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Concept Group USA


Concept Group USA

Concept Group USA

Portsmouth, , United States

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You know how good you are. The challenge is that the region and world are full of great brands -- including corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and small businesses. The big question is: are you doing all you can to reinforce what's great about your company or organization? Are you making that essential emotional connection?

No doubt you have heard of some of the larger brands we have worked with: TARGET/MERVYN'S; NABISCO; LEVI's.

Achieving your goals depends on effectively telling your story to the people who matter most, including prospective customers, the media, industry leaders and stakeholders.

We combine strategic public relations, community outreach, marketing and industry relations to tell a compelling story and help lift your brand to the next level in your community and industry.

Please click on the links above to learn more about who we are and about putting us on your team to help promote your uniqueness. You can also e-mail us by clicking the bottom right hand corner.

Products :

We Provide services of strategic industry and public relations consulting firm headquartered in New England with an office in Dallas. The firm specializes in developing brand and operational growth platforms for small businesses, hospitality operators and suppliers, retail operations, and trade groups, both regionally and nationally. PRACTICE AREAS :- Branding and Public relations (for retailers, trade associations, service businesses), Community and Industry Relations (for corporations, suppliers, trade groups), Restaurant and Hospitality consulting (for independent and multi-unit operators and suppliers). 1)BRANDING and PUBLIC RELATIONS :- We assist forward thinking small businesses, corporations and organizations in building out the essence of what makes them unique and able to add real value to their customers. We help define what differentiates you from your competitors in a way that is relevant and authentic. 2)Community and Industry Relations (for corporations, suppliers, trade groups) :- OUR APPROACH TO INDUSTRY RELATIONS :- Year after year many suppliers to specific industries spend thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands of dollars paying for traditional advertising, exhibiting their products and services as well as bringing their sales forces to trade shows for weeks at a time. Could they have done a better job? You bet! While there are a good handful of longtime suppliers to the industry that do some of the things I am about to talk about, most exhibitors at trade shows don?t set up a strategic industry marketing platform before trying for the hard sell either at the booth or after the show. Suppliers need to become goodwill ambassadors for the industry before they seek to market their goods and services aggressively. 3)RESTAURANT and HOSPITALITY BRAND, MARKETING, and OPERATIONAL CONSULTING :- Concept Group USA has over 100 collective years experience building brands and marketing programs for restaurant and hospitality operators locally, nationally and worldwide. We combine branding, marketing, public relations and community relations to craft compelling messages to let your existing and potential customers know about your authentic and one-of-a-kind dining experience. With time-tested operational experience in restaurants, our consultants are able to deliver concrete operational advice to operators looking to improve the overall dining experience for their guests--and to improve their bottom lines. OPERATIONAL CONSULTING :- 1)Operations Tune-up. Includes analysis, staff input, solutions, system development, training. Improves front of house structure, functionality, experience, consistency, staff relations, flow of service, efficiency. Review of essential detail items needing to be consistently delivered to guests. 2)Menu Development. Includes menu and product analysis and tune-up with a view to consistency, presentation, value, appropriateness to theme/goals, and back of the house development. New product and recipe development. Setting of ?signature? menu items that can be promoted as unique to the operation. 3)Ambience analysis. Includes evaluation of physical space as it relates to the overall theme/goals. Suggestions for creating an atmosphere that fits the overall goals, message and theme of the restaurant and differentiating from competition. 4)Staff hiring and training. Find, interview, and train wait and bar staff. Find and interview kitchen staff. Find and interview Front of the House management if appropriate. BRANDING, MARKETING and PUBLICITY :- O Concept development and brand refinement. O Key message, standards, and mission statement development. O Advice on marketing, logo development/use, and menu marketing. O Tradition reinforcement/review to keep pace with changing demographics. O Non-advertising focused public relations outreach to reach geographic and demographic markets. O Publicity for key chef and kitchen personnel to showcase culinary talents. O Community outreach to showcase operators? commitment to neighborhoods where they do business.

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Concept Group USA

P. O. Box 1105
Portsmouth - NH 03801 () United States

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