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Williams Group


Williams Group

Williams Group

Cleveland, , United States

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Williams Group is here to ensure your company has access to qualified leads. Simply put, we connect you with customers who are in the market to buy within a specified time frame.

It is our task to make sure we provide the number of leads your company needs to reach and exceed your sales goals.

In order to do that effectively, we need a thorough knowledge of your product. In addition, we want full understanding of your product's marketplace, as well as the audience and the message you wish to convey.

Targeted contact lists are not our business. Other companies can much better provide them.

Often, lead-generation services charge for contacts that agree to receive mailed product information. We can't see how mailing a brochure
Can be considered a lead.

Williams Group delivers " Qualified leads."

" Qualified" means we have spoken with the decision maker about your product and that there
Is an interest in furthering discussions about possible product purchase.

As you can imagine, this process may take more than one phone call, and the finesse you will not find in a typical telemarketer.

Williams Group has what it takes to deliver only qualified leads. Years of sales experience, extraordinary timing, exceptional interactive communication and dogged perseverance are the only
Way to achieve productive leads and more sales for your company.

Since every company is different and sales goals must be determined by variations in market size, our pricing is flexible. You can be confident that
Our pricing is very competitive.

Products :

We provide the number of leads your company Needs to reach and exceed your sales goals. Services :- Most of our clients provide us with a targeted Contact list we work from. We call the contacts And through a series of questions you provide For us, determine which are verified leads with The potential for a sale within the year. These We e-mail back to you or your sales department To close the sale. Williams Group works on a hourly basis which Includes all long distance charges. We are in Business to improve your business. We find That after two weeks of intensive calling you Will be secure in the knowledge that Williams Group Lead Generation is the Company you will want to partner with on a Long term basis such as these companies We've worked with in the past and are still Working with. Case Studies Omnia Marketing and Design ? This is a marketing firm outside of Chicago working with a large financial institution with over 10 billion in assets and 400 million in revenue. They recommended Williams Group to their financial client after a successful campaign setting appointments to increase their own sales. The results of the project were 10 Presidents of Medium sized companies attended a seminar the client held on a complex financial offering which netted them over 100 million in new business in just 110 hours of dialing. Network Dynamics :? Network Dynamics is a full service national IT outsourcing company offering network consultants and implementation with deep market penetration netting them 50 million in revenue. The goal was to integrate all of the offsite sales along with providing them qualified appointments with medium to very large companies. We produced more new business leads than they had seen since starting the business. Integration was challenging and rewarding when we were able to track those leads directly to new sales and restructuring. Along with other initiatives, our efforts helped to double their business in half a year. Marketing Development Resources, Inc. This marketing group had a Manufacturing client with revenue of over 60 million, looking for distributors for a new medical product line. After learning all that we could about the product and what the advantages were in the market, we develop distributor relationships in 40 hours per week over 2 months. What they didn?t expect was that we were able to cross the country reaching all of the available distributors nationally and to secure 34 working relationships with distributors for this new product. That was three times what they had been able to accomplish in the past with other roll outs. These are just a few of the stories of over 100 clients we have worked with in the past. We strongly suggest a project begin with at least 120 hours. However we want to emphasize that we would require the time to research and discuss what the expected outcome of this project is to establish the goal, and define the parameters of how this must be achieved for your client. The guarantees are that both firms are committed to ensuring that once these parameters are set and agreed to; accomplishing the goal is what we base our business on. Here is a letter of recommendation from just one client: To Whom It May Concern: I?m pleased to endorse Williams Group as a sure winner when it comes to lead generation. Please allow me to share the results of a recent new service offering. Start-up began the first of December. Within two weeks new lead generation began to come in from Williams Group at a level comparable to our current marketing staff working on similar programs. This was more remarkable since Williams Group had no prior experience in our industry and that the holiday season distracts most decision makers. Within a month the result were increasing rapidly. Now, the results are forcing us to take a look at how we have done business in the past. Just to give you an idea: Contracts closed went from 42% to 78%, and sales volume per contract from $5, 000 to $8, 750.00. I?ve been in my industry for 34 years and have tried almost every marketing method known in the civilized world. I?m grateful to have met Williams Group. This is evidenced by our long term, continuing, and growing business relationship. The ROI we have experienced by using Williams Group has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Williams Group contributes about 45% of our sales volume in just three months of service. I heartily recommend Williams Group to anyone who wants to see a positive impact on marketing and sales. If you have any questions about our experience with this company, don?t hesitate to contact me.

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Williams Group

1002 Harrison Pike
Cleveland - TN 37311 () United States

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