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Tata International Limited


Tata International Limited

Tata International Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Services Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1962

Tata International - the Tata Group's business gateway to the world was established in 1962. One of India's premier business houses, the Tata Group's US$ 10.7 billion turnover includes exports of US$ 2.6 billion.

As a billion dollar international business company, Tata International's operations are organized as global business units (GBU) - Leather and Leather Products, Steel, Engineering, Minerals, Bulk Commodities and Chemicals. Tata International also markets Information Technology services and sources consumer products. Each of the businesses benefits from Tata.

Committed to the globalization of the Tata Group's businesses, Tata International exports products like automobiles, steel, leather, minerals, mining and steel industry equipment, engineering products and computer software. In addition, Tata International also trades in bulk commodities like liquid fuel, coal, metcoke, limestone, metals and chemicals. Tata International is India's largest exporter of leather and leather products. Tata International has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Dewas (Madhya Pradesh) which is among the top three worldwide for goat skin. Tata International also facilitates new opportunities for the Tata Group through strategic alliances with world class companies.

With the global reach provided by a well-integrated network and infrastructure of subsidiaries, offices and associate Tata companies that span the globe, Tata International sources quality products and services from the most competitive markets in the world. The services Tata International offers range from marketing and marketing intelligence through manufacturing and sourcing, financing, documentation, warehousing, logistics and delivery, to effectively managing global supply chains and customer relationship management. This is achieved through Tata International's subsidiaries in Hong Kong, UAE, Australia, Africa and Tata International's offices in India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Ukraine and UK. In addition, the 8 Tata International subsidiaries in Africa - South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana - provide customer support facilities for Tata automobiles and engineering goods, and have other business interests on the continent.

As one of India's leading global trading companies, Tata International is recognized by the Government of India as a Golden Super Star Trading House. Tata International does business in over a hundred countries. Tata International's major markets are Europe, SAARC, ASEAN, West Asia, the Far East and Oceania which together account for 80% of its exports, Tata International's other markets being the Americas and Africa. Tata International and its overseas subsidiaries have a combined turnover of approximately US$ 1.1 billion.

Tata International derives strength from its team of committed and experienced professionals, and has taken on the challenge of becoming a benchmark in international operations, leveraging its knowledge capital and its global presence.

Products :

