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Eco Services Korea


Eco Services Korea

Eco Services Korea

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Eco Services Korea contributes to environmental protection and the technical advancement of the waste industry with the strong support of two international waste management companies; their expertise and experience on operations management.

In order to treat and recycle general and hazardous waste and wastewater, generated from various industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobiles, with a customer focus on safe and environmental friendly processes, we built clearly classified waste treatment facilities and environmental management system.

To maintain our competitiveness, the Company is committed to research and innovation, striving to become a reference in our business in Korea and contribute actively to sustainable development in our region.

ESK, a subsidiary of ONYX and TERIS, worldwide leading companies in waste management, is making every effort to become a reference in our business.

ESK also contributes actively to a better environment.

Products :

ECO Services Korea offers all kinds of Services for waste, wastewater, and recycling. Our such as provided services of - Recycling Resources :- ESK contributes to the development of environmental friendly industry and better competitiveness with resources, recycling and energy recovery. ESK strives to focus on value-added waste treatment through Cupric Oxide recycled from copper contained in sludge, cakes and liquids; steam energy recovered from heat generated from the incineration process and scrap metal from incinerator slag. Cupric Oxide Steam Scrap Metal - Consulation Services :- For regularly visiting customers, ESK ensures the proper categorization of waste according to their properties on the spot and offers free consultation service on handling, storage, and treatment. - Treatment Services :- General industrial wasteHazardous wasteWastewater ESK treats the industrial waste and wastewater from domestic companies of various fields with safer and environmentally friendly methods based on a culmination of experience accumulated from a global base in the field of waste treatment, management, and advanced expertise for waste treatment. Thanks to the pre-treatment process before incineration, ESK treats incoming waste and wastewater in a safer and more efficient manner. - Waste Analysis :- PCBs AnalysisOrganic Solvent Analysis Other Analysis From precisely analyzing customer's waste types to final treatment, ESK offers the best solution in the entire chain of hazardous waste treatment. In particular, Eco Services Korea, already recognized by the 8 th U.S. Army, was certified “ Specialized Institute of Waste Analysis ” by NIER (National Institute of Environmental Research). Based on the domestic official standards for waste analysis together with the method of U.S. EPA, Eco Services Korea offers various analysis services for waste and transformer oil. - Collection/Transport :- ESK collects various kinds of waste, including general industrial waste, hazardous waste, and wastewater generated from business by specific vehicles and transports waste to an intermediate treatment facility and landfill. ESK runs the collection & transport system in consideration of several factors such as properties, storage capacity and storage time for customer's waste. This is a specialized collection service coincided with the customers' mind. In addition, drivers are adequately trained through regular programs for the safe and efficient transportation of waste with suitable vehicles. - Customer Service :- With a sophisticated information technology system, Eco Services Korea offers planned service for waste collection to meet customer's needs. In regard to the service for waste, ESK reflects the customer's requirement of professionalism along with a vast array of value-laden services. We aim to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction by regularly disseminating updated information regarding waste disposal, including changes in the applicable regulations on waste administration.

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Eco Services Korea

1235-7, Jungwang-dong, Sihung-si, Gyeonggi-do, 429-450
Korea - 000 () Korea, North

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