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If you're trying to think of an attention-grabbing way to market your product or business, you've come to the right place. Consulttheguru.Com is the first completely online public relations and marketing consultancy, delivering PR, Internet, Direct Mail and other marketing ideas tailor-made for you by an award-winning creative team.

Just submit your brief, pay the displayed consultation fee, and within two business days, consulttheguru.Com will be back with a report in which we identify any marketing challenges we believe you need to overcome, and deliver a creative marketing idea (or tactic) with which you can overcome those challenges.

That's it. How you use the idea supplied by consulttheguru.Com is up to you. You can develop it further, use it to benchmark other ideas you've had, implement it in-house, or give it to a traditional agency to execute.

Products :

Online marketing consultancy offers PR and marketing ideas tailor made for your business by an award-winning creative team. Unique public relations or marketing idea tailor-made for your business :- In simple terms, what you'll get is an idea for a recommended course of action for marketing your product or service, together with the information you need to make it happen. And whatever we recommend, we'll make sure it's attention-grabbing, engaging and meets the objectives you specify in your brief. But don't forget that a large part of what you're paying for is something you won't ever see. That's the time spent by our creative team developing the tactic. The absolute minimum that you'll be buying is one hour of one of our creative team's time. At our discretion, we may well bring in more creatives to work on your brief, and they may spend longer on it. Media relations :- Surveys, stunts, practical jokes, competitions, reader offers, sponsorships and celebrity endorsement are just some of the broad tactics used to generate media coverage. Equally, we've generated media coverage worth many tens of thousands of pounds with ideas that just need a pen and a piece of paper. Face to face Communication :- Conferences, trade exhibitions, seminars, awards, guerrilla marketing, promotions, launches and corporate hospitality are all included in this section. We've developed ideas for launches that have achieved a 100% turnout. Direct mail :- Presentation and content ideas to make sure that your direct mail piece will get noticed. We've achieved response rates in excess of 40%, compared to the 1-2% that is usually considered a success. Internet :- Viral marketing, applications and interesting content are all things we've used to make websites become leaders in their field. Marketing and Public Relations :- Resources :- 1)Public Relation :- What is Public Relations?, Writing a press release, Maximising coverage, Sending press releases, Ringing journalists, Choosing a PR agency. Website Marketing :- Websites - basic principles, What is search engine marketing (SEM)?, Search engine marketing for marketing & brand managers, Search engine marketing checklist. Recommended links :- Celebrities, PR companies (Global), Promotional items, Direct Mail, companies, PR companies (UK), Research, Marketing directories, PR Tools (Global), Stunt companies, Online marketing.

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Consult The Guru

17-21 Tideway Yard
Mortlake High Street
London - SW14 8SN () United Kingdom

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