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Bivha business world


Bivha business world

Bivha business world

Bivha estae, Bihar, India

Services Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Services, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1995

Bivha world (Bivha business world) incorporated in 2006, now belonging to the Bivha retail, Bivha Agro, Bivha chemical, Bivha solution, Bivha web. It is a largest leading growing company in India marketing and manufacturing a wide range of product form morning tea to bed time brush, HOME appliance, electronics. (technical and formulations). Along with subsidiary companies ., Bivha business markets around more than 100 fields. As largest business group of India making it a leader in its addressible markets and the second largest export and importer in India. The Company also markets hotel tourism, Argo product, banking solution, insurances, site provider, infrastructure, retail production, Advertising and many more that can not be able to metion on little page.. Bivha business world has multi-locational production facilities and markets its products all over India and exports its product to various countries across the globe. It is managed by competent and comitted professionals using advanced management practices. The Company is known for fostering a climate of high performance and continuous improvement. The Company also has strategic partnerships with leading companies across the globe. Voted as one of the ten greenest companies in Nepal and china, reflects the Company`s commitment to the environment and society.
Apart from it perhaps we are the only growing company which donates its 10- 20 percentages of its income to social development and trusts. Bivha business world , with the name of BIVHA WORLD the commanding office regulate and moniter the welfare for the common welth people and its is working in the field of education, social welfare and other wide rage work to help the people who need the help. Bivha world is the another name of HOPE.
Form new session we decide to launch the free education (professional course) project.

In a single word we donot market, deal for business but also for human ideas, fellings.

Products :

All type of product from tea to bed time brush. We deals in the field of agro , chemcIal, trade, transport, hotel, travel, motor, bike, automobile, food& bevarge, banking, finicail , loan, insurances, tender, marketing, advertising, site provider, house rent, busines solution, fienchiess, dealership.. We dels for more than 1600 product in verious field.

Contact Info

Bivha business world

Devanand kumar, Bivha busines world, bivha Estate, Motipur , supaul, Bihar India 852215
Bivha estae - 852215 (Bihar) India

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