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Indexpo Corporation


Indexpo Corporation

Indexpo Corporation

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Services Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
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Indexpo Corporation was set up with the sole intent to help the artisans to market their unique handicraft skills in the Jute sector. Having achieved that to a reasonable extent in the local market, it is felt, time is ripe now to explore international markets and let the world know about this useful Golden fiber.

Though, little known till the recent past, the demand for Jute handicrafts are on a steady rise. This is mainly due to its Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable nature and also being cheap. Exquisite, designer value added products can be crafted from this Golden fiber. The products include Jute slippers, Jute Coasters, Jute bags, Jute table mats, Jute floor covering, Ladies Jute vanity bags, Jute Hammocks, Jute hanging chairs, Jute wall hangings Jute wall pictures, Jute sculptures, Interior decoration items like partitions, motifs, wall decors and other Jute handicraft items. These items are 100% Bio degradable products and are greatly being used in the home, office, interior decoration, apparel & fashion, tourism and hospitality sector.

Jute value added products are manufactured by small units comprising of artisans from family based/owned small sized production units with small amount of capital whose production process is based mostly on local raw materials, inherited artistic skills and simple indigenous technology. These units operate in both rural and urban areas. The maximum number of workers in a cottage industry unit is 20 and uses indigenous technology and is not run by power.

For a photo catalogue of the various value added products please visit our "Products" section which is navigable from the right hand column of this website .

Cottage industries provide economic opportunities for the poor or the middle-income section of people through employment and income generation. Especially in low income and technologically underdeveloped communities in India. Traditionally, cottage industries have been rural-based, but in course of time and with technological advancements, they spread to urban areas to avail of transport and marketing facilities and financial support from institutional sources.

Marketing of the products and availability of finances of the cottage industries are viewed as the most important deterrent factors for the artisans to go in for a larger volume of production. This is due to the fact that since almost all the members of the family / community are engaged in the production area, they find little time to spare for running around and spend time in grabbing marketing opportunities. The rural and semi urban base also contributes to this factor. This apart lack of knowledge as to the existence of markets and their techniques of exploiting and documentation hold them back.

In order to overcome such bottlenecks in Marketing and Finance and to ensure that the artisans get the proper return / price from the unique class of products which are generated from their individual skills, we have come forward to help them out in these areas.

We try to secure orders for their products globally and based on our order bank we place orders on them and also make substantial advance payments for raw materials and labour. Once the products are ready we lift the materials by making full payment only. This factor compels us to service orders only where financial arrangements are fully secured.

We are based in Calcutta, West Bengal, the heart of Jute cultivation and manufacturing area of India which gives us the competitive advantage of sourcing of raw materials and easy access to the artisans. This in turn enables us to offer most competitive rates for the products and enables us to reduce the cycle time in terms of servicing our esteemed clients orders.

Jute Slippers being a comparatively new line of product, being marketed by us, gives our buyers to deal with a unique product much ahead of its competitors and for its varied uses, elegant appearance and ethnic touch, it is gradually but surely entering the fashionable footwear market. Being a new product, the capacities for the present are low but with the volumes of enquiries that are being generated, we are sure to be able to enhance the capacities within a reasonable time.

On the design front, though there can be a combination of the various designs that have been on display in the website, we encourage our buyers to suggest their own designs and we in turn are also trying to develop innovative ways to improve upon our own designs.

Products :

