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Albuquerque, , United States

Services Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2002

My name is Shadrach Bloomer and this is my mom to the left of me, woof! Mom and me been sharin’ wif pets and hoomans like you berry valuable infurmation on pet nutrition and natural holistic alternatives to conventional pet care fur a while now….Um Mom says fur 3 years now. We are proud to bring you Bark ‘N’ Blog via syndication! We have just moved from our old syndicated location at Quikonnex and are very excited to continue bringing you all the wunnerful noos to our new Bark ‘N’ Blog RSS Channel Feed! We are currently in the process of bringing much of our news over from our old channel (which is very time consuming), and until this process is complete, our older news items will remain at our previous location here for an outstanding learning experience!

Our journey into natural pet care began when I was just ’bout a year old. Mom had been doing natural fur herself but she just didn’t think ’bout me not needing the same thing. Mostly bepaws since she wurked fur a veterinarian she thought she was doing all the right things fur me. You know, the usual premium kibble, vaccinations, and prevention heartworm meds and so on. Well I kept tryin’ to tell her that it wusn’t wurkin’ fur me! WOOF! We dogs tan’t tell you hoomans in words but our bodies tan speak loud and clear. That’s what I did. I gotted sick a lot and was itchy and coughin’ all the time. Mom did LOTS of research and she found out that I needed meat, no vaccinations, and natural care products wifout chemicals in my yard, home and inside me to yelp me be healthy. Well, I gotted all well and now I’m berry big and muscular and handsome, WOOF! The last straw was when I gotted a skin condition and mom taked me to the veterinarian. He gave her antibiotics both topical and inside me and I gotted eben sicker! I throwed up a lot and got it all into my lungs and then taked to the emergency. They were berry mean to me. Mom and Dad picked me up in the morning and I had poop all over my backside (berry embarrassing) and my leg was swolled up huge bepaws they putted a bandage on my leg too tight and they added insult to injury wif the huge bill and I was still sick, rrrrruuufff! Mom and Dad were so angry they decided I was going ALL natural! Yippee!

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We provide Services of Founded in October 2002, located in New Mexico. This woman-owned business provides natural pet care education for pet owners desiring a more excellent way to care for their pets –before illness strikes. We provide classes, consults, and all natural products for your pets. Our Products :- Peace & Calming Natural Bleach & Furniture Polish Respiratory Relief Now We’re Cookin’! Pet Care Website Blends with RSS Blogging Technology Hot Spot Formula Ningxia Red Sweet Potato Dog Chips Vaccinating Our Pets II Archives :- October 2005 September 2005 August 2005 July 2005 June 2005 May 2005 April 2005 March 2005 February 2005 January 2005 December 2004 More Information :- Announcements (2) Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Dogs (1) Herbal Remedies for Dogs & Cats (1) Homeopathy for Dogs & Cats (1) Media Room (7) Natural Treats for Dogs & Cats (1) Nutritional Supplements for Dogs & Cats (1) Our Articles (11) Separation Anxiety (1) Testimonials (1) Main Navigation :- Contact Us Measuring Your Dog's Neck Pet Blogs Pet Links Pet Nutrition Consultations Pet Products Pet Resources WELCOME to Aspenbloom Pet Care

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8201 Florence Ave NE
Albuquerque - NM 87109 () United States

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