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Daroga Group


Daroga Group

Daroga Group

Louisiana, , United States

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What we do : Daroga Group is a U.S. Based company providing international sourcing services to small and mid size enterprises (SME?s) through a network of affiliate offices worldwide. We operate as intermediaries, providing the vital link between your company and foreign sources of supply. Our mission is to help you maximize your profits and market position through the most competitive sourcing of products, materials, components, technologies and services. We strive to build a long-term business relationship of trust and mutual benefit by operating as a valued member of your team. Although our scope is worldwide, our services are personal and easily accessible through our local affiliate offices.
Our global sourcing services are provided at two levels: at the micro-sourcing level and at the macro-sourcing level. Micro-sourcing refers to sourcing on behalf of a single, specific client wherein we fulfill their individual demand for products, materials, technologies or services. Macro-sourcing refers to global sourcing on behalf of several clients with common interests and requirements. This service fulfills demand at the market-wide or regional level, such as in regional common markets. We are proactive in identifying sourcing opportunities in such markets or regions, enabling groups of companies to realize efficiencies in their supply chain not previously available to them by pooling their purchases.
We can also function as the exclusive buying office for individual clients or groups of clients in specific markets. Under this arrangement we handle all of the buying for our client in a specific country or countries through our local Affiliate Offices, functioning as the buying department of the client.
Our business history : Our business was started in 1988 in the USA as an international trading company called Group Oxus, Ltd. Providing international trade services to small and mid size companies. As a result of changes in the international marketplace and the evolution of the internet, we decided to focus our business mission on the demand side of international trade. To achieve this mission, in 2002 we established a separate division called Daroga Group to provide our services through a network of affiliate offices in countries worldwide.
The word ?Daroga? comes from tales of the historical figure Genghis Khan. The Khan was an organizational innovator. He was able to administer the vast territory he conquered by appointing a ?daroga, ? or road governor, in each large town who had absolute authority in his district. The Khan exercised, too, a brand of ?pax Romana? of which it was said that ?a virgin carrying a sack of gold could ride unharmed from one border of his nomad empire to the other.?
About our staff : All of our key personnel and associates have extensive experience in worldwide sourcing and international trade. Each of our affiliate offices is operated by a national of the country in which it is located, who has in-depth knowledge of local markets, suppliers and business practices and expertise in international sourcing practices and principals.
What makes us unique : The uniqueness and strength of our business comes from our network of locally operated affiliate offices in key cities around the world, operated by seasoned professionals in the field of international sourcing. This gives us the ability to handle both ends of your sourcing transactions on a personal and highly professional basis. We leverage the use of the internet, email and modern communications to maximize efficiencies and give you quick responses to your changing needs. Most importantly, our network of offices and associates gives us a direct pipeline to critical information on the ever-changing conditions in those markets. These human assets combined with the modern technology of the internet and telecommunications provide our clients with an unparalleled solution to their international sourcing needs.
In addition, we can customize each transaction to the specific needs of each client. And with our expertise in countertrade, auctions, trade finance and joint ventures, we can provide innovative solutions to the most challenging global sourcing requirements.

Products :

We Provide Global Sourcing Services. Our Services:- 1.We help define your needs and evaluate your potential for international sourcing. 2.We locate the most competitive sources, wherever they may be. 3.We arrange for quality assurance and third party inspection. 4.We facilitate on-time deliveries to meet your critical supply chain requirements. 5.We monitor your suppliers and changing conditions in country of origin. 6.We train your staff to handle import procedures. 7.We provide special, customized services to meet your specific needs. 8.We pool purchases and consolidate shipments to realize cost savings. 9.We can function as your exclusive buying office in overseas markets. Special Services: 1. Countertrade/Barter:- In situations where our clients may be faced with limited capital or foreign exchange, preventing them from obtaining needed goods or services, there is an alternative: countertrade. We can structure the countertrade deal that fits the specific needs of our clients, permitting them to obtain the required goods or services with limited expenditures of capital or foreign exchange. Various types of commercial countertrade arrangements may include one or more of the following mechanisms: -Barter -- A one-time transaction only, bound under a single contract that specifies the exchange of selected goods or services for another of equivalent value. Counter Purchase -- An agreement by the initial exporter to buy (or to find a buyer for) a specific value of goods (often stated as a percentage of the value of the original export) from the original importer during a specified time period. -Compensation (or buyback) -- An agreement by the original exporter to accept as full or partial repayment products derived from the original exported product. 2. Reverse Auctions:- For large volume purchases of a single item or limited number of items, we can conduct reverse auctions for our clients. The participating suppliers are all pre-screened and pre-qualified by us. Commodity-like items are the best prospects for using this method of sourcing. 3. Joint Ventures:- Under special circumstances, a joint venture may be the most viable means to develop reliable sources of supply. In such cases, we can identify potential foreign business partners and assist in negotiating and setting up the joint venture. 4. Trade Financing:- Financing may be available for global sourcing transactions from private banking institutions, national export banks and international development banks. When our clients qualify, we can assist them in obtaining such financing. 5. Export Marketing:- We may accept products, materials, technologies and services for a formal, coordinated export marketing program under the following circumstances: 1. Under a contract as part of a counter-trade deal. 2. Upon request from an established client and subject to review and acceptance. 3. Under exceptional circumstances in which a product, material, technology or service offers extraordinary market potential. Under the latter two circumstances, we will first conduct a market survey to determine whether there is any market potential for the subject items. Only after receiving positive results from the survey will we take on any such export marketing engagement. We must also receive exclusive marketing rights and complete support from the supplier.

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Daroga Group

P. O. Box 50470,
New Orleans
Louisiana - 70150 () United States

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