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Schenkein has earned a reputation as one of the top 10 mid-sized public relations firms in the United States, and with 30 years experience, our independent agency has developed several key specialties for which we serve a broad list of local, regional and national blue-chip clients.

The national Holmes Report PR Agency Report Card 2002 stated, "Don't expect the folks at Schenkein to sit around waiting for your orders. Feedback from clients suggests that one of the things they love about this Denver-based generalist is its proactivity: the firm isn't shy about bringing fresh, creative, unsolicited ideas to its clients."

Schenkein has carefully aligned itself with a network of independent pr firms worldwide to supplement our national capabilities with "feet on the street" in markets across the globe. So, not only does Schenkein have unsurpassed national and regional reach?as a member of the Pinnacle Worldwide network, our pr agency can connect with global audiences. From its 60 independent offices in many of the world's largest and most dynamic markets, Pinnacle serves international public relations clients with enthusiasm, experience and integrity. Whether you're a global company looking to expand, or you're looking for a solid communications firm in your hometown market, Pinnacle can put more than 1, 200 heads together to make your PR efforts a success. Visit Pinnacle's Web site (www.Pinnacleww.Com) to learn more about our global reach.

Our track record of consistently producing meaningful results through creativity, strategic thinking and passion means excellent return on investment for our clients.

Products :

Our values-based culture provides an engaging work environment for employees as well as a commitment to client service. Schenkein's Values :- Enjoyment, Integrity, Quality, Creativity, Client Service, Community Contribution. We Provide services : -Consumer Products -Financial Services -Healthcare -Real Estate -Retail -Technology -Travel-Tourism -Strategic counsel -Media relations -Crisis/Issues management -Community relations -Promotional support -Industry analyst relations -Internal communications. Consumer Products :- Consumers become more sophisticated and discerning with each passing year, making the prospect of launching a new product or maintaining a brand that much more daunting. At Schenkein, our consumer practice team takes the uncertainty out of this process by creating memorable product launch programs, ongoing campaigns to strengthen existing brands and increasing corporate visibility. We provide the strategic public relations, marketing and branding programs to support all aspects of the consumer products and services sectors. Our experience includes brand building, launching consumer products to market, introducing new elements of an existing product or service, planning and executing events, media tours and creative media outreach campaigns. Financial Services :- Schenkein provides public relations, marketing and public affairs activities for the banking and financial services sectors. Our experience includes assisting financial institutions enter the market place, introduction of new products, community audits and internal communications audits. We have also assisted with public affairs and other counsel regarding major community projects, including bond financing, issues management and strategic counsel. Clients have included firms involved in mortgage backed securities, estate planning, wealth management, banking, securities and bond industries. Healthcare :- Rising costs, stretched resources, increased competition and the threat of greater regulation. These are the issues facing the healthcare and insurance industries. Since 1973, Schenkein has worked with hospitals, health care providers and health plans, as well as national carriers and brokers to bring health care and insurance issues to the media, industry regulators and the general public. Through the thoughtful management of public relations campaigns, reputation management programs and innovative strategy, Schenkein successfully differentiates companies from the competition, helps them increase visibility to reach their customers and attract positive media attention. Retail :- Creating, then maintaining, brand value is the name of the game in retail. Through award-winning, results-oriented campaigns for boutiques, regional chains and multinational outlets, Schenkein helps bring success to any retail venture. Through the thoughtful management of public relations campaigns, reputation management programs and innovative strategy, Schenkein successfully differentiates companies from the competition, helps them increase foot traffic and sales, and attract positive media attention. Technology :- The bubble may have burst on the Dot-Com boom of the late 1990s, but technology remains a foundation of our economic landscape. Innovations from new ventures in the nanotechnology and biotechnology industries continue to emerge, while the traditional players in telecommunications, software, hardware and the Web continue to refine their offerings and break new ground. Travel-Tourism :- Over the last few years, there?s been a sea of change in the global travel and tourism industry. To quell the fears of nervous travelers and build the brand value of industry players, the need for innovative, timely and strategic solutions is more important than ever. With award-winning, strategic campaigns for travel service providers and destinations alike, Schenkein delivers. Strategic counsel :- In the past, innovative products, great engineering or salesmanship alone might have been enough to close a sale. Today's market is characterized by shorter product lifecycles, better or equal products arriving on the scene and intense global competition. At Schenkein, we are experts and counselors providing our clients with thinking that is both creative and on strategy. Media relations :- MediaSmart to allows our staff to work smarter and use our creativity to customize story angles that will have greater appeal to the media decision makers we target. MediaSmart :- -Allows our account teams to work smarter by having the information they need at their fingertips to generate better publicity results such as : How/when media want to receive information (via e-mail or fax, etc.), When media want us to follow up, Future story angles that media are interested in covering. -Provides more intimate knowledge about thousands of reporters and is extremely effective at building stronger personal relationships (covers every nuance from story angles of interest to reporters to personal interests). -Generates customized results reports and, more importantly, enables us to best demonstrate value by holding ourselves accountable and communicating measurable results that support your business goals. -Is interactive so that when anyone at Schenkein contacts a reporter, editor or producer, details from that contact are updated to keep our information real-time. -Enables us to incorporate information from other media resources to enhance the excellent information we already have. Crisis/Issues management :- The types of crises requiring reputation management aren't limited to front-page stories about major scandals or corporate malfeasance. T he type of ?bad news? demanding timely public response and impacting corporate reputation can range from seemingly minor incidents requiring issues management to national headline-making disasters needing a full crisis communication plan. But a poorly executed crisis PR plan can only add to the disaster at hand instead of maintaining a company's positive brand identity. Regardless of the magnitude of a situation, every crisis requires a process for swift, smooth communications to protect corporate reputation through effective issues management . Without adequate reputation management , the resulting consequences can range from inaccurate information going out to the public to a complete breakdown in communication, which can ruin a company's reputation. Community relations :- While reputation may be viewed as an intangible asset and is based on many interrelated factors, it is clear that it is more important than ever in a climate of business mistrust and expanding expectations of the role companies must play in the communities where they operate. Studies by Schenkein and one of our research partners, Roper ASW, show that more than ever, community influentials expect businesses to take more active roles in helping with community issues and problems. They also demonstrate that employees take great interest in the roles their companies play in their communities. Promotional support :- We can provide everything from creative conception and planning to implementation and evaluation for :- Speaker Placement, Trade Show Support, Special Events, Promotional Partnerships, New Product Launches. Industry analyst relations :- Schenkein industry analyst relations includes a variety of services :- Introductions, Presentations, Training, Tours, White paper preparation, Ongoing follow up. Internal communications :- To ensure that the client's vision and messages are being effectively communicated to the often large and diverse pools of employees, Schenkein conducts the following services :- Ambassador training programs, Communication audits, Company Intranets, Executive presentation training programs, Executive coaching, Internal newsletters.

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1125 17th Street,
Suite 1200
Colorado - 80202 () United States

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