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Norwalk, , United States

Services Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 2003

FileOn, Division of VERTX SYSTEMS, LLC. Was founded in April, 2003 to aid customers with the need to convert, organize and integrate information that reside on paper, reduce business costs, improve productivity and eliminate the need for long-term physical storage.

FileOn Mission :-
Deliver high quality configurable products that require ZERO customization and empower business users to set up the solution that suits their needs.

FileOn Satisfaction Guarantee :-
If you are not absolutely satisfied with FileOn products within 30 days after implementation, contact FileOn with your concerns.

Send us your RFP, competitor prices (send original vendor quotes) and functionality list. If we can not beat the price and match functionality, we will give you a FREE server license of our product for your organization to use. You will simply pay for maintenance and support.

Mr. Shahjahan was the Vice President of Product Development and Engineering for Quixi, Inc., reporting directly to the CEO and the Board of Directors. Quixi, Inc. Received $28.5 million in funding from RRE Ventures, Accel Partners, Flatiron Partners and JP Morgan Partners. The innovative sales activity monitoring system developed under his supervision has been identified by Siebel Systems, Inc. As a significant market opportunity, which Siebel currently re-tooling for launch. Prior to Quixi, Inc., he was the Director of Technology and Architectural Services for MasterCard International. He was responsible for infrastructure and systems improvement that generated $330 million annually representing 65% of MasterCard's total operating revenue. His solutions were deployed to 22, 000 banks resulting in numerous operational efficiencies. Prior to MasterCard International, he worked for PepsiCo, Inc., where he reported to the Global Strategic Planning Team working closely with division heads developing global tax and planning systems. He also has experience working for State and Local Government while employed at the Connecticut Department of Social Services.

Products :

We Provide Services of aid customers with the need to convert, organize and integrate information that reside on paper, reduce business costs, improve productivity and eliminate the need for long-term physical storage. SOLUTIONS :- Automation, Configuration, Satisfaction. FileOn is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, which include: FileOn Content Server, FileOn Integration Server and FileOn TransFORM Server. The Company's products are designed to capture, organize, route, integrate, secure, archive and transform information to maximize organizational performance. These solutions can operate on a single server or scale based on your organizational needs. FileOn provides configurable solutions where limited resources are required for integration and customization. FileOn offers both hosted and licensed solutions for use. FileOn staff installs, configures and supports you and your organization. Technology knowledge is not required to operate the solutions. FileOn team designs solutions where the business users can manage and operate the systems as turn-key systems. Setup and support is handled by FileOn staff or your IT network team. FileOn has standardized all development efforts on Microsoft platforms, which include: VB.NET, MS SQL Server and MS Internet Information Server. FileOn offers a no risk trial - call FileOn at (203) 855-9995. SOFTWARE & SERVICES :- FileOn Content Server :- Organize paper and electronic documents into an repository controlled by policies and accessed remotely. FileOn Integration Server :- Receive and send information between applications using integrated configurable middleware software. FileOn TransFORM Server :- Build forms web applications using a configurable builder. Turnkey reports and precise printing onto pre-printed forms. FileOn Consulting Services :- Software development, integration, scanning operational setup, business process reviews, independent audit reviews, installation & setup - we can help! HEALTH CARE (HOSPITALS) :- Improve Patient Care & Reduce Operating Costs. FileOn solutions create a permanent document-based electronic patient medical records repository of patient health information from all sources, organized and centrally managed for HIPAA compliance. The information repository is seamlessly integrated with existing disparate clinical, financial and administrative systems such as Cerner, IDX, Siemens, Meditech and is HL7 and HIPAA compliant. All documents are routed into the repository based on business rules. Images are associated with patient meta data in real-time. Accessing the information via web browser or via secure URL links from external systems is simple, yet secure. GOVERNMENT (CITY & STATE) :: Public Safety Job One. How can disparate systems from Police, Fire, Health, other city departments interface with each other efficiently during a crisis? City government, State and Federal Agencies operate mostly on paper. It would cost the Government countless billions to convert and integrate all of the systems. During an emergency, information needed must be accessible remotely and on demand for speedy reaction to threats and natural disasters. Is your City/Town administrator making your safety a priority? FileOn solutions are designed to address the needs of administrators to create information repositories from operational data continued within paper, edocuments and databases. Information can be mapped to GIS reports at a street level to help remote security operators better manage and secure any crisis. Information from Town Clerks, Planning & Zoning, Tax Collector, Records Management, Building Department, Finance Department, Public Heath, Social Services, etc. Can be securely accessed by security officials when required. Does your town, city or county have a Public Safety System? Contact your city administrator or representative to get more information. FINANCIAL SERVICES (BANKS) :: Reduce Risks and Increase Profits with Check 21 Law. 20 years ago ATM machines were installed to save banks time and money. As the rollout of these machines took place there were significant benefits for customers and banks. Today customers expect access to ATM machines as a core banking service. The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) brings dramatic change to the banking industry. Since more than 60% of all current transactions are checks, this Law will have wide spread impact on banking and business. Remote check clearing, when combined with debit card services via MasterCard and Visa, significantly reduces the risks to banks. Additionally, the business owner/consumer is protected based on the agreed upon service provided by the financial institution.

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4 Golden Hill Street, Suite: B
Norwalk - CT. 06854 () United States

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