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Hayward, , United States

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TMPI provides precision chemical and mechanical cleaning, including CO2 blasting, of metals, ceramics, quartz, glass and other materials. TMPI cleans new and used components and assemblies, for the semiconductor, disk drive, medical, vacuum and related industries. Your parts are cleaned and delivered residue and particle free. TMPI routinely cleans parts which are then qualified at a base pressure of 2 x 10-11 Torr.

Environmental Commitment
Environmental safety and waste handling procedures exceed or meet regulations. TMPI recycles everything possible. Environmental compliance history available.

Products :

Our Services are as follows -Surface Modification Technology (SMT) Surface Modification Technology is utilized to minimize changes to physical and/or chemical structure of material surfaces. TMPI has over 18 years experience in the development and application of SMT, and has successfully processed several million parts in a wide variety of materials. -Technically Advanced Cleaning TMPI's SMT Expertise TMPI uses chemical processing and mechanical techniques to implement the SMT program The SMT program is based upon principles of physics, applied science and engineering, encompassing: Chemistry and reaction kinetics Momentum, heat, and mass transport Interfacial phenomena and surface science Vacuum technology and thin film processing -Chemical Processing Includes Degreasing using environmentally safe surface active agents Selective etching using oxidizing and reducing agents, alkali/acid etchants, and deionized water rinses. -Mechanical Processing Includes High pressure water blasting and rinsing Precision bead blasting Bead blasting with a soft touch CO2 blast cleaning Arc spraying -Batch Process Integrity and Control Chemistry is closely monitored; analysis done on-site in TMPI?s fully-equipped laboratory by TMPI?s staff of chemical engineers, chemists and highly trained technicians Parts are inventoried and inspected when received and customers are notified immediately if any discrepancy is found A job/process sheet follows your parts through the cleaning process, ensuring strict process control Inventory control, cleaning, bead blasting, baking, wrapping and preparation for shipment or delivery are done in positive pressure rooms that are separated with controlled access ensuring no cross-contamination takes place TMPI can provide Certificates of Conformance to accepted industry cleaning standards -Bead Blasting, Bead Blasting with a Soft Touch and CO2 Blast Cleaning New precision microblasting is a process for controlled peening intensity on delicate parts It protects the dimensional minimum root mean square (RMS) integrity of the part being processed while providing a clean textured bead blast finish Well-textured surfaces reduce the possibility of condensed materials flaking from your components. This is a most important step in the processing of your equipment TMPI?s dedicated bead blasting rooms can handle large and odd-sized parts, giving you the textured surface you require TMPI has a specialized, high purity, high volume, constant air supply to ensure a uniform finish TMPI offers CO2 blast cleaning for your special applications -Cleaning Processes and Services TMPI can customize or design a special cleaning procedure to meet your needs or follow your specific cleaning procedure. If your cleaning specification exists, TMPI will follow it. If it does not exist, TMPI will work with you to create a cleaning specification/procedure. -Additional Services (Partial List) Certified leak detection (2 x 10-10 atm. C.C./sec.) RGA mass spectrometer analysis (0-200 AMU) Certificates of Conformance Repair of your damaged parts Removal of broken fasteners GTAW (TIG) welding Precision, custom machining Arc spraying Electropolishing, electroless nickel plating, and stainless steel passivation Ion and diffusion pump rebuilding Vacuum flanges and fittings, delivered for your convenience Vacuum Technology classes for TMPI customers at no charge

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3118 Depot Road;
Hayward - CA 94545 () United States

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