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Bhaneshwaranand Foundation


Bhaneshwaranand Foundation

Bhaneshwaranand Foundation

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Services Products - Services,
Organization Firm Since 2000

Modern science provides us with leisure, comfort and an easier material existence; but it does not give us peace of mind and inner calm. There are so many examples throughout the world of people who have everything they need materially, and who are nevertheless unhappy, restless and tormented.

The purpose of life should be sought in the depths of the soul, by means of experience, hope, faith, a peaceful mind and spiritual wisdom. We shall see how things experienced on a spiritual level are both permanent and true. It is at this moment that all illusion falls away and truth shines in all its splendour.

Just as an image cannot be reflected in dusty mirror or crystal bowl full of muddy water, so the mind of an average person is habitually obscured by ignorance, illusion and egocentricity.

The various Yogas represent all the means allowing man to raise the veil of ignorance and illusion(maya), so that his mind may reflect the light of Ultimate Reality. The word 'yoga' comes from the sanskrit root 'yog' meaning 'to join'. It designates higher to direct the lower, or 'union with self'. It also signifies communion with the supreme Universal Spirit to obtain relief from pain and suffering.

One who controls his mind, intellect and ego, being absorbed in the spirit within him, finds fulfilment and internal bliss which is beyond the pale sensed and resoning.

The great sages of India have perfected several methods, each adapted to different temperament, so that everyone may reach the goal according to his own mental and physical capacities. Although these yoga methods appear to be different , their aim is the same: Self-realization. In practice all the yogas are in fact mixed to a lesser or greater extent. The main point is that all the ways of yoga tech discipline and self control without which such methods are useless.

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Astrology and Horoscope Vastu Shashtra Consultations Ashtang Yoga including Asan and Pranayam Mantra Sadhna Tantra Sadhna Ayurveda Guidence

Contact Info

Bhaneshwaranand Foundation

16,Neel Terrace Society
Vasna Road
Vadodara - 390015 (Gujarat) India

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