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Siters Consulting


Siters Consulting

Siters Consulting

New delhi, Delhi, India

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SITERS CONSULTING is a leading Business Consulting Group with its core expertise in Franchising, Retail and Public Relations & Media. We are a knowledge based, highly networked multi-faceted Management Group in the business of creating value for our clients for over 4 years now.

Over the past 4 years that we have built our name in the Franchise & Retail business, the tag of trust that we have earned is our most valuable asset - and we work hard to be worthy of it.

There are some very interesting signs of fundamental change in the consumer and retail business environment in India that are likely to give an unprecedented momentum to the growth of modern retailing in India and Public relations is intrinsic to Corporate Image Management.

Products :

Business Consulting Group with its core expertise in Franchising, Retail and Public Relations & Media. We are a knowledge based, highly networked multi-faceted Management Group in the business of creating value for our clients. To create a profound and everlasting impact by our commitment to our clients, our associates and the society at large. To be the most respected Business Consulting Group by creating value for all those who depend on us for their business needs through constant innovation and efforts!. Siters Consulting was formally set-up in the year 2001 servicing exclusively the Franchise & Retail Industry. Since inception, Siters Consulting has successfully completed assignments on behalf of its clients which include franchise development consulting & implementation, retail training & audits, develop public relations programs to build corporate, a brand image and prepare customized crisis management strategies. Our specialised team is presently offering the following services in India :- -Franchise Development Consulting -Franchise Transaction Services / Brokerage Services -Training & Audit Programs -Operations Support & System Management -Business Model Consulting -Research and Related Services -Brand Management & Positioning -Image Management -Media & Press Relations -Crisis Management. 1)Franchise Development Consulting :- The development of the Franchise Model is probably the most critical element to be undertaken in the entire Consulting exercise. Clearly, it is like the foundation of a building ? the stronger the foundation, the stronger the building that?s going to stand on it. Similarly, the stronger and clearer the Franchise Model, the stronger the system that would be run on this plan. 2)Franchise Transaction Services / Brokerage Services :- A key element of the success of any franchise system is the quality of its Franchisees or Business Partners, especially since the business ultimately has to be run and managed by them. 3)Training & Audit Programs :- (1)Training Programs :- Another crucial aspect of a Franchise System once the Franchise Model is ready and the Franchisees are in place is proper training of the Franchise team, not only the franchisee?s team but your support team too. At Siters Consulting, we ensure that every member in the franchise system i.E., the franchisee, his team, your personnel (at the headquarters & in the field) has the necessary skills to function according to your brand's standards. (2)Audit Programs :- At Siters Consulting, we understand that for many brands there is a difference between what you would like to do and what you can do given the constraints of your existing franchise agreements. When change is necessary, our experience enables us to develop change strategies that work in the real world. 4)At Siters Consulting, we can develop the following :- Franchisee opening support programs, Market Introduction and Launch programs, Headquarters and field support methods to improve effectiveness and profitability, Liability Audits of Training Programs and Operating Manuals, Establishing rigorous franchisee reporting methods Communications programs, Incentive Programs for Franchisees Operating and other manuals and training programs. 5)Business Model Consulting :- Even if you chose not to go through the Franchise route and take the Company Owned & Operated path for expansion, we can assist you at each phase of development / implementation which would typically include the roll-out plan, territorial considerations, right business formats, operating procedures, training & audits, marketing strategies, brand management & positioning, media & press relations. 6)Research and Related Services :- Siters Consulting provides support to its clients in the following areas :- Extending media support for diverse marketing activities, Providing financial liaison support, such as arranging Shareholder Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Seminars, Preparing communication material for presentations and speeches. 7)Brand Management & Positioning :- Your ?brand? is the hub of the propeller that powers your product into market leadership. Placing a client and its products or brands in the right place before society at large is crucial for sustaining a business. Mapping the message with the target audience and picking the right media mix for optimal impact is the key to obtaining the appropriate position. 8)Image Management :- Identifying the relevant target audience, Gauging perceptions, concerns and information lacunae amongst the target audience, Formulating strategies for establishing and sustaining a strong corporate and product identity, Developing PR programs to build corporate and product image and equity, Planning corporate communication collateral including editorials and newsletters, etc. 9)Media & Press Relations :- Siters Consulting provides media relations services to its clients, helping them communicate with their Target Audience effectively by :- Developing and maintaining contacts with the print, electronic and online media nationwide, Identifying appropriate media for effective communications, Providing media counsel on a proactive and relevant basis by identifying talk points to be highlighted, Arranging press conferences for major announcements, Generating and disseminating press releases on corporate and product developments, Arranging One-on-one interactions with pre decided target media, Media seeding for new brands and ensuring its inclusion in Industry stories, Conducting specialized media-training workshops to develop spokespersons for organizations. 10)Crisis Management :- Our experienced Crisis Management Team is fully equipped to help its clients in the following areas :- Counteracting competitive disinformation and occasionally, hostile reports, with quick, mature and effective measures, both with media and opinion influencers, Providing media and industry intelligence of potentially hostile developments, to enable pre-emptive measures, Conducting specialized crisis-training workshops for senior management. Emphasis on providing "what if..." situations and tactical answers to anticipate and handle crisis situationsDeveloping PR programs to build corporate and product image and equity, Preparation of crisis management strategies customised to different clients and situations, Assisting PR-related market research activities, Providing PR and media training to corporate executives concerned with public affairs and communications. Clients :- We're brand-obsessed, customer-driven, sales-oriented consulting and marketing professionals. Our clients? They're diverse, ranging from corporations to savvy start-up franchisers, with both national brands and niche specialties. All this while, we've been helping clients exploit the full power of their brands and retail locations. "It's all about Brands" is one of our core beliefs.

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Siters Consulting

1181, Sector A, Pocket B,
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi - 110070 (Delhi) India

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