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Technicial and Garment Engineering Solutions


Technicial and Garment Engineering Solutions

Technicial and Garment Engineering Solutions

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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Partnership Firm Since 2000

TGES is a multi disciplinary organization founded in 2000, to provide the apparel manufacturing and service industry worldwide with hands-on strategic consultancy and innovative solutions that jointly maximize the profitability and human resources of the client-firm. Our main focus is to keep you ? our client ? in the forefront of your field, to help you build tomorrow?s success ? through today?s innovation.

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TGES - INTEGRATED SERVICES TGES professional integrated services articulate around the six following areas: I)Infrastructure Solution II)Industrial Automation & Materials Handling III)Management & Engineering Consultancy 3.1 Management: 3.1.1 Business Plans and Capacity studies and assessments, 3.1.2 Organizational Structure and Bureaucracy Improvement, 3.1.3 Management Empowerment, 3.1.4 Costing System Development and enhancement, 3.1.5 Internal procedures simplification and improvement. 3.2 Productivity: 3.2.1 Flexible Manufacturing system & Quick Response, 3.2.2 Improvement Diagnosis and Guidance, 3.2.3 Warehousing and inventories improvement, 3.2.4 Productivity Improvement, 3.2.5 Incentives systems and direct labor costing analysis, 3.2.6 Reduction of Excess cost and Lead-Time, 3.2.7 Work Methods and Time measurements, 3.2.8 Strategic operational planning, 3.2.9 Line balancing Improvement and control. 3.3 Quality: 3.3.1 ISO 9001-2000 Consultancy. 3.3.2 Quality Standards and Norms, 3.3.3 Statistical analysis and inspection, 3.3.4 Quality programs and Training. 3.4 Industrial Engineering: 3.4.1 Plants Layout, 3.4.2 Establishment of Standards Minutes values (Standards Allowed Minutes), 3.4.3 Process flow improvement, 3.4.4 Work Methods and Time studies IV)Job and Skill Enhancement: 4.1 Costing: 4.1.1 Ready-made unit costing Methods, 4.1.2 Cost Reduction in the plant, 4.1.3 Methods of Cost Control and performance 4.2 Planning: 4.2.1 Power of Planning and line decisions, 4.2.2 Planning, Scheduling and Data Processing and Analysis. 4.3 Engineering: 4.3.1 Engineering Empowerment, 4.3.2 Methods and Time Measurement I and II, 4.3.3 Work Studies and Analysis, 4.3.4 Work Methods Improvement and Follow-ups, 4.3.5 Establishment of Minutes Standards Values. 4.4 Flexible Manufacturing: 4.4.1 Learn how to become a world-class manufacturer, 4.4.2 Modular Manufacturing, 4.4.3 Production Teamwork, 4.4.4 Simulation in Modular Manufacturing. 4.5 Manufacturing and Production Management: 4.5.1 Manufacturing Management, 4.5.2 Fashion Production Management, 4.5.3 Quality Control and analysis, 4.5.4 Incentive pay systems, 4.5.5 Business Process Re-engineering. V)Resources Management: The provision of experienced resource as per the requirement of the project These include training, recruitment and implementation whereby the best practices essential for the manufacture of garments at the lowest unit cost is instilled through the transfer of know-how and expertise. VI)Integrated Management Computerized Solutions. VII)Supply of Bus Bar Trunking Systems. Sourced from Worldwide Leader Company.

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Technicial and Garment Engineering Solutions

Gurgaon - 110022 (Haryana) India

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