database. 2)Vads :- Standards-compliant video streaming technology for Web sites and advertising. Online Video streaming technology is highly effective as a marketing tool. Placing an ad online has the potential to reach vast numbers of individuals all over the world, as opposed to the limited reach of a newspaper or magazine ad, for example. Furthermore, the impact of an online ad is further increased by its content. By using video streaming content can be made to look visually more attractive, which positively impacts on brand visibility. 3)BOTizen :- BOTizen is an automated online personality that engages and supports customers on the Internet the same way human representatives do - via fast, accurate, informative, real-time and enjoyable two-way conversations. 4)AdRave :- AdRave is the latest in cutting edge technology for the online advertising industry. More than just Rich Media, AdRave ads give full control to the user to play, rewind, pause, stop, mute, forward to a friend or simply close the Advertisement. Services :- An ad campaign can be very complex, with several goals. Drive traffic to websites or web pages, increase consumer awareness, build or optimize customer relationships (e-CRM) and much more? 121 designs and implements innovative, accountable, e-marketing strategies. 121's strategies typically include a combination of online and offline communications with a core expertise in: When these vehicles are used together in one campaign, enhanced with rich media design technology, results and value grow exponentially. For the purpose of data and customer acquisition, our strategies include recommendations on how to get online and offline customers to register for or opt-in to mailing lists and provide valuable, explicit data by filling out a form. PROJECTS :- Davidoff Sea Scents and Sun, JLO Miami Glow, Qanat Al Qasba, Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara, Joop Jump, Better Homes, Adidas_1, Candour Consultancy, Candour Consultancy, IT Serve, Chalhoub 50 Years, Lancaster, ECHO Woman by Davidoff, Lancaster Rightcare, Chalhoub Opening, Rimmel London, Jennifer Lopez Sexy Shades, Chopard fragrances, Safe Tan with Lancaster, Cool Water goes deeper. Case Stude :- In Brief, A dynamic content website, Interactive features as added value for the users and revenue-generating elements for Faces, The online product catalogue, The launch campaign. The Strategic Solution :- Build a bilingual website with customized content by country Update site content monthly with the latest news, beauty trends, offers and special events and announce these with a monthly e-Newsletter, Build an opt-in database of users through added value services like ?talk to the expert? and ?newsletter registration? , Promote the website through search engine registrations and online advertising campaigns on leading regional portals and other online media properties, Close the Relationship circle by sending online users to the Faces stores, thus increasing in-store sales through promotions and special events like ?beauty expert consultations?. Customer knowledge increases :- Using 121Metrics, Faces now has a highly qualified database. With each subsequent broadcast, customer visibility grows exponentially through behavioral data tracked by the solution. Over time, Faces gets to know their customers individually. Tracking click behavior on emails, newsletters and the Web site, Faces learns what each individual's interests are, what types of offers they respond to, and how and when they buy. With this knowledge, Faces is able to provide customers with the products and services they want through timely, personalized communications targeted to their unique profile. Knowing the customer provides a high degree of ROI visibility on all e-marketing campaigns :- Deep customer knowledge leads to increasingly precise and effective marketing communications. Faces can see the results of this in real-time as clicks convert to purchases. Providing their customers with what they want through one-to-one e-marketing campaigns, Faces realizes a measurable increase in revenue while maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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SMS marketing
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