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Ambala Laboratories


Ambala Laboratories

Ambala Laboratories

Ambala cantt, Haryana, India

Services Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Products :

MANUFACTURER & EXPORTERS OF CONSTANT TEMPERATURE EQUIPMENTS AND INSTRUMENTS 3-D FIBER GLASS MODELS: CHARTS: SLIDES : WORKING MODELS MICROSCOPES: SPECTROMETER: MICROTOMES: AUDIO-VISUAL APPARATUS ANALOGUE: DIGITAL, PANEL & INTER SCALE, METERS. Our Products Ranges:- ELECTRICAL APPARATUS, Ballistic Galvanometer, Spot Galvanometers, Electrophorus, Electroscopes, AC/DC Bridges, Eliminators, Battery Chargers, AC/DC Power Supplies, Induction Coils, Tachometer, Timers Ticker Tape, Electrical Tuning fork, Rheostats, Loading Rheostats, P.O. Boxes, Resistance Boxes, Ohm?s Law, Meld?s Apparatus, Demountable Transformers, Transformers, AC/DC Motor & Dynamo Model, Millikan?s Oil Apparatus, Sodium Vapour Lamp Supply, Regulated Power Supplies, e/m By Thomson & Helical Method. Electromagnet Electrovibrator, Analogue & Digital Multimeter, Decade Inductance & Condenser Boxes, Moisture Meters. ELECTRNIC & TESTING EQUIPMENTS & INSTRUMENTS:- Educational Electronics Trainers, Opto-Electric & Laser Kit, Optic Fiber Kit Microprocessor Kit, Computer Learning Kits, Valve Characteristics Apparatus, AF& RF Signal Generators, Function Generator, Amplifiers, Electronic Communication & Microwave Trainers, pH Meters, V.T.V.M: G.M. Counters, Gauss Meters, Digital Milli Voltmeter Hall Effects App, Frequency Counter Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Water and Soil Testing App, Spectrophotometers, Digital Lab System, Filters, Photo calorimeters, Drug Infusion Pump, Flame Photometers Titri-meters, Turbidity Meters, Nephelometrs, LCR Meters, Conductivity Meters, TDS Meter, Salinity Meters, Oscilloscopes, Oscillators, CRT DIGITAL SCALE. SURGICAL & MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS AND APPARATUS:- Hospital Beds & Furniture, Hospital Garments, Surgical Tools & Instruments Orthopedics Tools, Sterilizing Equipments, Autoclaves, Microtones, Microscopes, Microscopes Slides, OHP, ENT SET, Thermometers, Stethoscopes, Rubber Goods, Midwifery Kits, Dental Equipments & Instruments, Dental Chair, Medical Disposable, Height and Weight Scales, Hospital Hollowware, Diagnostic Equipments, Rehabilitation Aids and Helping Aids for Handicaps, Anesthesia Equipments, Suction Units, Tuning Forks, Laryngoscopes, Pharmaceuticals App. CONSTANT TEMPERATURE EQUIPMENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL MEDICAL & LABORATORIES USE:- Thermometers, Hydrometers, Lactometers, Ovens, Magnetic Stirrers, Driers, Water stills, Water, Oil, Paraffin Baths, Humidity Chambers, Muffle Furnace, Shaking Machine, Homogenizes, Hotplates, Melting Point Apparatus, Kjeldhal Apparatus, Flocculators, Distillation Unit Heating Mentle, Soxhlet, Centrifuge Machine, Vacuum Pump AUTOCLAVES. Seed Germinators, Deep Frigers, Dehumidefiers, Ice Flaker Machine, WATER PURIFIER. SURVEY DRAWINGS, GEOMETRICAL MATHEMATICAL, SOIL, PHARMACEUTICALS CEMENT, PETROLEUM, CONCRETE AND AGGREGATE TESTING INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENTS

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Ambala Laboratories

AMBALA CANTT - 133001 (Haryana) India

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