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Carat Interactive


Carat Interactive

Carat Interactive

Sydney, , United States

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During a time when most traditional agencies were spinning out interactive shops, Carat Worldwide saw that the true power of communication is realized when online and offline efforts synchronize, strongly supporting each client's goals and objectives. Carat Interactive was born as a "spin-in" of Carat Worldwide, delivering on this promise of true integration.

Today, with more than 20 offices worldwide, Carat Interactive has developed and executed some of the most innovative, successful programs in the Industry, for Fortune500s and start-ups alike. If you ask our clients why they continue to work with us program after program, year after year, the reason is consistent - Carat Interactive partners with clients, providing them with guidance, insight, and new perspective. We pride ourselves on becoming a powerful extension of our clients' organizations. Rather than viewing us as simply their "agency, " our clients see us as valuable advisors, trusted teammates.. Good people to spend time with.

At the core of everything we do, be it media buying, creative, direct marketing or Internet development, the people of Carat Interactive have a shared vision and deep understanding of what moves people - all kinds of people. From discerning buyers of enterprise software, to avid gamers, to moms, to music lovers, our programs are crafted to engage, delight and entertain our clients' customers, ultimately transforming passive recipients into passionate evangelists.

Products :

We Provide services of During a time when most traditional agencies were spinning out interactive shops, Carat Worldwide saw that the true power of communication is realized when online and offline efforts synchronize, strongly supporting each client's goals and objectives. Services :- 1)Communication Planning :- While show-stopping creative and powerful execution often take the spotlight, it's the careful and precise planning that sets up a program's success. Carat's Communication Planning Group establishes alignment between your business objectives and your online and offline marketing activity. Our approach to Communication Planning is designed to leverage the best of the classic "objectives/strategies/tactics" marketing planning process, combining it with a deep understanding of the most effective and efficient marketing tools - regardless of the delivery channel. The Communication Planning Group helps clients better understand what drives their businesses, including : ? Strategic Roadmaps ? Offline / Online Integration Strategy ? Quantitative & Qualitative Market Research ? Action-Oriented Competitive Analysis ? Targeting/Segmentation Analysis ? "Best Practices" Analyses To Help Improve Marketing Effectiveness ? Customer Relationship Planning ? Customer Valuation Modeling ? Message Development. 2)Creative :- There is one element that truly makes or breaks any advertising or marketing campaign - the creative element. With attention spans dwindling, curiosity eroding, and patience running thin, it is creativity that transcends. Carat Interactive understands how to create programs that engage and inspire, leaving your customer excited, pleased ...Surprised. Carat Interactive provides your customers with memorable experiences, and understands how to arm them with compelling tools to spread the word near and far. In short, we develop creative that elicits response! Working with Carat Interactive, you will see that our creativity can actually bring accountability and reliability to your marketing programs. ? Online ? Email ? Direct Marketing ? Print ? Viral 3)Direct Marketing :- Carat Interactive approaches Direct Marketing first through the lens of your customer data. Whether your customer data is perfectly ordered, or a little untidy, Carat Interactive gives you the ability to extract the right information for the right business issue, creating a powerful, channel agnostic platform for your marketing activities. Be it by email, direct mail, or direct response media, Carat Interactive combines deep analytics with show-stopping creative to make your customer smile, pick up the phone, or hit the "buy" button. ? CRM ? Direct Mail ? Direct Response Print ? Direct Response TV ? Database Services ? Email Marketing & Deployment ? Loyalty Programs ? List Segmentation ? Database Profiling ? Response And Profitability Projections ? Sales/Lead Capture, Scoring, Distribution, And Reporting 4)Media Buying / Planning :- Back in the days of traditional media, the landscape was manageable, and fit nicely within the preconceived notions of marketing. Since then, media has evolved in ways no one could have predicted. Customers (in the business and consumer realms) have also evolved and are navigating this new media world in different ways: ? Boundaries have expanded, while the definition of "media" is much broader, encompassing everything from custom publishing to cell phones. ? Audiences are fragmented, and more choices mean divided attention. It's harder to find the right audience in large numbers (but easier to target). ? Customers are in control, and are not passively waiting for your messages. Chances are, they're choosing media that avoid advertising altogether. The opportunity lies in finding ways to rise above the clutter and chaos, reaching your customer in ways both expected and unexpected. Carat Interactive understands how to utilize media to surround your customer with compelling messages (not just ads) that cause them to react and respond to you. 5)Internet Development :- Today's reality for marketers is that campaigns rely on a web presence to bring any given program to full completion. It is the web site that brings visibility and accountability, while offering the richest possible environment for audiences to interact with the brand. When Internet development is in perfect synchronicity with every other element of an organization's marketing strategy, the true power of marketing integration is realized. Our Internet Development Practice is focused on helping clients achieve this kind of success by supporting the entire user experience. Collaborating with every aspect of the marketing mix, from strategic planning to media buying, from creative to CRM, the Internet Development Practice designs and develops creative environments backed by a powerful technical infrastructure and enhanced with strong partnerships.

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Carat Interactive

Level 13, 10 Bridge Street
Sydney - NSW, 2000 () United States

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