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A Life Coaching


A Life Coaching

A Life Coaching

Victoria, , Australia

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A Life Coaching provides services globally via either face to face meetings, email, phone, through the Self Coaching Solution, or the Life-Support Annual Coaching Membership.

A Life Coaching was established on the premise that there are two types of individuals

1. Those who would prefer a personal contact approach to Life Coaching
2. Those with the desire and capability to self coach

A Life Coaching has developed a bench mark Life Coaching model which can be implemented by us, (professional Life Coach's), or by individuals looking to Self Coach (with Life Coach support available when required).

The A Life Coaching process is based on empowering the individual through a positive and supportive environment. We work together on solution identification, action development and fulfillment. Naturally the entire process is enjoyable and at all times focused on client achievement of their desired outcome. At all times our Code of Conduct and strict confidentiality is maintained.

We implement a thorough Life Coaching process of identifying goals, creating, implementing and reviewing actions, establishing support structures through to achievement. We do not turn the coach/client interaction into a discussion forum, we make it an effective and supportive solution based process. At a Life Coaching we become a catalyst for ongoing achievement and improvement.

During the A Life Coaching implementation we provide ongoing reviews. An individual completing the Self Coaching Solution can readily refer back to the process through the formal pro forma work sheets, or, clients who have undertaken personal contact based Life Coaching can ask to review the process and we will provide you the relevant process documentation. In this way we maintain an accurate and complete Life Coaching process which is geared to maximizing the clients benefits and success.

A Life Coaching provides coaching services which are unrelated to counseling or psychological area’s. Where clients require support in these area’s we suggest you review the services of these professionals. Where we identify these needs during our initial sessions we will refer you to these professionals for your benefit.

In all our modes of coaching we also focus on ensuring the client gains skills to self coach successfully in the future. This approach is aimed at providing excellent client satisfaction and ongoing achievement.

In addition to private client Life Coaching we also provide a range of Coaching services to Corporations, Executives and Businesses. Great benefits have been demonstrated to companies incorporating Coaching for staff and management. Click here for further detail.

A Life Coaching is based on a results oriented process. All Life Coaching interactions are conducted by experienced and formally qualified/undergoing qualification Life Coaches.

Where possible for Phone Coaching, a popular Life Coaching option, SKYPE (phone over internet) is used to reduce international client telephone costs, this is a free telephony service, for details please see www.Skype.Com you will find us under the username of 'Alifecoaching', access by invitation only.

Products :

We provides services globally via either face to face meetings, email, phone, through the Self Coaching Solution, or the Life-Support Annual Coaching Membership. Choose from the following products & services :- Success Factory our leading & most advanced product Fulfill your dreams - Self Coaching Free AV Download Personal Life Coach Email, Phone or Face to Face Coaching Business and Executive Coaching Individuals and Business (Small or Large) Life-Fulfilled cost effective coaching for a year Personal, Business or Executive. SERVICES :- Our choice of services are geared to provide you a range of solutions to your Personal, Business or Corporate Coaching needs. The first step to start the Life Coaching process is by deciding the method of coaching you prefer for your current circumstances and goals. You can click on any of the options below. Personal Life Coaching Solutions :- Self Coaching Email Life Coaching Phone Life Coaching Face to Face Life Coaching Life-Fulfilled In all formats of Coaching we provide you with the skills to self coach in the future as we see this as an important step in developing clients capabilities to handle life challenges and goals. At A Life Coaching we empower individuals to build and implement solutions for areas in their life they want improved, or we can help individuals who are unsure of where their life is heading to develop and establish some ‘direction’ which is inline with their values and is focused on enhancing happiness. Please click on the headings to see a comprehensive overview and to determine rates for your country. SELF LIFE COACHING PACK :- This comprehensive pack includes working folder, comprehensive guides, life coaching pro forma work sheets, our exclusive multi media CD covering the principles of Self Life Coaching, a free guide on achieving lasting happiness and Email interactions with a Life Coach. This cost effective and comprehensive Self Coaching Solution will help you achieve your life’s aim’s, plus, give you life long skills to coach your self effectively and efficiently. Click here for a comprehensive overview. EMAIL LIFE COACHING :- For individuals wanting to incorporate Life Coaching directly with the help of an experienced and skilled Life Coach. Click here for a comprehensive overview. Email Life Coaching or best known as E-Coaching services are purchased in a 1 month block and include 2 email interactions per week, i.E. 8 email interactions. PHONE LIFE COACHING :- Phone Life Coaching is for those individuals who prefer a relationship style of support. Click here for a comprehensive overview. Phone coaching is conducted on a weekly basis for 30 - 60 minutes each interaction. The Phone Coaching solution is purchased in a one month block. FACE TO FACE LIFE COACHING :- Individuals looking for a very personal service should consider face to face coaching. Click here for a comprehensive overview. Face to face coaching is conducted in selected locations and can be purchased on a 1 month block basis with weekly face to face meetings. For available locations please click here. LIFE-FULFILLED Annual Coaching Membership Service :- A cost effective and practical solution to be coached for 12 months. Incorporating ongoing helpful and targeted information, plus, personal coaching interactions. Aimed to help you turn your life into the dream you have always wanted to achieve. With Life-Support you can change your life and achieve you goals. For Business and Executive needs please click heading below :- Corporate - Executive Life Coaching.

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A Life Coaching

P.O. Box 574
Victoria - 3058 () Australia

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