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Prevari is driven to support the corporate executive who has the responsibility to protect the critical needs of its stakeholders. Our goal is to improve the process by which IT risk is identified and managed, and provide a proactive information risk management process, that drives business decisions that are based upon measurable analysis, not emotional reaction. By effectively supporting that executive, we can position the enterprise with a competitive market advantage that drives value through its regulatory compliance reporting, improved governance and cost effective operations.

Our Mission :-
At Prevari, we significantly enhance the effectiveness of our client's information security performance, compliance reporting and governance capabilities by :-

Applying an appropriate and disciplined information risk management technique.
Using quantitative and inferential analysis to measure and manage information technology risk.
Developing information risk mitigation strategies that address an integrated people, process and technology perspective.
Executing a well defined information risk management program that fits the client's business needs.
Implementing an ongoing technology risk measurement and monitoring framework Demonstrating a clear return on security investments.

Our Background :-
KoniKaye M. Jeschke recognizes the need for technology counseling that focuses on the customer, and how to help the customer develop their own solutions. She believes no one understands a business better than the business itself. Therefore, it makes much more sense to teach and counsel businesses how to develop, deploy and manage their own technology solutions than it does to foster continuing reliance upon consultants and vendors that often have a 'one size fits all' approach to solutions.
In 1996, KoniKaye incorporated Upstream Solutions as a technology counseling practice focused on business and technical architecture that specialized in software testing and quality assurance. As a growing number of clients grew to embrace and trust the value of cost-effective technology counseling, offerings were expanded to include a complete line of services that help customers develop technology solutions for every aspect of their businesses.

Products :

We provide Services of a proactive information risk management process, that drives business decisions that are based upon measurable analysis, not emotional reaction. We revari has developed the Technology Risk Manager, an IT risk measurement system and management tool which leverages the company?s expertise of applying process maturity and quality assurance principles to complete enterprise technology risk management, planning and implementation. Solutions :- Process Implementation Example Advanced Information Security Metrics Compliance Reporting : O Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance O HIPAA Compliance O ISO 17799:2000 Technology Risk Manager drives significant cost savings while enhancing control :- Prevari?s Technology Risk Manager? is the breakthrough technology that provides the predictive analytics and descriptive metrics at the core of the Prevari Process?. Manage: Establish specific measurable goals, validate policy effectiveness, provide objective proof to support decisions. Communicate using the same information with the Board and staff. Simulate: Model technology and process investments and results before making investment decisions. Reduce the cost of IT security by up to 20%. Comply: Define compliance gaps in order to focus your efforts and reduce your ongoing cost of control. Compare: Analyze your risk position and investments against the rest of your industry. Conduct side-by-side analysis of business units. Risk Analysis Engine: Calculates your risk indices for Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Audit. The Prevari Process? :- Using the Prevari Process? and the Technology Risk Manager? software, organizations are able to measure information security risk. By considering technical, administrative and physical factors throughout the Prevari Process? a holistic view of the enterprise risk is developed. Because Prevari data collection is largely automated our Collect phase uses substantially less time and money than traditional assessments and audits. Using the Technology Risk Manager?, we are able to Analyze the risk inherent in every device attached to your network. Prevari does this analysis along each of the four dimensions of technology risk: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Audit. During the Engineer phase, risk management solutions are designed and modeled to assess their impact. Align is the process of ensuring that business objectives are supported by risk management results. This work is all toward the goal of creating a knowledge base that board members, management and technologists use to eliminate fear, uncertainty and doubt from information security decisions. Prevari Insights :- Information Risk Management & Information Security Metrics Articles, White Papers & Presentations. White Papers Articles Presentations Prevari Risk Management :- The Industry's Only Quantitative Technology Risk Modeling Approach Prevari Launches Technology Risk Manager Focus Groups - Asks for Development and Application Feedback from SarbOx and Risk Professionals.

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816 Westwood Drive South
Minneapolis - MN 55416 () United States

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