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WorK Smart with Ergonomics


WorK Smart with Ergonomics

WorK Smart with Ergonomics

Miami, , United States

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With our professional staff working along side your Human Resources Directors, Risk Managers or Safety Directors through proper training will enhance their knowledge to recognize, and reduce hazardous injuries immediately.

Kenyatha Richardson a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and Occupational Therapist Assistant. Kay has been a qualified Assessment Specialist for over 5 years and over 8 years of experience treating MSD's. She has trained healthcare workers in back-care, manual handling /risk assessment, and customer care. She continues to deliver hazard prevention controls through health and safety training programs for a variety of industries. Her experience also includes undertaking ergonomics risk assessments and advising on ergonomic principles for workstation design, rmedical manangement, and stretching programs.

With the rising cost of medical coverage and workers compensation insurance premiums our programs can assist you with avoiding lost of $20, 000.00 for each Carpal Tunnel Injury and $5, 000.00 for Back Injury. With our programs thousands of dollars can be SAVED.

Products :

We Provide Services of Kenyatha Richardson a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and Occupational Therapist Assistant. Products :- Ladder Dolly : The Ladder Dolly is an ergonomic ladder accessory that reduces carrying weight by up to 90%. NeckAid : The NeckAid provides support to the neck when working overhead thereby, relieving strain and reducing risk of prolonged neck extension injuries. Ergonomic Janitorial Tool Handle. Ergonomic Broom. MouseMattress Mouse Pad Stretch Software Single User Medic Air Back Pillo Ergo-Adjustable Whale Mouse :- The Whale easily adjusts up to 1?" to fit any size hand -- left or right -- perfectly. Encourages neutral wrist, hand and finger positions. Promotes the use of larger and stronger arm muscles. Third key for custom programming. USB connection with PS/2? adapter. Services :- Work Smart With Ergonomics Provides : ? Ergonomics Risk Assessments and Observations ? Development of Workstation and Product Specifications ? Training and Educational Programs for all levels of Employees ? Implement, Coordinate, and Manage a Complete Ergonomic Program according to OSHA guidelines. We offer our services nationwide. Other Services :- - Safety Programs and Prevention - CPR and First Aid - Training Body Mechanic Programs and Training - Exercise Programs - On-site Physical and Occupational Therapy (Reducing paid lost time). Ask the Ergonomist :- We are happy to answer as many general questions related to ergonomics as possible. Click here and your questions will be answered here and this page will be updated regularly. My employee has carpal tunnel. Is there a particular keyboard my company needs to buy to help her? Before purchasing any keyboard it is best to have an evaluation. The keyboard may not be the contributing factor. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often derived from repetitive activities and improper posture. Our company recently purchased all new ?ergonomic? chairs for our employees. They are still complaining of back pain/discomfort at the end of their workday. Why? First, each person should have been assessed on an individual base to determine the proper chair according to some of the following factors: Height, Body Frame, and job task. When the chairs where provided training for: Utilizing adjustment controls and proper setup in their workstation. Different ?ergonomic? chairs fit the body different and it doesn't mean that it will fit each person properly to address their problem. Why do my legs feel numb throughout my workday? One factor maybe due to lack of support under the feet. Making sure that the feet are properly supported with a footrest. If you have a footrest, make sure your chair is adjusted for proper planting on the footrest or the floor to avoid dangling. Does the ergonomic evaluation really take away the pain? An ergonomic assessment/evaluation is not a cure for pain. It is an evaluative measuring tool to identify risk factors an individual may be at risk for. Proper performance and following recommendations and positioning will mostly likely decrease with time to eliminate pain associated with your workplace. Can you tell me why I may have excessive glare in my monitor? A few things to consider would be: Position of monitor under direct lighting overhead, Monitor located in view of a window, and light from cubicle lighting/lamps. Having the monitor repositioned may assist with the problem. ** Offices tend to use ?bright white? paper which may contribute to glare as well. Using soft white paper may reduce some of the glare. Are safety/ergonomic programs really effective? Yes, the programs can be very effective by reducing direct cost, absenteeism, lost time when executed properly with input from management, supervisors and most importantly the employees. Having a team, a policy, workstation assessments and training programs are a few key areas needed for a successful program.

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WorK Smart with Ergonomics

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