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Transit Systems Incorporated


Transit Systems Incorporated

Transit Systems Incorporated

Wayne, , United States

Services Products - Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1989

TSI was founded in 1989. We began as a discount broker of shipping services to mail and parcel centers. With the growth of the Web, we?ve been able to offer our services directly to consumers. We give you low discount pricing from national carriers, and we handle all scheduling, paperwork and details.

We began by shipping boxed and crated items. Later we expanded our services to include unpacked items like furniture and other household goods. We are licensed and bonded (USDOT Number: 517872) and we emphasize personal service, which has created a lot of happy customers. We?re very proud of that.

When moving furniture and other household items, we work with major national carriers such as Bekins and North American Van Lines. When shipping freight we work with major national carriers such as Roadway Express, Yellow Transportation and R&L.

We are approved service providers for The UPS Store?, Mail Boxes Etc.?, PostNet?, PostalAnnex?, Parcel Plus? and other franchise operators. We are also approved by Associated Mail & Parcel Centers (AMPC), the leading association for independent mail and parcel stores.

Products :

TSI has provided personal service. We offer personal service :- Customers like our personal approach. Other shipping companies can?t offer TSI?s level of service. That?s why we recommend you call rather than submit an online quote request ? it?s the best way to ensure you?ll get the help you?re looking for. (Of course, don't hesitate to submit an online quote request if that?s more convenient for you.) We'll provide :- Timely and accurate price quotes Explanations of different shipping services Assistance estimating weights and dimensions Packing advice Completed shipping documents Tracking and troubleshooting Every shipment counts :- Every shipment is important to the person shipping it, whether you?re shipping freight, shipping furniture, shipping antiques or shipping anything else. TSI?s 16 years as a shipping company handling small freight shipments means shipping with us is efficient, hassle-free and inexpensive. We specialize in long-distance (over 100 mmiles) shipments of 1 to 15 items and/or up to 2, 000 lbs. Our thousands of customers come from :- The Internet All the major mailing and parcel store franchises EBay buyers and sellers Small furniture manufacturers and retailers Anyone seeking expert and friendly shipping assistance. TSI gives you options for moving small loads And shipping large items :- TSI offers several ways to move furniture and freight of all kinds. Each offers advantages for making small moves or shipping large items. A TSI shipping specialist will help you determine your best shipping option for furniture shipping, shipping antiques, shipping large appliances, shipping household goods or office equipment, or shipping crates or pallet loads. If it's bigger than a parcel, TSI can probably ship it. MOTOR FREIGHT :- Usually the most economical service. Item(s) must be packaged (usually boxed). Carrier will pick up from a commercial location (residential pick-up is available at additional cost). Delivery in up to five business days, time-critical delivery available. Best for shipments that are one or more of the following: Sturdy Larger or bulkier than a parcel service will handle Low value Motor freight is best for shipping large boxes, crates or pallet loads of most kinds of freight. Examples include but aren?t limited to: furniture, trunks, cribs, car parts or a wide range of commodities, or unboxed rugs, tires, kayaks or similar items. VAN LINE :- Costs slightly more, but carrier provides more service. Carrier will make inside pickup to either a residence or a commercial location. Carrier will prepare item(s) for shipment. Carrier will make inside delivery at either a residence or a commercial location ? great for furniture shipping. Best for shipping large items that are one or more of the following: Picked up at a residence ? again, great for small moves involving furniture shipping Too large to pack Fragile. Van line is best for multiple pieces of furniture (dining room sets, bedroom sets, etc.), shipping large computers or large appliances, home exercise equipment, copiers, or big screen TVs, and for small moves. AIR FREIGHT :- Typically the fastest of all the freight services. Item(s) must be boxed or crated. Carrier will pick up from a commercial location (residential pick-up is available at additional cost). Best for shipments that are: Time-critical Especially valuable Especially fragile. Examples include but aren?t limited to: electronics, art, sculptures, small furniture pieces. Get low shipping rates AND great service :- Low shipping rates are one reason to call TSI - the other is great service. Shipping can be confusing or annoying. TSI takes care of all the details - with no hidden charges and no shipping rate surprises. We properly price your shipment by correctly assigning a shipping rate class, thus eliminating shipping rate mistakes that others make. You can count on the shipping rate we quote to be the exact shipping rate you're charged, and count on us to take care of all paperwork and follow-up. We give you both low shipping rates and great service because both are important - our low shipping rates go hand-in-hand with fast customer service and reliable pickup, transport and delivery. Click for information on motor freight shipping rates and van line shipping rates. Or even better, call us right now. We also offer great guaranteed shipping rates and time-critical shipping rates. Call today and take the worry out of shipping rates - and shipping in general. Packing and shipping tips and guidelines : Motor freight and air freight service :- One-man pickup and delivery, curb-to-curb service. The shipment must be boxed, crated or palletized. Residential pickup available at additional cost. Multiple items, even if shrink-wrapped on a pallet, must each be clearly labeled. Because of packing and commercial location pickup requirements, standard motor freight is most often used by mailing and parcel centers and other professionals. Insurance against damage may be unavailable from TSI if shipment is not professionally packaged. Multiple layers provide the best protection. For example, double box the item and place bubble wrap or styrofoam in between layers. As a rule, the more cardboard, bubble wrap, styrofoam, crumpled paper or tissue you use, the better. Van line service :- Usually for large bulky items such as furniture, copiers, big screen TVs, large appliances, home exercise equipment, etc. Two-man, indoor pickup and delivery. Carrier prepares larger items for shipment. This includes most furniture, large appliances, exercise equipment, and similar items. Smaller items must be packaged by you. For example: Glass shelves, doors, and tabletops, if removable Lamps (package shades separately) Mirrors Artwork Electronics, such as stereos and computers (it is not necessary to box televisions) Small appliances, tools, or other "loose" items When packing these kinds of smaller items, multiple layers provide the best protection. For example, wrap the item in bubble wrap and cardboard. As a rule, the more cardboard, bubble wrap, styrofoam, crumpled paper or tissue you use, the better. Heavy corrugated cardboard is preferred. You can usually buy boxes specially designed for items like pictures or lamps at mail and parcel centers. If necessary you can create your own box(es) with corrugated cardboard, or by "telescoping" multiple boxes. Be sure to use liberal amounts of bubble wrap or other packing material and secure the cardboard with packing tape, not another kind of tape.

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Transit Systems Incorporated

999 Old Eagle School Rd.,
Ste 114
Wayne - PA 19087 () United States

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