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Craft House


Craft House

Craft House

New delhi, Delhi, India

Services Products - Trader, Export / Import,
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Known for elegance and style, we are one of the most exclusive stores at The Metropolitan Hotel Nikko, New Delhi. Standing on the grounds of variety & reliability, our retail outlet offers quality products. Besides quality products, we also offer a luxurious shopping experience that gives innumerable choices to our customers..
Our range of products is in tune with the international trends focusing on intricate details, contemporary designs and an elite taste. Our dexterous team of designers and craftsmen who have carved out a special place for themselves with their creations have been an input in our achievements. Our principal aim is to improve the quality of our products and offer intricate designs and unique styles.
Our ever-expanding line of products supplies elite style and superior quality for those who demand and appreciate the best. We have earned an excellent reputation amongst our client base owing to our quality standards and business ethics. Our comprehensive quality control system ensures that the customer gets the very best.
Shopping at our outlet is an enjoyable experience as it is located in one of Delhi's best Hotels, The Metropolitan Hotel Nikko. The convivial and colorful ambiance of the hotel adds to your shopping experience.
Our superior quality products has won the trust and confidence of our wide spread clients who vouch for our quality and reliability. We have individual customers as well as importers, general stores, distribution centers etc. As our clients. We look forward to further develop our client base to reach the highly competitive markets of the world. .

Products :

Exporters and suppliers of:- Exporters and suppliers of shahmina, pashmina shawls, silk pashmina shawls and fine pashmina shawls. SHAHMINA & PASHMINA SHAWLS:- Shahmina - Weightless & Will Touch Your Heart:- Finest Softest Lightest natural fiber known to man. Made from first hair of baby mountain goat- No killing of the animal unlike Shahtoosh. Latest accessory in vogue in the leading centers of the world Pashmina Shawls - Top Quality Cashmere Shawls:- "More delicate than the usual cashmere fiber "Made from the hair of a goat living at an altitude of 12000ft - 14000ft "Different locations carry different qualities of yarn. Only hand spun yarn is termed authentic Pashmina. Pashmina Silk Shawls - 70% Pashmina 30% Silk and 50% Pashmina 50% Silk:- The price range in Pashmina Silk Shawls is wide because of the quality and composition of the Silk and Pashmina yarns Hand spun and woven in an extensive range of colours, patterns and weaves like the famous Biards Eys, Missing-Check, Self-Check and many more Superfine Pashmina Shawls:- The yarn is very fine and takes the shape of the body. This is very light in weight and can be folded to carry in your pocket or hand bag. TEA::- Craft house brings a selection in whole leaf quality tea from Darjeeling, Assam & Nilgiri. Natural & Blended flavour are exclusively packed by renounded Tea gardens with the logo of authenticity. The selection also includes 100% Organic Tea. EXOTIC RANGE (Whole Leaf):- White - Two leaves and a bud-looks lustrous & silvery and brews a pale golden cup that tastes mellow. Muscatel - is a light tea with a soft taste and the most delicate aroma. Only the perfect natural conditions create this exceptional tea. Vintage or DJI - is the rare selection of Spring tea, possessing a fresh and lively taste. Oolong meaning black dragon, is a partially fermented tea. Darjeeling leaf is ideally suited to Oolong flavor. Golden Tippy - is a very attractive tea from Assam, with an orange/red to dark red colour and a fruity flavor. PREMIUM RANGE (Whole Leaf):- Spring or First Flush - is the first leaf of the spring season. It has a pleasant hint of mild astringency to the palate and the liquor is very clear and lively Summer or Second Flush - is a light tea made up of early picking of select summer I leaf with a fuller aroma and fruity taste. Autumnal Flush - has a delicate yet sparkling character with light copper tinge. Assam Orthodox tea - offers rich, full-bodied bright liquor. Assam tea is the answer for those who favor a strong cup of tea. Nilgiri Orthodox - is a black/ice tea from the mountains of the Nilgiri India. Classic/Indian/Connoisseur - special Blends have been created by our Tea Master. The Blend consists of Darjeeling/ Assam/Nilgiri. GOURMET RANGE (Natural Flavors blended with Darjeeling/Assam):- Masala - Assam tea with seven Indian spices. Cardamom - Darjeeling tea with Cardamom flake. Cinnamon - has a delicate yet sparkling character with light copper tinge. Ginger - Assam tea with Ginger root. Earl Grey - Darjeeling tea with Bergamot oil. Apple - Darjeeling tea with Apple flavor. Mint - Green tea with Mint leaves. Orange - Darjeeling tea with Natural Orange. Lemon- Darjeeling tea with Natural Lemon. OTHER PRODUCTS:- Jewellery Art and crafts Aroma Home Accessories

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Craft House

A-7, Geetanjali Ist Floor
New Delhi - 110 017 (Delhi) India

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