We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporter of Information Technology services and sources consumer products. - Automobiles :- Automotive Components Automotive Components Finished Automotive Components / Assemblies Machined Components Castings Forgings Original parts for Tata vehicles Alternative parts for Japanese, European & American Vehicles Garage & Service Equipments Construction Equipment Parts Steel Rings and Bearing Races Steel Forgings Valve Castings - Chemicals :- Paper Industry Crude Oil Refining Industry Crude Oil Exploration Dyeing & Textile Industry Leather Tanning Industry Soaps & detergent industry Fertilizer Industry Steel & Other Metallurgical Industry Thermal power generation units Nuclear power plants Glass Industry Mining Industry Petrochemicals - Engineering :- Fasteners Grinding Media Industrial castings Industrial Piping Material handling equipment and accessories Mining chemicals Mine safety equipment and accessories Metal Screens Polyurethane screens Pumps and motors Mild Steel Fabrications Industrial Valves Wire Ropes Industrial piping products Castings, Refractories, Mill balls (Cement Industry) Crusher parts Steel Cord Conveyor belts - Rolls :- Moly-Chill Rolls Alloy Chilled Iorn Rolls Spheroidal Graphite Rolls (Pearlitac) Alloy Cast Steel Rolls Rolls for Paper mills Rolls for rubber Mills Rolls for food processing Industry Indefinite Chill Rolls Accicular Spheroidal Graphite Rolls Double Poured Indeficate Chill Rolls (Static Cast) Double Poured Indeficate Chill Rolls (Spun Cast) Double Poured High Chromium Iorn Rolls (Spun Cast) Double Poured High Chromium Steel Rolls (SpunCast) Steel Base Rolls Graphitc Steel Rolls - Steel Plant Equipment :- Automatic Billet Grinding Machine Charging Machine Coil Tilter Combined Hot Metal & Slag Transfer Car Electric Overhead Traversing Crane Gear Drives Ladle Crane Ladle Tilter Ladle Turret Ladles Rotating slab transfer Trolley Slag Raking Machine Steel Transfer Stiff mast Crane for Slab handling cum Tilting Torpedo Ladle Car Walking beam Conveyor - Cement Plant Equipment :- 3 KVA & 6 KVA Super 300 series UPS for Computer & Telecom sector. 10 KVA & 20 KVA Super 400 Series for Banking, Process & Petrochemical low end C&I requirements. 25 KVA to 125 KVA Super 700 Series for high C & I and control room application. Tech Talk Diagrams Block Schematic of Super 400 / 700 Series Single module UPS Single Line Diagram Of 1 + 1 System - Common Battery - Construction and Material Handling Equipment :- Forklift Trucks Electric Petrol/LPG Crawler Excavators Backhoe Loaders Wheel Loader Crawler cranes - Railway Equipment :- Track Elastic Fastenings Track Non-Elastic Fastenings Track Accessories Rolling Stock and Wagon Components Wagon Components/Kits Brakes and other accessories - Port Equipment :- Level Luffing Cranes for wharf and Shipyard Container Cranes [RMG & RTG] Grab Unloaders Stacker Cum Reclaimers Ship Unloaders Conveyor Belting - Pumps :- End Suction Pumps Process Pumps Casing pumps Multistage Pumps Slurry pumps Sump Pumps Submersible Pumps Monobloc Pumps - Light Engineering :- Bicycle - Balloon Bicycle - Double tube type Balloon Bicycle - Double tube type Eagle MTR- Rockweller STD Roadster Bicycle Sports light Roadster (SLR) Bicycle Anchor Standard Roadster Bicycle French Roadster Bicycle MTB, Single Speed Bicycle MTB, Gents / Ladies, 18 Speed, Shimano TY-10 DTT Balloon Bicycle BMX Bicycle - Bicycle Spare Parts :- Chain wheel & Crank, Japan Cut available in chrome or black powder finish Chainwheel & Crank, French Design - Chrome plated Chainwheel & Crank Plastic pedal Rubber Pedal for Moped Rubber pedal bow type with reflector Plastic pedal Hub axle, Rear 3/8 " x 7" with spacer. Set of 10, grooved Hub axle front 5/16" x 51/2". Set of 9 grooved Hub axle front 3/8" x 7". Set of 9 grooved Hub axle front 5/16" x 51/2". Set of 9 grooved Hub axle 12mm x 200/12mm x 186mm Hub step 3/8" Hub Philip type rear Spoke hole: 12G or 14G Hub MTB Oval type front Front Hub Oval 'Special' type with cage Bearings, flange nuts & hook washer Rear Hub Oval 'Special' type with cage Bearings, flange nuts. Saddle BMX Saddle SLR Saddle French Type Saddle 90 X 3 Leather B. B. Axle Cottered, French type Fork fitting with Zebra type set of 6 or 8 Fork fitting Italian type set of 6 or 8 B. B. Cups French type, set of 3 (#5mm x 1 mm) pitch ISO Metric, RH/RH treads B. B. Axle cotterless, bolt type B. B. Axle cotterless, nut type B. B.Cups phillip type Fork fitting Phillip type Chain adjuster closed type Chain adjuster open end type Fork fitting Raleigh type, set of 5 or 6 Fork fitting French type, set of 6 with ball retainers Fork fitting MTB, set of 6 Alloy HUB MTB oval type Rear Available with or without spacer Alloy HubMTB Oval type Front Hub cup Front with or without Collar Hub Axle rear, French Model Hub axle front, French Model Hub cup rear with or without collar Chinwheel & Crank (Bent Crank) Left crank MTB oval type rear with Quick release & Spacer Spoke Hole MTB Oval type front with quick release Raleigh union type rear Raleigh union type front Chainwheel & Crank Triple, Plastic coated, cotterless Chainwheel & Crank, double chrome or Black Powder Finish available with or without chain guard also available in cotterless type Left crank Triple Chainwheel for one piece crank One piece crank, Crome Plated B. B. Cup set of 7 for one piece crank Cage bearing for one piece crank Frame lugs , set of 3 , fro single bar frame BB shell BMX type Frame lugs, set of 5, for double top tube frame BB shell Phillip / Raleigh / SLR MTB/ type sheet metal BB cups, set of three, BCP in Anchor packing. - Maintenance, Repairs and Operations :- Abrasives Cutting Tools Hand Tools Measuring Instrument Packaging Safety Products - Refractories :- Iron and Steel Cement Industry Glass Industry Aluminium Industry Copper Industry Hydrocarbon Processing industry - Packaging :- Bulk Packaging - IT Products & Services :- Sectors/Industries Retail Banking Manufacturing and Process Healthcare Insurance Telecom Transport Product & Services - Products :- Banking Accounting Insurance Financial Services Healthcare Others - Services :- E-Business Solutions Business Intelligence Solutions ERP Implementation CRM and Call Centers Solutions Networking Services Disaster Management Outsourcing - Leather Products :- -Leather Garments :- Capacity Contact Us Business Policy Demo Tour -Leather Articles :- Capacity Contact Us Business Inquiry Form Demo Tour - Minerals, Metals & Ferro Alloys :- Steel

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Tata International Limited

Block A, Shivsagar Estate, Dr Annie Besant Road,
Mumbai - 400018 (Maharashtra) India

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