We Provide Services of sole intent to help the artisans to market their unique handicraft skills in the Jute sector. Our products :- Today, jute can be defined as an eco-friendly natural fiber with versatile application prospects. Jute with its unique versatility, rightfully deserves to be branded as the "fiber for the future" The traditional excellence of Indian craftsmen & artisans is reflected in a wide range of jute handicrafts of utility, decoration and novelty. A beautiful mosaic of Jute handicrafts comprising of Floor Coverings, Wall Coverings & Window dressings, Table Mats & Table-wares, Swings, Hammocks, Table covers, Wall Hangings & Room Decor, Bedroom slippers, Casual wear slippers, Cruise slippers, Garden slippers, Poolside slippers, Hotel slippers, Shopping & Travel bags, Ladies vanity bags and a host of other home textile made ups have been showcased under one roof. Please click on the appropriate link below to view photographs in order to get a feel of the products under each category. Casual wear, Walking slippers, Cruise slippers, Garden slippers, Beach slippers :- Under this category you will find slippers of casual wear for a variety of purposes. These slippers can be used as bedroom slippers, walking slippers, garden slippers, cruise slippers or just a pair of casual wear. Their elegant craftsmanship and ethnic touch will surely make one feel comfortable. The base and the upper is made of raw jute and has a rubber sole of about 5mm thick. The upper has a cotton cloth inner lining. The slippers are long lasting and can be used for a considerable length of time. Though these are washable but care should be taken to ensure that these are not soaked in water for a longer period of time. These can also be used as beach slippers. Hotel slippers :- Hotel Slippers are a class by itself. The present day trend is to provide the guests with a pair of slippers during their stay. But providing such slippers have mainly two problems. First, the disposal of these used slippers becomes a headache and secondly, slippers of other varieties need to be changed on a daily basis, if the guest stays for more than a single day which definitely leaves its impact on the bottom line of the hospitality provider. Since these slippers are 100% bio degradable the disposal hazards are minimum and for guests staying a longer period can be taken care of by providing them with slippers of a thicker 100% jute sloe which can be used for a longer period of time covering the guest's stay. These come in three varieties. The upper is of jute with a cloth inner lining. The base is also of Jute for all these varieties. But the sloe may be of three different types depending on the length of usage. The sloe may be of plain jute cloth for one day use, it may be of braided jute to make it thicker and stronger for multiple use OR the sloe may be of rubber to give it a long lasting effect. All the products can be customized and the design can also be interchanged depending upon the usage requirements. It can also be a good idea to treat this item as a "Gift" to the guests. Fancy slippers :- The name suggests that these are a real fancy. These come in two varieties of soles. One, the rubber sloe and the other of braided jute. The elegant hand embroidered colourful designs add a sophisticated look and can be used with any casual wear. The craftsmanship also gives the user the pride of possession apart from its exclusive ethnic looks, which will definitely stand out from the crowd. Coasters, Table Mats & Floor Coverings :- Coasters may be of different shapes, sizes, thickness and colours. Jute coasters are presently being widely used in Hotels. Restaurants, Bars and Pubs. This apart, it has found wide usage in homes and offices as well. Jute table mats definitely add to the aesthetic value of the table. These also come in various sizes, shapes, thickness and colours. Larger mats can be used as full fledged table covers while the smaller ones can be used as dish mats. The smaller ones can also be stitched together to cover a much wider area. Jute floor coverings are becoming very popular and is gradually making its room as a substitute to carpets, specially where partial covering of non standard dimensions are required. Specially in centers of halls or on lawns and in case of temporary make shift arrangements. These also come in various shapes and sizes but rectangles and circles are more common. They can be stitched together to cover a much more wider area and even covering the entire floor area. A very handy product for interior decorating. These also find their place as wall hangings to give glorious looks for interiors. Hangings, Decorative items, Hammocks, Chairs :- Wall hangings for decoration are very common in the households. Beautiful pocket hangings can be used to keep letters or small papers or bills which otherwise keep on flying all over the places. These items are a great idea for interiors and gift items. Other hangings can be used to keep flower pots and the like. Other decorative items have their own place in households and interiors of commercial places. The use of hammocks and hanging chairs needs little emphasis. Bags & Handicrafts :- Jute bags, being bio degradable in nature have found immense use in the community. Be it shopping bags, wine bottle bags, Ladies vanity bags. They come in various shapes and sizes and colours, with or without metal decorations and in many cases with cane decorations for handles and the like. Jute handicrafts are also very popular and are a good "Gift" idea. Features :- The features of these "Low Priced Jute Slippers" are as follows :- * Can withstand rough use. * Can even be a substitute to a fashionable casual slipper. * Blends easily with any casual wear. * Rubber sole for wearing comfort. * Jute is 100% Bio Degradable. * The jute / rubber sole ensure proper grip. * The jute upper gives the feet the warmth which the fiber can hold. * The elegant get up adds to the costume of the user. * The ethnic touch and finish makes it a prized possession. * Can be used for a much longer period of time. * Can be used as a Room slipper, Poolside slipper, Gym slipper, Beach slipper, Cruise slipper, Garden slipper. * Natural fiber does not require any dying or color and does not use any chemicals. * Easily disposable and can even be donated to charity for effective re-use which can be your way of saying to the world that you CARE.

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Indexpo Corporation

1/2, Prannath Pandit Street
Kolkata - 700025 (West Bengal) India

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